Healing Mass Missed the Mark for Many

Click here to read, “Chaput apologizes for church’s role in sex abuse scandal,” by Bob Warner, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 23, 2014

Excerpt: “We need to repent and ask the forgiveness of those who have suffered,” Chaput said. “We ask God in His mercy to lift up the victims and also life up the rest of the church.”


“We need to repent and ask the forgiveness of those who have suffered,” Chaput said. “We ask God in His mercy to lift up the victims and also lift up the rest of the church.”
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13 thoughts on “Healing Mass Missed the Mark for Many

    1. “we” meaning Susan and I..the victims and families were always very clear that accountability ,justice and protection of children was the path to healing

  1. “…..”the negligence of the church’s pastors”…..” Archbishop Chaput’s phrase in his sermon at the healing Mass…….

    The use of the word “pastors” is intentional and deliberate. If he were serious about healing and forgiveness, our Philadelphia spiritual leader would have said:

    “the negligence of the church’s BISHOPS”

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

    I’m working on the next post which focuses on the curious selection and use of the word
    “negligence” in the statement above.

    1. Negligence…as in the “We didn’t know” defense?

      How about apologizing for your ABUSIVE actions. Your calculated and carefully crafted responses and treatment toward victims?

      Every word of that homily carefully chosen for maximum sheep-herding.

  2. I did not go to the mass but watched Chaput’s homily via the livestream.

    I am reminded of a discussion my mother and I used to have when talking about some bullies she used to work with. Its easy to apologize – its harder to change your behavior so you won’t have to apologize in the future.

    The actions of the AOP in providing bail money for Msgr. Lynn and in the Fr. Paul incident just prove that their behavior hasn’t changed – no matter what was said yesterday.

  3. I wasn’t there. I also didn’t watch. I knew it would be a PR grab for Chaput. He can now fly to Rome and tell the Pope all he has done for victims.

    I may get tomatoes for this…but, I like the potholder idea. I can picture it…little old ladies knitting or crocheting while they pray for victims. My gram did this when she would make something. I like the message that was sent with them too. This seems to be the closest tangible thing pew Catholics have been willing to do. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not relevant to victims, but I won’t be snapping the olive branch they’ve (the praying ladies) extended. Its a nice gesture. But, that’s all it is.

    I want SOL reform! Help us with that and you can keep the potholders.

  4. I am deeply saddened by this, as they are just words, empty words with no physical action to show supporting. I am doing my best to not fall deeper into a rut and just need to stop reading anything that has to do with all of these political stunts that only serve and lies… Its re-traumatizing to say the least. Best to all of you survivors, your family amd friends. Stay strong, be gentle with yourself and the healing process. Take it light. Sincerely, Emery

      1. Thank You Susan for your efforts to shift and bring awareness. Best wishes

  5. It seems to me Michael that Archbishop Chaput just threw all the pastors under the bus. This is not unusual. The clergy that are very unhappy with “all this” cannot defend themselves properly because they may be punished. This is not new as we know that Tom Doyle has spoken about it. The dynamics of clerical authority is a huge problem. The diocesan bishops aren’t responsible? What a mess! Sorry, the pastors may not be “In authority”, but the bishops are “in authority” and have the power to make the church responsible, accountable and reconcilable.
    No prayers specifically for victims of clergy abuse at the Mass I went to today.

  6. I took the train from Lansdale and arrived at Suburban at 4:45. I walked to the Cathedral and passed the community of “believers” who stood on the sidewalk, some with signs and some with pictures and some just there in support. I went into the Cathedral just to see what it was like on the inside. As I sat there for a few moments, a woman came down the aisle with a younger man, (?her son), and she was weeping going toward the door. When I got up to leave, I did not see where they had gone and just felt that maybe this was too much for her to bear.
    I returned to the outside and stood with the assembled community. I met Representative Rozzi and spoke with him for a few minutes encouraging his work on this issue. I spoke with a couple of people I had not met before at these engagements. At the far end of the steps leading into the Cathedral, I saw Kevin Gavin. I did not know him but I went up and introduced myself and thanked him for encouraging the Archbishop to write to all the parishes and, at least, to have a petition praying for all the victims of clergy sexual abuse.
    I then suggested to Kevin that it would be a great sign of concern if, like Pope Francis, the Archbishop would come outside and just speak to those standing outside on the sidewalk.
    He would then be making a real gesture of care and reconciliation.

    I walked to the train with a mother whose son had been abused by the notorious priest of this Archdiocese, recently discovered in Dallas, Texas, and who disappeared again as his “cover” was blown, probably to seek another motel and young children to be abused.

    To my mind, it was not what happened in the Cathedral nor the words of the Archbishop. What was important is to know that this community of believers will never let this issue go until all have been reconciled and those responsible are convicted of EWOC.

    This small group of true believers will stand strong because their cause is just and right, or as we used to say in the old Latin liturgy, “vere dignum et justum est”!!!!


  7. When I listened to some of it, I thought they were asking forgiveness because of a lie, because they stole a loaf of bread, NOT because children were raped, people were molested. The seriousness of these crimes is not even looked at. The church needs total reform not a “Kiss of Peace”.

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