Lawyers Seek New Trial for Engelhardt and Shero

Click here to read: “New trial sought in parish sex-abuse case,” by Maria Panaritis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 29, 2014

Excerpt: Citing newly discovered evidence and errors made at trial, lawyers for a Catholic priest and a former parochial-school teacher jailed for sexually abusing a 10-year-old altar boy made their case to an appellate panel Tuesday for overturning the men’s convictions.

15 thoughts on “Lawyers Seek New Trial for Engelhardt and Shero

  1. Big is so over the top with this case, it is hard to take seriously. It is a biased blog by Ralph and the families of Fr. Engelhardt. I didn’t even want to taint this wonderful blog by mentioning this. I would just hate to see someone new dragged into the drama This is the blog to follow: these great people present facts.. I am sorry if I said anything here out of line. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Will mr. cipriano also crusade for the untold number of Victims suffering thanks to the hierarchy of the rcc,catholic conference of bishops, chaput, rigali , & political hacks in Harrisburg ? Will ‘ralph’ try and level the playing field for the Victims or has he gone over to the dark side of the force ? Justice is a double edge sword ! The motto for PA is that it is a ‘paradise for enablers and perps’ !

    2. From the comments I have read this blog shows the signs of a cult. Comments or posts that do not agree with your way of thinking are discarded. Sound familiar – it’s the same as the biased blog you are calling out.

      1. All posts that are related and respectful remain. I can count on one hand the number I’ve had to remove. You’ll note a variety of perspectives on many topics and I always welcome more. I have had good conversations with Ralph and have tremendous respect for his journalism. That doesn’t mean we have to agree on every point. I extend that same respect to all who come here with a real desire to improve the way our institutional Church handles clergy sex abuse.

        1. From what authority? Was not aware this was an interrogation.

          Exactly my point – an outsiders viewpoint is not welcome. Comments in this blog follow the same script – church is corrupt, evil. All parties associated with the RCC are guilty from the administrative staff to the pope.

          1. BL, if your comment was not welcome it would not appear. and I sort of like the Pope..could be wrong but I think he is a breath of fresh air. As for people not agreeing with your comments, not like you agree with theirs either so quit whining BL. This is not a game on the internet..we try to protect kids whether inside or out of the can troll around all you want and find sites where people agree with you 100%..awesome..or come and try to pick fights..I have much more important things to do in regards to children than fight on a blog.

          2. BL, I worked at the archdiocese with many wonderful people. Many of them are still working there and doing good things. I love my Aunt, a Sister of St. Joseph. I don’t think any of them are guilty of anything – except loving their faith. And I’ll never find fault with that. As long as they outnumber the ones who participated in coverups (and they do), I’ll have faith that the Catholic Church can overcome this by changing how it deals with clergy sex abuse.

          3. All opinions are just that “opinions” , I would like to know how you formulatded your opinion . We are created from a Morally Perfect God, so how is it that we ignore Victims who seek Justice from those who would exploit His Name for their own profit and power ? Is this wrong or must we do all we can to wright these wrongs ?

  2. A cult? I think after 4 years if this was a cult then the leaders would be rich and powerful like most cult obviously Susan and I are doing something wrong. BL you only choose to comment on certain things which is your right and your comments show up ,so it is not like you are being censored. This site has moved in so many directions..away from one can comment on the local priest arrested for child porn.. . you can comment on a priest being left at a parish with children while being can come to events to hep protect can make of this site whatever you want…your choice BL to keep focusing on one trial.

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