Archbishop Resigns in Wake of Tribunal Formation and Criminal Charges

Click here to read: “Catholic Archbishop and Aide Resign in Minnesota Over Sexual Abuse Scandal,” by Mark S. Getzfred and Mitch Smith, The New York Times, June 15, 2015

Excerpt: The resignations come about 10 days after prosecutors in Minnesota filed criminal charges against the archdiocese for its mishandling of repeated complaints of sexual misconduct against a priest and a few days after the Vatican announced the formation of a tribunal to hear cases against bishops accused of neglecting or covering up abuse cases — an unprecedented mechanism but one whose details are yet unknown.

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  1. On one hand, I am happy to see some progress, but on the other, I feel discouraged. The bosses get to resign. So many of the monsters they protected are still roaming the streets portraying themselves as the innocent victims. They are all such weak, pathetic creatures. We survived what they did to us and found ways to succeed and thrive. The moment the heat is on them, they slither away and the “faithful” are saddened that all the good they did is forgotten.
    Does anyone in the group know what the petition for laicization entails?

    1. Thanks, Beth, for the prayerful break from work. Presence is one of my favorite ways to experience God whose name is presence: “I am who am.” Martin

      1. You are very welcome Martin. God’s presence continues to be a source of healing and hope in my life as well.

  2. Dear Marie Collins,

    Thank you for your efforts and accomplishments as a formidable member of Pope Francis’s sexual abuse commission.

    Can you be persistent in asserting that Cardinal Justin Rigali, among others, merits being brought before the new tribunal recommended by the commission and created by the Vatican?

    Thank you.

    1. It appears you are correct, Michael.

      Clericalism. The beast they will not slay.

  3. Just what is needed……………another CIVIL ATTORNEY bishop, Bernard Hebda, will take over the reins as administrator for Nienstedt. Will Hebda’s first obligation, responsibility be the LEGAL one……….to the organization, management and leadership or will it be the PASTORAL one…….to the people, elderly and CHILDREN that his archdiocese serves and ministers to?

    Of course, maybe Hebda will check with CIVIL ATTORNEY Listecki in Milwaukee and become a specialist in wasting church money in legal fees and bankruptcy proceedings. It’s about the victims and their families, don’t forget Bernie!

  4. Looks like the “Listecki approach” will win out in Minneapolis-St. Paul as well. To wit:

    The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis is seeking to hire a former federal prosecutor to fend off criminal and civil charges filed against the archdiocese in Ramsey County earlier this month.

    The hiring of Joseph Dixon III of the Fredrikson & Byron law firm would cost the cash-strapped archdiocese about $400 an hour, which Dixon said in an engagement letter “represents a substantial discount” over his normal rates. The assistance of a second associate at the firm would cost the

    The archdiocese is asking the bankruptcy court to allow the expenses in order to protect its assets from repercussions of the Ramsey County charges.

  5. I was born in St. Paul and this case really hits home to me. Someone I know was subjected to indecent exposure in a (non-Catholic) church in St. Paul as a child in the 50’s. It greatly harmed her still to this day. I skimmed the criminal complaint against the AD. It’s 10x worse than what happened to her. Its also an additional 10x worse that it took place in the past couple years! Archbishop Nienstedt took a priest with SERIOUS problems and put him in charge of 2 parishes! (Technically, he was made something like parochial admin for two merging parishes.) I understand the archbishop was resentful for probably false allegations he inappropriately touched a boy a few years ago. But, what the heck was he thinking?!?!?!?

  6. Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday the 23rd of June I celebrated a anniversary. Not the anniversary I celebrate every year with my wife. But it is the day I decided to say enough is enough of being tormented by my abuser. It is the day I decided to no longer fear closing my eyes at night.

    Although I consider myself a self excommunicated Catholic I have no idea where I would be today without the help I received from everyone here at CATHOLICS4CHANGE. Your hearts are so wide open.

    It has been a long struggle, a struggle I may have to be on for the rest of my life, but I am getting to the point when I hear the name Hermley I no longer cringe in fear.

    I wish I could meet each and everyone of you some day and shake your hand and say thank you. What you have done for me I see everyday in the smiles on the faces of not only me but also my wife and daughter..

    Thank You from the bottom of our hearts,


  7. Dennis I wish you continued peace and healing. This site has been a great source of education,friendship, support and healing for many including myself. Peace and continued prayers for you and your family.

  8. Dear Dennis….. GOD doesnt care where HE he finds us.! HE found me in the Catholic church, knew my HEART & my mind and led me HIS WAY. Starting with bible study. where there never was one.( non Cath.) Taught me about The HOLY SPIRIT through a book from the Catholic community at Notre Dame ,more belief in HIM intensified, in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia… I became a Catholic Pentecostal in an ecumenical community in Phoenix, Az.( mostly Catholic) the Bishop found out and said” no”! Community went down hill fast. No longar led by the SPIRIT! Left the community ( late 80’s) & then the RCC in 2001 when we knew (all we had heard from the religious in our families )we couldn’t believe , was true with no ? ‘S or exceptions..
    BLESS YOU !!!!HE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. OR FORSAKE YOU!!! Gloria & Tom,, Escondido Ca.

  9. Dennis, I am pleased you are finding your true authority within you. This authority within appears to be growth into a realistic faith. It appears this faith or trust is giving you a value of your own. It is like you are stepping into your own inner security. This security from within or now your own authority is truly a high achievement. Truly you are outstanding person because your revolutionary change is mature and it also offers me/us this stable union with you. My affirmation to you is also your own self-affirmation, belief in yourself, and truly this is noticeable more than ever before. We all welcome you home and may this moment offer you the miracle of your existence.

  10. If I may show everyone, for me this is what my hard work has done. When I thought I would never walk into any church at all I learned I had to open my heart and let God in instead of blaming him for what happened to me. if you click on the link please go to the 1hr.15min.20sec. mark you can see what some of my hard work has done for me. A PROUD FATHER.

  11. Dennis….I watched and listened to your live stream of Greenwood Christian Church and enjoyed worshiping along with your people. Is there a church like that in Escondido,Ca.?
    We went to Southeast Christian in Parker, Colo. But haven’t found one here like that. GOD Bless you for putting it on. I did the whole thing. I’m blessed. Tom is in the hospital, say some good prayers for him..he’s better today than yesterday.
    .IThank YOU JESUS. gloria

  12. I welcome you to join us through livestream every Saturday or Sunday. Services are either 6:00pm Saturday or Sunday at 9:30AM or 11:00am I will ask my minister if he knows of any churches in the area of Escondido, CA. Rest assure Tom is in our prayers and in the prayers of my little girl who you seen getting baptized in the first link.

    1. Thank you Dennis. Pray for his. heart, he had congestive heart failure. He has COPD, very hard to breathe. We’re both 85’s a tough one. GOD Bless everyone for praying for us. Gloria & Tom

  13. Dennis God is good and Jesus is amazing. Just as the devil can work thru people God can work thru people. I have seen this again and again. God Bless you all.

  14. Dear ones,

    Thank you for praying for Tom. We had an advanced directive, so knew the time had came to call the children to our side. He passed away to the angels arms on July 23, @ 10:34 am. We were all was a beautiful time together, the night before. He said I’ll be in touch. He was right after he passed. Our oldest son as he was approaching his car to get his phone. HE heard his Dad say” Its, Unbelievable !”.. Tom Jr. Came back to the room and told us all. We arej joyous..and sharing our Joy with you! This,was just after he passed. Tom Jr. Cried for an hour after,( alone in the bath), we
    found out later. It was an overwhelming ‘revelation.!!! PRAISE THE LORD! Gloria.

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