What Would You Like to Be Done About Clergy Sex Abuse? Archbishop Chaput Wants to Know.

“We’ve gone out of our way to explore in the past in response to the grand juries,” he said. “I think the people responsible for the grand jury reports would acknowledge our response as being very positive and thorough. The fact that people want more – what is the more they want that we haven’t done?”

– Archbishop Chaput

Click here to read the entire story: “After pope’s visit, tough talk from abuse survivors – and Chaput,” by Jeremy Roebuck and Julie Terruso, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 28 and updated 29, 2015

What would you like the Archdiocese, Archbishop Chaput and Pope Francis to do?

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  1. As openers, (1) Archbishop Chaput could open all priest personnel files to independent and respected reviewers, (2) he could support comprehensive statute of limitations reform and (3) he could release Cardinal Bevilaqua’s video deposition in the Monsignor Lynn case.

    I suspect Tom Doyle and Marcie Hamilton have their own wish list. I hope they offer it.

  2. I attempted to post the following remarks on the Channel 6 ABC story here by Vernon Odom –


    – but they haven’t posted it after more than a hour. I’ll try again in a few minutes:

    “Chaput was asked about Pope Francis’ sincerity after he met with five local victims of sex abuse, hearing their stories and apologizing.”

    It’s Chaput’s sincerity that Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians should be questioning. There were three women and 2 men (as reported by the media) there meeting with Pope Francis but not all were sexually abused by priests.

    Were any of those meeting with the pope abused by priests who actually belong or belonged to the AOP or were they “order priests” or even priests from elsewhere since Timothy Dolan seems to have had a big hand in the whole affair?

    Well, now we know that the sexual abuse of children, or anyone else for that matter, is not a “Catholic Problem.” Thank the Lord that the pope, Chaput and Dolan have enlightened us. BUT Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput will not be able to use the old chestnut that legislation proposed in Harrisburg is anti-Catholic and applied on to Catholics anymore.

    BTW, for Pennsylvanians that proposed legislation before this session:

    Eliminating Civil Statutes of Limitation – Senate Bill 173
    Eliminating Criminal Statutes of Limitation – Senate Bill 172
    2 Year Civil Window – House Bill 951
    2 Year Civil Window – Senate Bill 770

    Chaput’s statement never was true but that never stopped Chaput from repeating it. It was successful in getting proposed legislation in Colorado defeated so why not do the same in PA with, of course, a few million dollars thrown in to pay for the lobbyists working their contacts in the legislature?

    Pope Francis recently created a Pontifical Tribunal whose responsibility is to hold responsible those bishops who abused their power of office in relation to sexually abusive priests, in particular, those known, credibly accused or convicted sexual predators of children. It should be no great secret to anyone that while the sexual abuse of children is not a “Catholic Problem,” the massive institutional cover-up by the hierarchy, the bishops, was and continues to be such; one unaddressed adequately, certainly by the hierarchy. Clericalism is alive and well.

    It was distressing to see Cardinal Archbishop Justin Rigali, formerly of Philadelphia, so prominent in celebrating Mass with Pope Francis. Other members of the hierarchy were prominent including Cardinal Mahony and Archbishop Nienstedt. One would think that individuals with their history would be ashamed to show their faces.

    Morally corrupt and hypocritical are not too strong to use to describe many of them. Reread the 2005 & 2011 Grand Jury Reports covering the work of three Grand Juries that were impaneled to investigate the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and leaders Krol, Bevilaequa and Rigali.

    Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
    Advocate for Victim/Survivors & Legislative Reform
    Delaware & Philadelphia


  3. I am sorry, but I find Chaput so offensive, that my only 2 possible responses to him could be “Man Up” or “Are you kidding me??”

  4. It becomes more difficult with each passing day here in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to remain civil and respectful in one’s comments regarding the local RCC leadership, their statements, conduct and decision-making, past and present, relative to the abuse, destruction and devastation visited on child and young adult clergy abuse victims. Deliberate and deceitful obfuscation and hypocrisy……..Chaput asks “what more do they want us to do?”

    He’s a learned, mature and educated man and he most assuredly “knows” what must be done to protect our children now and in the future. He also “knows” what must be done in Harrisburg to give past victims a voice, legal access and redress (ALL CHILD VICTIMS here in the Commonwealth of PA, regardless of the venue of the alleged abuse…..public or private, religious or secular, in the home or in the community). It doesn’t work, it doesn’t sell, it is unconvincing when a man such as Charles Chaput feigns ignorance on what steps needed to be taken to address the protection of ALL of our children.

