Clergy Sex-Abuse Victim Tunes Out Pope’s Visit

Click here to read: “A conflict for abuse victims,” by Julia Terruso and Jeremy Roebuck, The Inquirer,, Sept. 17, 2015


Mariana Sorensen, the retired prosecutor who authored both grand jury reports in Philadelphia, said the stalemate on a change to the statute law was most troublesome for parishes far from the city.

“People think it’s Philadelphia that’s the problem, but because we did have the grand jury we exposed most of the priests,” she said. Sorensen said she remained concerned about “anyplace else in the state where an independent body has not had a chance to look at things.”

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  1. I personally feel this Pope is not a good leader. A good leader gives people a clear and worthwhile sense of direction, as well as the means to attain common goals. A good leader creates and maintains a stable social order, from the family to the church to a nation. A good leader inspires others to want to work for something larger than themselves. A good leader knows how to create community. A good church leader knows how to build faith, courage, and self-confidence in people to accomplish more than they thought they could. A good leader is judged by their effects on others, where people feel loyal, honor, and obedience. This Pope is not communicating this inner strength and because of it should question his leadership, because his followers are beginning to suffer the consequences of his failure.

  2. Everyone within ear shot should tune him out. He’s had plenty of time t o rid the church of these e v ildoesrs and has done “big talk” and No Action getting rid of bad clergy & ridding the church of all clergy wanting to sexually abuse innocent catholic children.

    1. Posted on YouTube following Rep. Rozzi’s exceptional presentation:

      Here’s an idea for the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles Chaput who is vigorously fighting such valuable legislative proposals that Rep. Rozzi advocates for ALL the children of the Commonwealth of PA. Take this 3-minute clip of Rep. Rozzi’s presentation and have it presented at all Sunday Masses in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Then ask the parishioners where they stand relative to the elimination of the statute of limitations both civilly and criminally in the Commonwealth of PA.

      Nothing new with our RCC leadership here in the City of Brotherly Love. Our archbishop spent a great deal of money and resources as Archbishop of Denver opposing similar legislation for children safety and protection from sexual abuse. I sure hopes Pope Francis is aware of the lengths and expense that his subordinate will go to in order to silence the victims of the evil, horror and devastation of childhood
      sexual abuse.

      Ask yourself………is Archbishop Chaput following in the footsteps of Pope Francis as a compassionate leader of his people?

      Michael Skiendzielewski
      Captain (retired)
      Philadelphia Police Dept/

  3. This article is about Sex Abuse Victims Tuning out what the Papal Visit entails…totally. Then the article goes on to reference Mariana Sorensen. Thereafter, it mentions Philly and what about the sexually abused OUTSIDE OF PHILLY PROPER. Yes, agreed as no independent body has looked beyond Philadelphia.
    Well, one of the main reasons, is that not once or twice, but numerous times Rep. Marsico, R, HOUSE JUDICIARY CHAIRMAN ( unsure if he reps the Dauphin jurisdiction ), but my sexual abuser, when I was 13, was Guy David Marsico. Now Rep. Marsico has had numerous oppty’s to pass legislation to open that window for survivors, (a 2 year window), to file Civil Charges against, their molesters. I ask, ONCE AGAIN, ARE THE 2 Marsico’s related. Is Ron Marsico, protecting Guy Marsico? One, of course has to wonder, but moreso, as Ms. Sorensen states,” anyplace else in the state, an independent body has NOT had the chance to “look at things” “.
    Oh, yes they have and it has been completely deleted from the floor as a bill once, tweaked by others, a second time, only to have it tweaked by Rep Ron Marsico, than calling it his own bill, as well now, Rep. Rozzi, whom apparently knows just how it does feel for a lifetime, trying to revitalize it….again. By all means, don’t get the bill near a man named Marsico, whom is only trying to protect his familial name as I was told by Fr. Guy Marsico, during an ordination, when I was 14, outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, as he pointed to the Capital building, stating, I have a few family members that work in that building.
    Yes, makes me sick how political maneuvering works. However, this is the perfect storm, Ms. Sorensen as to why an “independent body” has not had the chance to look beyond Philadelphia. His name is Rep. Ron MARSICO, HOUSE JUDICIARY LEADER, as well as the one he is trying to protect, and PennLive has been unable or unwilling to look further into, the close nit Italian name of my predator, Guy David Marsico. Whom is not under any sort of legal watch, but is known by the office of the DA in Harrisburg, as molesting not only myself, but also, OTHERS. I WAS TOLD, PER THE DA’S OFFICE. Asst. DA Shaun McCormick.

  4. Marsico, Andrew CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System Court Summary for docket number CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pre-Trial Conference Scheduled Perri, Fortunato N. Jr. 11/6/2015 708 Criminal Justice Center
    Marsico, Andrew CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System Court Summary for docket number CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pre-Trial Conference Scheduled 11/6/2015 708 Criminal Justice Center
    Marsico, Andrew CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System Court Summary for docket number CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Trial Scheduled 11/9/2015 708 Criminal Justice Center
    Marsico, Andrew CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System Court Summary for docket number CP-51-CR-0013106-2014 Trial Scheduled Perri, Fortunato N. Jr. 11/9/2015 708 Criminal Justice Center

  5. As a survivor myself, I have tuned out the papal visit. There is nothing new here, no move towards contrition, no act of good will, no broad acceptance of responsibility and concrete actions to do the right thing. Truth is not something in which the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has any interest.

    My abuse took place in the Diocese of Scranton. As with all Catholic Dioceses, they do not want the truth and the true extent of this crisis, as well as their culpability, to be be brought into the light.

    There is a big push to “call Catholics home”. Why would anyone want to live with the secrecy and lies within that institution?

  6. I will be attending the Independence Hall event on Saturday as well as the festivities on the Parkway. I look at it as not so much an opportunity to see the Pope as to be with the true Catholic Church – the people. I am more moved these days by the spirit of community that the church affords me. Honestly – I could find that spirit in a Baptist or Methodist church – but am tied to the traditions that I grew up with.

    I guess I have moved beyond the anger and now look at my “mission” as to educate and promote change. It is what is allowing me to live my life.

  7. Thankyou for all that have been praying for my situation. The Holy Spirit is moving and I believe the devil was just trying to distract me and try to make me lose some hope. I was to confession, adoration and mass lately and it has strengthened me much. I can feel God’s Grace. I just have this uneasy feeling in my stomach and it has turned to dread concerning the Pope’s visit and I don’t know why. I ask that those of you that pray, pray hard and if you can to Mary. Especially the rosary, memorae and St. Michael’s prayer. I use to think people like me were crazy til I came face to face with the devil when I confronted a pedophile and he told me he wrestled with the devil on a regular basis. There is a spiritual battle going on for souls and I can feel it.

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