7 thoughts on “Wishing You Peace This Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to all that not only respond here but to Susan and Kathy who are through all of our efforts trying to make Pennsylvania a safe place for our children. I am grateful for the love and support given to all survivors. I sincerely hope we will see more positive changes in the legislation for the protection of children for 2015. May all have a healthy and peace-filled New Year.

  2. Same to you and for all your great work in keeping this mission alive of protecting the children from all predators.

  3. To Susan Matthews and all who participate in this inspired effort, though sometimes those who suffer and strive for understanding and compassion feel like John the Baptist crying out in the desert, let us all pray for the continuing strength of spirit and peace that only Christ can give. All blessings for Christmas and the New Year.

  4. A good friend sent me an article to read a few days ago and a line jumped out at me “Next time you find yourself in a dark place, remember that you weren’t called into darkness, rather you were destined to bring the light” . Happy New Years! You are all in my prayers and please keep me in your prayers.

  5. My kids school went to the March for Life last week and I had really wanted to walk in it but God has a way of continuing to humble me as I am having knee and ankle issues and walking long distances would have been too hard. I was thinking I wish as many people would show up to support children of sexual abuse and then I was thinking there is such a walk its Justice4PAkids walk and every year it seems there are more people attending and it is such an amazing event so many amazing and good people working for children and many that have been thru some really terrible things and still manage to take time out of their busy lives to support children. The past few years I have had the privilege of walking with my friend Vicky. I am looking forward to the next walk coming up by then I should be in better shape. I am also optimistic that good things are going to happen in the future concerning kids because God is working thru good people and God and his grace can move mountains when you trust him and allow him to work thru. I have seen it and so I believe ………….

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