    He has NO RIGHT to stand in the way of the protection of other children in the Commonwealth of PA even if he wishes to defend his institution, leadership and its finances from legitimate legal action from victims and families that have suffered so terribly. Get out of Harrisburg, get out of Marsico’s office and LET THE PEOPLE have an opportunity to hear what the legislative proposals are about and what they can do for our children. How dare you, your leadership or anyone else, elected in Harrisburg or elsewhere, subvert and/or hijack our system of representative democracy.

    The last several clergy abuse matters under YOUR watch, Archbishop Chaput, are clearly demonstrative of your style of leadership relative to the dangers to children in archdiocesan facilities throughout the region. Very little information re the allegations, risks in place in parishes for extended periods before notification of parents and families, and little if any information (facts, details, outcomes) regarding the disposition of the cases. What more can be done? Such a statement cannot be from ignorance, that we know. I believe it is from arrogance and a smugness that says “how dare the parishioners here in Philadelphia question my conduct, decision-making and actions in these issues?”

    It is always appropriate to end a presentation on a positive note and theme. I want to “thank you” Archbishop Chaput for allowing many, many people in the region and beyond, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to come to know and love the special, unique, faithful, prayerful and compassionate nature of two very remarkable catholic women in this area. You know who they are; if not, then it is your loss that you do not know the depth, sincerity and beauty of their commitment to the Catholic faith. Yes, Archbishop, I am referring to Margie Winters and Andrea Vettori. I have read several of the statements and letters offered in the media by these two genuine Catholic women since the Waldron Mercy issue in the summertime. I just can’t remember reading any finer expressions of one’s Catholic faith, commitment, sensitivity, caring and compassion for those in our community, especially the children. Ms. Vettori’s letter to Pope Francis should be read by every parishioner in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, exemplifying how her faith and love of Our Lord literally fills her life and the work she does.

    Archbishop Chaput, unless you have not noticed yet, you are no longer in Denver. Citizens in the Delaware Valley, Catholic and non-Catholic, will never rest until all of our children are protected in the best way possible from the risks and dangers of sexual predation as well as the highest level of legal access and redress for those who should be victimized by such evil and criminal acts. Quite simply, either join us in these efforts or please, or just get out of the way and stop using PARISHIONERS’ contributions and donations to fight against the protection of ALL the children of the Commonwealth of PA.

  5. Thank you, Michael Ski, for your eloquent and spot on comments. Thanks for expressing my thoughts, as I am still processing the unbelievable.

  6. Archbishop Chaput can begin by leading the fight to reform statutes of limitations in Pennsylvania regarding sexual abuse and apologize for the Church being the main opponent to date. He can call every state legislator and asks for his/her support letting them know he’s had a conversion. Pope Francis can begin with removing bishops who protected criminals. Bishops directly report to him. He can stop appointing bishops like Bishop Barros in Chile who witnessed abuse, didn’t protect children and still got a promotion.

    1. Chaput is much happier hiding behind the Statute of Limitations. If he had a soul at all he would join the fight to remove it!

  7. 1 – Disclose the final outcomes of all cases of priests removed from the ministry. Right now – priests that choose voluntary laicization – such as my abuser – just “disappear” from sight.
    2 – Stop the financing of the legal costs of defending church officials – such as Msgr. Lynn. And you wonder where your collection dollars go?
    3 – Remove the financing of priest pensions in the Archdiocese. These guys do not take a vow of poverty – let them finance their own retirement! Many “retire” to shore houses bigger than my house!
    4 – Abolish the college division of the seminary. Make all young men, considering the priesthood, attend a local university and attain a 4 year degree. The culture of the seminary breeds a “Boy’s Club Mentality” that is dangerous.

  8. Chaput every word out of your mouth pushes me further and further away from the church. If there is such a thing as an anti-evangelist it’s you!
    The fact is the SOL you pour the donations of the faithful into supporting also protects not only priest perpetrators but the slimy guy down the street. How many adults in PA were childhood victims and now that they are coming to terms with their violation, are powerless at stopping the creepy guy around the corner from hurting children because it’s TOO LATE in PA!!! It sickens me that it would be now too late for my own children to stop someone had they been violated like I was.

  9. 1) A Truth and Reconciliation Commission

    2) Change the name of the Cardinal Bevilacqua Community Center to Holy Innocents Community Center

    3) Action research to identify and change those elements of Church culture in Philadelphia that made the sex and power abuse crises possible (and are fertile ground for continued abuse of power).

