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Due to prior commitments, Kathy and I won’t be attending the Healing Mass at the Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia this Saturday. We would love to receive recap editorials from those who do attend. We will use your recaps as our next blog post. Use the private contact form to let me know you’d like to submit. Also, a reporter from The Philadelphia Inquirer is interested in interviewing victims of clergy sex abuse in regard to the Mass. If you are willing, please use the contact form to message me and I’ll connect you with the reporter privately via email.

One small victory for victims was prompted by Father Wintermeyer’s comment in a previous post on the Mass. Per his suggestion on this site, the archdiocese requested that all parishes include petitions for the victims of clergy sex abuse during their Masses this weekend. This was confirmed by Ken Gavin, director of Archdiocesan communications. Maybe one day they’ll take the rest of the suggestions to heart and soul.

If nothing else, this Mass will shine another light on the issue of clergy abuse and needed legislative reforms.

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  1. There will also be a film crew there somewhere making a documentary. They are interested in knowing the opinions of passersby as to whether more adequate laws covering the sexual abuse of minors (BY ANYONE) are necessary in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

    1. So far Justice has been the missing link as far as the clergy sexual abuse scandal and the horrific hierarchical cover-up that have accompanied it.

      Prayer alone will not bring healing. Acknowledgment of the crimes committed against innocent children, acknowledgment of the institutional cover-up by church hierarchy and justice are necessary.

      These are crimes and mortal sins committed against the very humanity of children and they cry out to heaven for justice

      About the Mass scheduled by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for Saturday, March 22nd, 2014 at 5:15 p.m. to which so many victims/survivors of clergy sexual abuse have received invitations —

      I will be somewhere out in front of the Basilica Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul with a sign urging support for all victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse, past, present and future – BY ANYONE by supporting PA legislator Mark Rozzi’s recently proposed legislation covering the sexual abuse of children.

      Legislation similar to the present HB 2067 has been previously proposed but the chairman of the judiciary committee has blocked any discussion on those bills.

      Strong efforts by the Insurance Lobby, the PA Catholic Conference, various religious denominations and others helped in that effort.

      Bill numbers may change. Therefore suggestions for signs include the following:

      Support Rozzi SOL Reforms
      Protect Children
      CSA Predators Don’t Stop
      DO the Right Thing
      CSA = Epidemic
      CSA = $1.5 Billion to PA Taxpayers
      Where’s the Outrage?
      Justice Denied for Thousands
      Stop Perps – Pass Reform Bills
      When is enough – ENOUGH!
      Hold CSA Predators Accountable
      Legislators – DO something Now!
      Could you tell when you were 10?
      Don’t Protect immoral, godless acts
      Allow victims to expose criminals
      Forget the Powerbrokers…help the People
      Stop Endangering Children

      There will be a film crew asking passersby whether they believe legislation like HB 2067 is necessary in Pennsylvania.

      If you support victims of childhood sexual abuse, (BY ANYONE OF ANY STRIPE), past, present and future, join me. Bring your own signs and don’t forget to call your Representatives in Harrisburg urging they Support Rozzi SOL Reforms.

      Going to the Mass ITSELF on the 22nd?

      I would never, ever recommend attendance on the part of survivors or their families. That would be something each would have to decide individually. The survivors and/or families that I have heard from, directly or indirectly, are outraged at having received the archdiocese’s invitation. Remember the public relations disaster that was REMEMBER THE SORROW created by Justin Rigali?

      Would you believe it is still available in its entirety on the AOP website?

      Well, it is.

      Other concerned individuals including advocates, etc., well that’s another story:

      The only way I would consider going in would be before the service began, empty handed, sitting some place in the front third of the pews, by myself just inside the pew to the right or left of the center aisle to say my own prayer to the Lord. Sometime after the service began and at an appropriate moment I would simply get up, by myself, and exit by way of the center aisle, slowly walking back the way I came in.

      If anyone would care to perform a similar action, you are welcome.

      Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested in supporting such legislation and I’ll see you on the 22nd in front of the Cathedral. I plan to be there between 4 and 4:30 p.m.

      Sister Maureen

  2. Yes! The statute of Limitations needs to be open-ended, imho. The Roman Catholic clergy needs to stop fighting to not allow that (or even extend it at all, in many cases.)

