Lawyers Barred From Making Public Comments In Latest Priest Trial

Click here to read: “Gag order imposed in latest trial of a priest,” by Joseph A. Slobodzian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, February 24, 2014

Excerpt: Prosecution and defense lawyers were barred by a Philadelphia judge on Monday from making public comments during the upcoming trial of Rev. Andrew McCormick, the Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy at a Northeast church in 1997.

Prosecution and defense lawyers were barred by a Philadelphia judge on Monday from making public comments during the upcoming trial of Rev. Andrew McCormick, the Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy at a Northeast church in 1997.
Prosecution and defense lawyers were barred by a Philadelphia judge on Monday from making public comments during the upcoming trial of Rev. Andrew McCormick, the Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old altar boy at a Northeast church in 1997.

26 Responses to “Lawyers Barred From Making Public Comments In Latest Priest Trial”

  1. 10 years old?..funny the age isn’t mentioned in this press release from the Archdiocese when Mccormick was arrested.

    Oh that’s right it is a new policy to release the age ..starting with the Paul and collins case case involving 17 year olds …so now all the perverts on the internet can claim the 17 year olds were not really victims.

    • Also missing is reference to the year of the assault….1997..hmmm… a 10 year old being assaulted in 1997 would be too close for comfort for many people..
      better to go with the 17 year old ,40 years ago for press releases.

    • More of the same, we must never forget that the AD is the enemy (and they must be treated as such). They protect themselves with gag orders, as they harm the flock.

      We must be on guard, protecting our children and our money from rape, buggery, and plunder. The history of how they treated their people has been horrendous. It’s been over a decade since ‘Boston’ and I’m not happy with their behavior change.

      Even the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child has spoken. But, as usual, Rome spins it as being just more prejudiced against the Catholic Church (business as usual).

      It’s your responsibility to protect your children and your assists from this institution. They DON’T care about lay people!

  2. Is any of this sinking in to the minds of Philadelphia Catholics? Are they “getting it” yet? Would a 10 year old be a 3rd or 4th grader?

    • Victims sister a 10 year old is in 4th a press release would read that McCormick allegedly assaulted a 10 year old 4th grade student in 1997. Not that we saw that in the press release. The age release is a new policy. I have inquired to the Archdiocese as to why this policy is now in answer that makes sense as of yet.

  3. What is the accuser saying the assault let him to in the years to follow – alcohol, drugs, stealing? Does “Seth Doe” have a criminal record? Wonder what the DA promised this time for his testimony?

    • I don’t know Mark but maybe call the Archdiocese and ask questions about McCormick..he was already suspended by them when this arrest happened. maybe the archdiocese is as anti catholic as the DA…you might be on to something big.

      • it’s called due process – allegation – removal from active ministry (RCC rule) – investigation – arrest.

        Where is your DA these days? oh yeah, running for board of Penn State. he only comes out when it best for his career.

        • The allegations he was removed for are different than the arrest. Maybe read the Archdiocesan press release.

          My DA? I do not live in the city, have never voted for Williams..have never met the man..only see him on TV once in awhile.

          Where is your former Cardinal Rigali? I think he surfaced from seclusion to vote for the new Pope however his career is going downhill recently..shame.

          If you are interested in the McCormick case then attend the trial. If the jury finds him not guilty he is free, if they find him guilty he goes to prison. This isn’t rocket science it happens in courtrooms everyday .

        • Mark your other mistake is that it does not go allegation-removal from ministry (rcc rule) Not even slightly right on that one.. Read the Charter for Protection of Children..priests removed for credible allegation..not just for allegation.
          It would be great if your mistake were to be the true course of events but you are wrong. There are some diocese that remove based on an is not an RCC rule and differs everywhere..take note..does the name FR Paul ring a bell? 2 allegations and remained at the parish for a full year.

  4. I think I already know the answer to my own question, but I want to make sure.

    Is the Archdiocese paying for any legal fees for McCormick ?

    • Dennis ,I believe a priest needs to be part of the mid to upper management memo shredding crowd to have legal defense paid but I will get you an answer.

      • Dennis the answer I received is they are not paying for his legal defense and this consistent with Brennan.Avery..etc..who had to fund their own defense. If I remember correctly I think Brennan’s lawyer ,also named Brennan, is working his case pro bono at this point.He is also representing McCormick in the upcoming trial.

  5. Susan,


    You are performing through your website a valuable service to Philadelphians, Catholic and non-Catholic! 

    Joe Hill


  6. His lawyer is Brennan located at N. 18th St. pretty close to the Diocese at N.17th Street so, I’d say………hmmmmmmmm who is paying? Also, DOCKETS are PUBLIC INFO..

  7. Wow seems a person is guilty and them proven innocent. How about this so called victim is on mission to get money from the AD. Funny how he found the light after the Sandusky trial after hearing the amount those victims will get….hmmm coincidence? Think not, and Fat Boy Seth needs to make sure he has his facts…this so called victim has a history of heroin abuse alcohol abuse as well as a criminal record…wow very credible to me. And to all you Nay Sayers about oh protect the kids… hey get some facts not all priests are pedophiles…ever think people are so damn greedy they want easy money and will do anything to get it? And how about the DA he is so anti christian that it stinks. For all you vultures out there who are throwing innocent priests into the lions den I hope that GOD has mercy on you worthless souls! Peace out yo!

    • “Richard”, your comments are as ridiculously immature as your “name”. How old is that joke? Grow up.

      • Dear Dick Hurts,
        I will be sure to forward your comments on to the Archdiocese as I communicate with them on a daily basis. I am sure they will be thrilled at the caliber of person who is out there defending them. I am sure the Philly catholic clergy who read this site will be just as horrified that this is who defends them.. peace out least we know you are indeed a local.

        • And before Dick’s friends Phil McCracken and Seymour Butts chime in..We post articles about the trial…the jury decides the verdict. If they find McCormick not guilty we will post accordingly.

          • And do not forget to add that everyone believes the victims on this site. character of victim is never questioned or allowed to be brought up for discussion.

          • SButts..I believe the only discussion was about the press release in regards to Mccormick along with the article posted. It is nice to see that now the thumbs down has been removed that you are all using names that are used on the school yard.
            Maybe Phil Mc Cracken the pedophile will now weigh in. And why do you all make fun of the DA’s weight?..I have never met men who even notice other mens weight let alone poke fun at mens weight but then again it is the same crowd who does not want kids protected . Call people fatties, make up anal and penis related names and could give a hoot about children…don’t know men like you..Thank God. I love that the thumbs down is gone and you are all commenting..and I love that the Church cringes with every comment from your crowd.

          • Character of victim SButts? I’ll put my character up against yours any day of the week!

    • Richard you got ONE thing right in your statement. And I quote, ” hey get some facts not all priests are pedophiles”. This is true most of those charged or found with credible crimes are Hebephiles . Look that up before your trap opens up again. Educate yourself first YO!

  8. Mr. Brennan seems to accuse the AD of not having their “thinking caps” on. Imagine that?

    But of course, the diocesan lawyers are clever enough to work with Mr. Brennan to synchronize their watches. Everything is perfectly timed and staged. Another performance!

    I think I saw Brennan on the news with the baby killer doctor.

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