    4) Pope Francis says he wants a poor church; advocate the elimination of the statute of limitations

    5) Ask for a desk job for yourself in some place more to your liking

  10. The whole thing is crazymaking. The bottom line is that Archbishop Chaput sees himself as protector of the AD of Philadelphia ‘s money end of story.

  11. I prefer a pure church…….a poor church at least then I know they really believe what they preach and are willing to sacrifice for other’s.

  12. I may be completely jaded but with all I have seen and heard it seems the only way Archbishop Chaput will get “onboard” is by a promise not to bankrupt the AD of Philly(even though many have pointed out they file for bankruptcy before this really takes place and usually half is paid out by insurance), put caps on payouts and promises not to go after all their assets(which really are the laities assets if you think about it). Survivors want different things. Some want justice, some the truth, some health bills etc paid for, some simply want to protect other children. I would like to see justice for all survivors but mostly I just don’t want one more child to be abused especially by a “known” abuser. Archbishop Chaput is not dumb. He knows that some abusive priests have left the priesthood and are in other states and because of SOL they cant be prosecuted and since we know child molesters cant be cured they will abuse again if not watched or put in jail. Without SOL reform child in PA our children are vulnerable as well as other states.When is the “them against us” mentality going to change to a “we” attitude where “we” do all we can do to keep kids safe?

  13. Why is he asking the question “what is the more they want that we haven’t done ?” We have told him time after time what we want done and it had gone on deaf ears. Is he only asking that question now because the visit by the Pope woke him up by not seeing the number he thought he was going to see. It is a sure reduction of 1 million people to no more then 150,000 reported by a crowd expert. Its not what Susan, Dennis, Beth, Martin, Vicky, John and everyone else wants. He should know that already. The big question to himself should be what do I do now and were do I go from here.

    1. Father Emmett Coyne has an excellent book, The Theology of Fear. Archbishop Chaput preaches that theology. And, what happens when the pope comes to Philly? People are afraid to show up; the planning was dominated by fear. For God’s sake, this guy was on Copacabana beach with three million people. Someone once said that love and fear cannot occupy the same space.

  14. I think Mr. Chaput’s question was rhetorical. He appears flabbergasted that children sexually assaulted by catholic priests grew up to demand justice and protection for future generations. He pretends he just doesn’t understand.

    Like his boss. As long as bishops are allowed to lobby against justice for sexually violated children they do the work of darkness. They may go home at night singing I’m Just Wild About Jorge but they facilitate darkness all over our planet. When pedophile priests in Mr Chaput’s diocese (and all over the earth) were not violating children, they were hearing confessions, burying our beloved dead, baptizing, and marrying our children . They still are.

    Chaput’s knows it, Rigal knows it. They all do.

    When they even mention the name of Mary of Nazareth they should have soap in their mouths. All of them .

    1. “He pretends he just doesn’t understand.”

      Yes, indeed. But there’s a chink in the armor. The Teflon Archbishop has just met the real “Rocky” from the Art Museum steps.

      1. yeah you nailed it “he pretends he just doesn’t understand”. All I know is that the devil is the Father of all lies………

  15. Reconciliation happens when God shines a light into a heart and the heart sees with open eyes and full light just how deep the darkness and sin is. The heart of the sinner begins to seek forgiveness in the fullness of light that God provides. The sinner begins to see the affects of the sin- comes clean, seeks forgiveness from the one violated and God and offers some sort of gift of sorrow. It is vital that the offender ask the victim, do you forgive me?

    The church needs to open their heart by opening their secret files to clean up the mess they created. and allow those … all those who participated in the crimes of abuse and cover up to come out. Part of this reconciliation is sorrow to God for the sin that has made our God a “weeping” God. There will never be healing until justice and truth are revealed and every last victim has been respected. It is better to have church in financial poverty of truth than spiritual poverty of lies and deception.

    US Bishops are not required by church law to report all abuse by priests. Even with the USCCB charter for protection, it is understood that a bishop does not have to follow it.
    Canon Law needs to change.
    PA LAWS need to change to open the Statue of Limitations

  16. I would like for marsico to make a statement on what his relationship was with the now deceased bishop mcfadden from Harrisburg was, were they golfing buddies or more ?

    1. Interesting you would mention, Bishop McFadden, as I have a letter, from B McFadden, in which the opening line to me, contains the following first sentence, “The life of a Bishop, has many joys and sorrows”. Hence, written to me, as well as to my family, but with an opening line, that simply is all about HIM & HIS “JOB”.