    It’s so hypocritical for them to hold a “Healing mass” when they are just so uncaring on so many fronts, as far as not acting on all they could be doing to stop their own clergy’s child sex abuse (nit I no doubt it’s less expensive.).

    How about they stop fighting disclosing lists of abusing priests? 99% of the time they are not on they any Sex Offender Registry – so that is a Public Safety issue, imo.

    Also – how about firing some upper-level clergy that helps to cover up clergy child sex abuse?

  3. I was abused in high school and came forward a few years ago and I was not the only one either. The Msgr. who sexually assaulted me for years was allowed to return to ministry and was cleared by Arch. Chaput but would not speak with me nor my family members. It’s maddening and only continues the cycle of abuse by not taking this serious and actually doing something about it other than PR stunts.
    This is another PR stunt. I received a letter in the mail inviting me to attend …as if it does anything else than serve as a mockery of what I have to try and live with daily and all that stems from the abuse.
    We need the statute of limitations to change PLEASE!
    From the bottom of my heart sincerely, to each and every one of you, please help the children of our future and us who have been harmed. We need justice and we owe it to one another as well as ourselves.

    Go home and look at your children, your relatives and siblings and imagine one of them left to their own destructive devices and ask yourself, what would you do?

    1. Emery , the person who abused you was cleared to return to ministry and now you are invited to attend a Healing Mass for clergy abuse victims. How can you be a clergy abuse victim if the allegations were not deemed credible for the priest to be removed?
      Please know I am not asking you to name your abuser..actually in your best interest not to. Just trying to figure out how you are categorized as a victim by the Archdiocese while your abuser is not categorized as an abuser? This is possibly one of the most puzzling things I have yet to come across and I thought I saw/heard it all by this point. How is the abuser not an abuser if the Archdiocese acknowledges someone as the victim?

      1. Hi Kathy,
        We are all puzzled… 7 doctors/ specialists, family and friends have all asked the same question over and over. The Archdiocese indeed identified me as a victim and continues to pay for therapy, which I have accepted. We cannot get a straight answer from the AD of Phila nor will Chaput acknowledge our plea to take a closer look. Other children are at stake every day he is free yet nobody knows where he is. When he was allowed back into ministry, the parish he was worked did not want him back. From there he is a ghost. If you know of any way to gain access to a directory, please let me know.
        I understand its a matter of questionable credibility and when the SOL shifts, all will come out in the wash. For now we are waiting for a real investigation instead of the sham/pr stunt that was concocted by the AD of Phila. conducted by lawyers that they hired.
        Sincerely- Emery

        1. Emery,
          I’m sorry.

          The AD knows exactly where that perp is! They know. The fact that they aren’t telling you is shameful.

          1. Survivors Wife, I am sorry for what you have to witness, for the emotions that are unnamable through frustrations when you have exhausted your options to assist your partner in every which way humanly possible, and that in itself seems as though its still not enough. I see this in my loved ones eyes and feel just as helpless…
            We all pray that it can only get better and that justice will be seen through so healing can occur. Sincerely, Emery

          1. Thank You Kathy for this link, greatly. We will be further looking into this to see what we can find. Best regards

          2. Emery, feel free to email me at have helped people with various situations…can’t say that we have encountered one like this but maybe we can help.

    2. Emery,
      I take what you say very seriously and know there are very good people both survivors and non survivors working to keep kids safer ……………and you are a part of that too……….so thankyou and I am sorry for what you have been thru………I really am

      1. Thank You Beth, I am fortunate and blessed with good people in my life. I shudder to think what would be without them…
        Thanks for your kind words and I agree that there are good people here and along many walks and faiths that are fighting this disease that so freely is spread to our children. Stay well and best wishes.

  4. Hello Emery, I to thank you for posting here. I am also a survivor of clergy sexual abuse over many years. The archdiocese pays for my therapy as well. I will be at the “event” this Saturday supporting Sister Maureen who is a true advocate for all of us and supporting, me, as I continue to heal on my journey to wholeness. I will not step forth inside this Church, I will stand out front in solidarity with those of us who live in the truth! I extend my hand to you and truly admire your courage.

