Urgent Request: Please Call By 10 am

URGENT REQUEST: Please call by 10 am.
Statute of limitations reform legislation may be brought before the House Judiciary Committee today. Please contact members of the Committee (you can leave a message on their phone line) to share your support for (HB 661, 951 and 655) to protect PA children.
* Child Sexual Abuse is an epidemic: 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 5 boys will experience some form of sexual abuse before they are 18. Only 1 in 10 every tell.
* The long-term healthcare and economic impact of child sex abuse is staggering and society has been picking up the tab for this for decades.
* Current SOL laws favor perpetrators who rely on the fear of children and teens to not report.
* There is a body of scientific, social and legal evidence that indicates it can take more than 20 years for adult victims to come forward thus aging out of the current SOLs.
* Predators do not retire. They cannot stop the compulsion to abuse children and teens.
Judiciary Committee Members and Harrisburg office phone numbers:
Ron Marsico 717-783-2014
Todd Stephens 717-260-6163
Jim Cox 717-772-2435
Sheryl Delozier 717-783-5282
Garth Everett 717-787-5270
Glen Grell 717-783-2063
Joseph Hackett 717-260-6168
Barry Jozwiak 717-772-9940
Mark Keller 717-783-1593
Tim Krieger 717-260-6146
Tedd Nesbit 717-783-6438
Mike Regan 717-783-8783
Rick Saccone 717-260-6122
Marcy Toepel 717-787-9501
Tarah Toohil 717-260-6136
Mike Vereb 717-705-7164

4 thoughts on “Urgent Request: Please Call By 10 am

  1. Thankyou Susan for posting this. I left messages on all the phone lines but it seems many of the offices open at 9am and around that time I was able to leave messages with the secretaries. Keep praying and calling everyone!

  2. I called and spoke to two secretaries. They were very open to hearing what I had to say especially when I said I was a survivor. I did not mention that I was raped by priests because I want these representatives to know that ALL children need to be protected. The other calls I made I left messages.

    1. It never made it to the table. Not surprising. Every advocate must routinely make these calls. Lobbyists for the Catholic Conference have kicked into high gear.

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