      I would like for Ron MARSICO, (R), Dauphin, AKA House Judiciary Chairman, State of PA, (whom, to date, continues to shoot down civil & criminal extensions, also known as SOL REFORMS) to make a PUBLIC statement on what his familial relationship IS, (exactly IS) with my Sexual Abuser, “FORMER PRIEST”, GUY DAVID MARSICO. [With Bishop Chaput, by his side] – Father Guy, told me exactly in 1982! – I will add that so often, one of the “sticklers, to any SOL reform, is this notion that memories fade, facts are lost, etc…(NOT TO A VICTIM, MAYBE A PRIEST, BUT, NOT THE VICTIM – I ASSURE YOU)”. Preferably, I would like Ron Marsico to make a statement, about this severe conflict of interest, with regards to his family consisting of sexual predators, & this conflict between church & state, [with AB Chaput…by his side]. Also, as I am an example, this is NOT just about Philadelphia victims, past, present or, literally, God forbid, future. This is a statewide conflict of political interests, between church & state. Chaput – Marsico – Marsico – Marsico – Wolf.

      Also, Fr. Guy told me when I was 13, & being MENTALLY & SEXUALLY abused at that time by Guy Marsico, just what his “relation” is to both of the Gov’t workers, Ron Marsico & Ed Marsico, DA, presently, Dauphin Co. PA. Mr. Guy Marsico told me in the summer of 1982, he has 2 relatives working in the Capital Building. This took place outside the Cathedral in Harrisburg, during an ordination of a Priest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, (a stones throw from the Capital building), as he invited me to attend, as I was studying to be a Priest, myself. (I was in the back of the Cathedral, listening to very fowl jokes, cursing, by many other Priests. There, I sat, in dismay…seriously, & all said in front of a child…me). I will state that not ALL of the Priests were acting in this fowl behavior, but the majority WERE. I remember the scenario, well.

      Also, yes, this is IN RELATION to AB Chaputs’ question, to Philadelphia Catholic FAMILIES & VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE, “What would you like to be done about Clergy sexual abuse?” I would like him to meet with the House Judiciary Chairman, and discuss, “Yes, what should be done here”? As well, not alone, as we need witnesses…Oh, but the lobbyists & the media – invite them also.

      I will say also, that I have quite a large Catholic family and family friends, whom, due to what happened to me, DO go to Church, however, as I have seen, personally, DO NOT put money in the collection basket. In this, I will say that the Catholic Church is missing out on what WAS quite a sum of money, each week. Some have told me personally, that it is not just because of what happened to you, it’s about the mental & sexual abuse, done by predators, to innocent children, all over this land. THIS IS NOT JUST A PHILADELPHIA ISSUE…please, GOD, allow all of us, to understand this.

      I apologize, as this note is so long, but Chaputs’ question opens a “wide mouth”, can of worms, for ANY victim, anywhere. In addition, this is about PA’s bordered government. Honorable Catholic, Rep. Marsico, don’t you feel a little bad that Chaput is being faced with all of this by himself…on such a big issue, that really, I believe, only YOU created, to date?

      1. I seriously doubt you will get an answer from marsico as I have been to his office and have written letters and called, he is never available . Let me know when you would like to camp out side his office and I will be more than happy to go and wait !

      2. fossil5400, I remember every detail of all the sexual abuse I suffered from 4 catholic priests, I remember every sorted detail. I agree totally with what you have said, that every survivor has instant recall do you know why? We remember because the pain and torment of that abuse is felt in our bodies, in our minds and in our souls!!

        1. Vicky, with sadness, I say to you, how correct you are. People, places & those things – they tell us to Memorialize them, or better, put them on a shelf, then left untouched, by us. This is NOT something I have found myself capable of. Vicky, also, to have been molested by 4 Priests, I cannot, as human, comprehend. I am so sorry for you. I could not imagine how you would / should feel. Incomprehensible ! However, your strength is power, to me. Thank You

  17. I was taught that in order to receive absolution for stealing it was first necessary to return the stolen goods or to make a sincere effort to compensate the victim of the theft and then to do penance. For stealing the Innocence of these children he needs to take ownership of the damages in the name of the archdiocese. If you break it you own it. He needs to publicly state:

    1. Victims have a lifetime right to mental health support including counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, and psychiatric hospitalization if necessary, paid for by the archdiocese and coordinated through a body independent and completely isolated from the archdiocese.

    2. Victims have a right to job training and assistance in job placement from the archdiocese.

    3. The archdiocese will make available care for homeless victims of abuse for life.

    4. The victim must not have to “prove” the abuse occurred. An objective outside body independent of the archdiocese should be able to mandate these rights for all cases where it deems that it is “as likely as not” that the abuse occurred.