    1. Vicky, I am sorry for your loss, what you went through what you and your family continues to deal with. Please be good to yourself and keep reaching out. I have read several posts by Sister Maureen and felt hope that there are many Catholics who will fight to clean up the lack of integrity and the sickness that is somehow protected within the hierarchy. Thank you for your kind words and for your bravery. Stay strong, best wishes…Emery

  5. Thank you, Emery, for sharing what you have in your posts. What you said about your abuser reminded me of another priest, Rev. Joseph DiGregorio, who, while credibly accused was reinstated because, as Archbishop Chaput said, “I found him suitable for ministry.”

    The archdiocese added that there was, “compelling evidence that makes him suitable for ministry.”

    “Can We Believe the Archdiocese?”

    Was the archbishop omniscient, wishful thinking on his part or did Chaput have his fingers crossed. He certainly did not give any details in the public story about DiGregorio’s fall from grace.

    More than that, why would anyone trust a so called “independent” review board which is established by the archbishop, answers only to that archbishop who then decides whether to accept its judgement? This is in no way an “independent” review board. Why not too many years ago members of this same review board publicly admitted that they have no way of knowing whether they had the names of all credibly accused individuals nor even if they had received all the files, records, etc., on the individuals whose names the board had received.

    What the actions of the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Jews, Penn State University, the Baptists, the Boy Scouts or many other public and private institutions have in common is primary drive toward the preservation of an institution and its image – meaning the protection and perseverance of its power and prestige, its branding, if you will, similar to the actions of Toyota and GM which were recently reported in the news.

    Protecting the institution is primary and paramount.

    Leaders of organizations that conspire together to cover-up must be held accountable for their failures to protect children but society’s laws must be such that they are held responsible. Thus far such leaders have created a national health epidemic by their failure to act and that has gone on too long.

    Why would anyone trust the leadership of any institution that has failed for so long to protect the most important among their members – the children? Having failed in the most important matters should they be trusted in anything else? Of course not.

    As I have said before, no institution, public or private, religious or secular, can or should be trusted to protect the public’s welfare – in this case the welfare of children. That responsibility belongs to society and we must demand that our elected representatives do a better job.

    The criminal and civil laws need to be changed and a civil window of at least two years, like the one passed in Delaware in 2007.

    Hope to see as many of you as possibly can make it on Saturday afternoon.

    Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
    Advocate for Victim/Survivors
    & Legislative Reform
    New Castle, Delaware

  6. I hope someone prepares a handout that says exactly what archbishop did what to help or hinder. And someone reads it from the pulpit.

  7. I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING. I have to think of myself and those around me. I have been doing so well without putting myself into a position that may activate a trigger to ruin all the hard work I have done. I am no longer that controlling individual, I no longer want to be that person I use to be feeling sorry for myself and taking out what happened to me on individuals who I love with all my heart.

    To those who do attend please think of me as standing along side you even if it is in thought only. I will be thinking of each and everyone of you during that time. I only ask that you understand my reasoning for not attending.

    Dennis Ecker

    1. Dennis, So many people, regardless of what caused their trauma, don’t have that self awareness. Not only do Kathy and I understand, we applaud your commitment to your well being. There are plenty of ways to support other victims and make a difference. None of them should negatively impact your life. We’ll be there in spirit as well.

    2. Dennis,

      I wasn’t going to tell anyone whether or not I would go up to Philly (to stand “outside” of the church of course), because I wasn’t absolutely sure I would be able to make it. I now own a mid-sized food manufacturing/distribution company and having any time to myself has been remote. I’m starting to forget what it means to relax and take a breather. 🙂 It’s okay though, because I knew what I was getting into before I took over this business. Besides, staying busy keeps my head screwed on straight!

      Now having said that, I can understand your hesitation in going and I think you should ALWAYS take care of yourself first, because if we don’t look out for our own well being, I’m sure you’re familiar with those days when you finally crash, and get stuck, and then you’re no good to anybody, especially yourself.

      I’ve decided I will be going there tomorrow. I’m leaving orders for my employees and I’m taking the day to try to understand why this institution thinks that a mass will give me back what was stolen from me. If you change your mind and decide to go, don’t worry Dennis, I won’t let anything happen to you! You have my word. I won’t let anything happen to any of my surviving brothers and sisters!

      Nobody needs to understand your reasons, Dennis. If they ask, screw ’em! You don’t have to explain anything to anybody. People are on a “need to know basis” and they don’t need to freakin’ know!

      Take care of yourself, brotha!
      Peace out!


      1. Hey Rich, looking forward to seeing you and standing in solidarity with you. Happy to hear about your company, how very cool! See you tomorrow!

    3. Dennis: No worries! I will stand there for you!! I am not a victim/survivor. I am an advocate……..



    4. Dennis, I celebrate your knowingness! How very wise and loving to take such good care of yourself as you journey to your truth and wholeness. I have incredible respect for your decision, you are so clean. You are going to make it my friend, you know what you need and don’t need. It took me years in therapy to get where you are, I hope you see how far you have come, I still struggle with that. As my therapist likes to remind me, “it’s a process”! God, how I use to hate that word, I wanted it just over and done with.
      I will think of you standing right there in solidarity with the rest of us. I do hope that one day I will have the honor to meet you. Please continue to take very good care of yourself, be self caring. You know Dennis, Every priest, bishop, cardinal and pope could take a lesson from you, as you have such integrity!

  8. Dennis, I agree with what Rich said. You will be there in spirit as will Dennis. The most important thing is your well being. SMaureen

  9. Can’t come but in spirit will be standing outside as well. Thank you for all who can handle being there!!!

  10. I won’t be there tomorrow physically but my spirit will be there. I will be praying for all of you attending. ‘

    I believe the victims/survivors.

    1. Thank you, Pat. I will be thinking of both you and Dennis. We will have great weather for a change, the angels are smiling on us as we stand in truth!

  11. I will not be attending. I need to focus on my healing – from many traumatic events over the last year. Nothing that will be said by the Archbishop or any other official will help with that healing or regain my trust. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone there as I would hope they would think of me and fellow victims who could not attend.

  12. What if you planned a Mass and nobody came? I was laughing with a friend about that today, imagining an empty cathedral.

    I 100% support the decisions to stay home and to stand outside. My journey leads me to go inside- to show my face which will inevitably betray a bit of defiance. I will be thinking of of the ladies with whom I have a shared bit of history and everyone in this community. I will be praying for all of you as you have all touched my heart.

  13. I think having the Mass as the Saturday evening service is a safe way to assure that people will be there. I imagine some not even knowing they are attending a Healing Mass until they are in the pew.
    As Susan said we both have family commitments and can’t be there..inside or outside. I am going to try to watch some of the mass live streamed..there are a few Masses for victims that have taken place in the U.S. and other countries that I have read about and am interested to see the similarities/difference with the mass this evening. The other masses were not called Healing Masses but rather Mass of Repentance with victims involved with the planning and from what I read, I can’t imagine some of the same things being allowed/included at this Healing Mass..maybe I will be pleasantly surprised..I am always surprised that’s for sure 😉
    Peace to all no matter where they are spending their time this evening.
    Remember to send any write ups, whether you attended the Mass or vigil outside.

  14. A letter I am handing out in Philly today.

    Are any Catholics decent? Will any heed my warnings and protect the children? Will you demand the hard truth from your masters? What do you fear? Do you presume God will look the other way and resist asking the same tough questions, when your day of judgment comes? What will your answer be when he asks, “Why didn’t you protect My children?” I fear that I will have to stand outside churches for the rest of my life, and I’ll never been able to understand why it is that I care more about protecting your children than you do.

    People disappoint me and that’s precisely why I’ve never made it a habit to depend on anybody, because it has been my experience all too often that people will let you down. Too many times I have unlocked and swung open the door of betrayal and observed people who pretended they were on my side, impersonating a character with honor and integrity, reeling me in as easy prey, pledging to defend at all costs, claiming to stand for me and with me, but in the end those people became like so many others I needed to walk away from and forget. It is an intolerable exploit of my own character and the deepest depths from within that I am willing to reach toward and require of my own standards, the priceless merit and quality of the trust I am willing to extend to a person who refuses to handle it with care and treasure it without reflection, nor question. It has taken me until halfway through my 37th year on this Earth to figure out that people come and go in life, and only recently I have discovered that my predisposition to feel inadequate, anti-social, and unworthy of surrounding myself with people of my choice, who reflect the unwavering virtues of my own mind is justified always and I can no longer allow myself remorse and guilt for those moments of self-preservation. Still though, I presume that betrayal will never be easy to digest, but I need to remember that people come and go, and in the end the ones who hurt me the most I’ll hopefully remember the least. I’ll continue to grieve for the inevitable, innocent lives destroyed in the future, and I’ll punish myself for not doing more to convince you of the evil lurking right beneath your noses.

    I’ve been stalled in rationalizing “who I am” and “why I am.” I believed, unfortunately, the grave injustice of negative powerful words, spoken in my ears at very early and impressionable ages, always resonating throughout my life, and I ignored the toxic and destructive implications such fruitless words posed to the very core of my being. I was forcibly spoon-fed a noxious poison and it led me to believe that the painful, immoral, deviant, illegal events I endured at such young ages were negligent on my part. I believed my suffering was a consequence for my undeniable attraction do the same gender, and it was my sin alone that stuck me with monsters to endure mostly indescribably painful occurrences. I wandered around in the darkness for eons, terribly confused, unable to find direction and hope, and I constantly stumbled and fell and I really believed that was the way my life was supposed to be. I cannot find any suitable words within the English language to accurately describe the turmoil I have felt from within throughout all of my life. There aren’t any words I can share that could allow you to truly understand the enormous burden of self-identifying with great shame, objectification, fear, worthlessness, and despair I have placed upon my shoulders and heart and dragged around for so many years. So much time is behind me and lost forever. It never occurred to me that I could mindfully encourage a new direction for my own life. I was so stuck in one place and I was certain I deserved to be there. Through such horrible perverted desires facilitated into incorrigible actions, the “takers” celebrated their slaying – they murdered my innocent soul.

    People should know that sexual abuse is a devastating psychological seemingly never-ending dilemma that deprives a child of their own self-worth, innocence, and trust. The personal traits that sexual abuse steals from a child are catastrophic, and the mass confusion and overwhelming sadness it leaves behind will facilitate future years, decades, and more often than not, life-long devastation. I have referred to my abusers as “takers.” It isn’t fair that we are left with so little and yet, entirely too much.

    It has only been within the past year that I have learned to self-assess and dig deep enough to discover that most of what I once believed was stolen from me by those takers is actually still there. I realized my self-worth and confidence is apparent and it was only masked by the poison poured down my throat, sprayed into my ears, and splashed in my eyes. It hasn’t been any easy task to wipe away the corrosion caused by such noxious contamination, but I was willing to find the courage, because I so desperately wanted to fix my life and prevent others from experiencing the same. No one had ever told me I could reach for the stars. There was never any direction for success. I cannot remember a pep talk or a promotion that defined my unalienable rights as an American citizen to pursue happiness. I crawled fearfully down a road of oncoming traffic, bobbing and weaving a collision, or waiting to be run over. I really had no knowledge that I could choose one side or the other and walk safely and confidently through this life.

    My childhood was erased by evil. I have ignored the little boy inside of myself, crying and begging for help for far too long. You are blind to the image of that suffering child, because you fixate your insults and hatred on the broken man the child has become. You curse his presence and brand him as anti-anything so you can shovel past in ignorance and sleep soundly at night, all the while convincing yourselves that the man is just disgruntled about everything in life, rather than the actual truth that the man before you is a fractured and damaged shell of the boy he never got to be.

    This is not the life to be realized by any more innocent children. I implore you to seek truth and demand accountability before it’s too late for tomorrow’s innocent and unsuspecting child. Nobody deserves to live the life I have. This world requires intelligent, decent, and honorable men and women. It doesn’t need more broken souls like me.

    I think if you truly support us victims, and you believe in the absolute safety of children today and in the future, you will stand outside with us instead of inside with the takers!

  15. I will participate in the vigil outside, going up with Rich, we will support each other. Spoke to a reporter from the Inquirer yesterday for over a half hour. Needless to say, he got an earfull. I am anxious to hear from Kate. Keep all in the loop.

    1. Today’s newspaper reporter pope Francis said the mafia are going to hell for killing people
      Well wish he’d make a similar statement about the priests who killed children’s souls.

      1. Suzpt,

        Seen the same article.

        I will assume those priests who hurt us are going to Disney World.

    2. With you, today, Vicky, in mind, heart, soul, and spirit. So proud of you, Rich, and all survivors. You have accomplished so much for the cause and children. Thank you.


  16. I attended the spectacle put on by gavin & chaput who is quoted in the Inquire today as saying “We need to repent and ask the forgiveness of those who have suffered,” Chaput said. What a bag of wind chaput , first in order for the Victims to possibly forgive they must find ‘Peace, and Peace is measured by the presence of Justice’ ! Second, if chaput is sincere he must stop with the pubic relation stunts and take action by insisting that his lobbying firm STOP lobbying against the proposed legislation initiated by the Honorable Mark Rozzi, who by the way was present outside the cathedral. Lastly stop giving out trinkets like the pot holders that were given to those who attended the mass, this does nothing for the Victims and it does nothing for the reputation of the rcc. If chaput is sincere about ‘repenting’ then stop these outrageous displays of self serving arrogance which only serves to continually undermine the rcc’s reputation and certainly does absolutely Nothing for the Victims ! P.S. I would like to personally thank everyone who showed up to support the Victims, like Rich, Vicky, Mike & his family, Allen, Bob, Sister Maureen, Joyce, and everyone else whose names at the moment I can’t think of.

  17. “…..”the negligence of the church’s pastors”…..” Archbishop Chaput’s phrase in his sermon at the healing Mass…….

    The use of the word “pastors” is intentional and deliberate. If he were serious about healing and forgiveness, our Philadelphia spiritual leader would have said:

    “the negligence of the church’s BISHOPS”

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

    1. I was a little confused at getting handed a potholder and my companion declined thinking he had no need for a potholder. Later, we read the card. They were distributed by representatives from the Office for Child and Youth Protections. On one side, it says, “In collaboration with Senior Hearts in Action we offer this prayer square as a symbol of our promise to protect and pledge to heal” The back says, “God Loves You. May this handmade prayer cloth remind you that God loves you and that people care and are praying for you.”
      I do not think it was lost on the Senior Hearts in Action just how many they had to knit.

  18. unabletotrust,

    After reading your brief description of the events yesterday I think I made the wise choice to stay away. My wife did her very best to keep my mind on other things yesterday but I could not stop thinking about those who attended. I was able to watch the live stream when chaput was giving his homily and I was not impressed one bit. His words were nothing new. In fact, it was like watching a Charlie Brown cartoon when the teacher talked. Wawa wawawa wa. I thought it was a disgrace of how many times he mentioned God. I think if I was there I would have stood up and said “God did not rape me your Fr. Hermley did.”

    Then to read your comment stating they passed out pot holders like they pass out hats at a baseball game. What the hell is that ? Its to late for the pot holders. Your clergy already burned us.

    There was a motive behind this so-called healing mass, and it had nothing to do with the well-being of the abused.

    I can only go by the shots of the live stream but it seems there was a whole lot of empty pew space.

    Now the most important part to this comment: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who stood there for me. Vicky, Maureen, Denise and the many others. You truly are the only hope the catholic church has in not allowing the past to repeat itself.

    1. Dennis, I will support you in any way I can and I am not the only hope, just part of it, as the credit goes to everyone who participates, we need to maintain our focus and continue until the laws are changed and every Victim has an opportunity to come forward and expose the enablers and abusers !

      I know in my heart this will be a reality in spite of chaput/pope/vatican/politicians/lobbying firms and lastly the rosary rattlers who sit in the pews trying to avoid the truth and reality of the abuse and its scope. The reputation of the rcc will be forever tarnished by irrefutable evidence !

      Hang tough Dennis !

  19. What is written here about Archbishop Chaput feels like the church leadership is trying to restore honor for the church. The leadership also knows the ability to get things done and the ability to shape events and to make the environment conform to their vision. The church is now like a chess master sees the broad: everything is merely a pawn to be used to further their ends. It is like they are still taking advantage of a weakness and simply need to advance their own interest. This to me is ego inflation and once it is set in motion it is difficult to stop. What is important is their ego and they are not backing down because pride is at stake. At this stage is a turning point in their deterioration because power is being used to dominate others and it is dehumanizing everyone.

    I just want you to know everyone here is transforming your life into something higher and bringing something good into the world. This is what you create for me. May everyone know you are all honorable and are worthy of respect.

  20. Syd, you’ve got that right……..Hey, if Chaput ever chooses to hang up the vestments and go the political route, I know for sure he’d get to Harrisburg in his first election (he’s that good)

    Believe he’s had training from the Vince Fumo and Ozzie Myers school of political ambition………you know, money talks and …..BS……walks

    1. Many thanks to all that stood outside and offered support. It means so much to me!
      Thinking if there is anything to help rally attention in Harrisburg in the future I might have a T shirt made that says Victim of pediphile priest.
      I could handle going to Hbg

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