    All of these fall in the realm of attempting to compensate the victim of the theft. In order to do penance the archdiocese should also take a similar interest and provide identical support for individuals who were victims of sexual abuse not committed by clergy. How great that support should be I would leave open to the experts.

    My children were exposed to four known serial abusers which caused me to join a better faith community. I have known too many great Priests who have shrinking congregations because of the inept leadership of the archdiocese. In them I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and they are worthy of better leadership.

    1. Paradox – In the interest of fairness, I do want to clarify one thing in your statement. As a survivor, a word I much prefer than victim, I am entitled to therapy, consultation with medical professionals, and medication paid for by the Archdiocese. I was permitted to pick my own therapist and doctor. All of my files are confidential and not shared with the Archdiocese. The Office of Victims Assistance has been more than helpful in all these areas.

  18. Well Krol and Bevilacqua cannot be prosecuted but the Pope can certainly send Cardinal Law back to Boston to face the music. I don’t think Archbishop Chaput can do any more than he has done. Maybe some survivors have ideas for the Archboshop.

    1. Really ? Please explain to me like I am a six year child and exactly what it is that chaput has done ?

  19. Chaput is in a clerical time warp. He can’t see beyond what he was ingrained with– save Mother Church… whatever it takes and at the expense of anything and anyone. Doing so equates to “good priest” and self-advancement. He can’t shake the clerical mindset he was infused with.

    Clerical game OVER. The guy needs to be deprogrammed and reunited with his long lost conscience.

    1. That all may be true, Katherine. But that mindset is combined with a savvy, political skillfulness and wiliness that puts him in a category by himself when compared to his predecessors in Philadelphia.

      One thing is for sure………he does not like being challenged or asked to explain his decision-making. We saw that crystal clear on Monday at the press conference when he became annoyed and agitated in the discussion about the archdiocese’s “response” to the victims of clergy sexual abuse in Philadelphia.

      For sure, there is a chink in the armor.

  20. Katherine amen to that. I don’t even recognize the “Mother Church” he is trying to save. Its not the Church the nuns at Prendie taught me about

  21. He needs to decide if he truly wants to be a represent of God and do what is right or continue to run the business we know as the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and continue to hold that position of CEO.

    Charles Chaput the ball is in your court. God has given you the right of free will. I will be praying for you.

  22. Perfect proposition for Chaput, Dennis! Thank you. BTW, out of curiosity, does Chaput or his staff ever read or return letters written by those upset by his leadership? Is he at all receptive? And where are they sent?

    1. A few years back when I e-mailed Chaput asking him about the status of the priests still under his investigation I did receive one comment from him ” I don’t like to be pressured.” To be fair I have no idea if those words were from him on the other side of the keyboard or a side kick. The e-mail was signed by him though.

    1. Admittedly I have not read the hyperlink article. However, in response to Skiadvocat’s comment regarding Rep. Marsico, questioning the need for statute of limitation reform, I must ask, how is Rep. Marsico even able to have a say, much less an opinion, on SOL REFORM, when a member of his own family, has sexual abuse of a minor, OR MINORS, attached to his own family name. As well, yes, I believe Rep. Marsico & laicized former Priest Guy Marsico, ( relieved of duties due to sexual abuse of a minor…myself ). Also, as phone records show, the Head of the Child Protection Unit, Scott McCormick, ( during a phone call to me in 2011 ), OTHER MINORS ALSO. I just simply don’t believe Rep Marsico is in a position to single handedly, continually eradicate various levels of reform. Rep Marsico is not the most eligible person, to EVEN HAVE A SAY IN THIS MATTER OF REFORM, of present laws, needing such reformation. Do you believe he could just be protecting his own family name?

  23. Today’s Washington Post.

    “The mystery further energized the debate over what Francis stands for.”

    A comment I seen in today’s Washington Post regarding this secret meeting between Kim Davis and Pope Francis. This is not to change the subject we are talking about.

    As a ex-catholic but more important a clergy abuse survivor the comment above is scary. When you read a comment like that it makes you think will anything get any better, and maybe the person who we think can make changes is too nothing but a puppet on strings following orders. Do I wish to say we are on our own ? Yes and no. We are putting our hopes in a Pope who we thought would make those changes needed. To calm the pain that many of us still have. However, when you have a Pope like Francis who patted on the back bishops who for some of us (worldwide) were also the cause of some of our pain, then tells us these bishops would face punishment if they protect priests, and then only to hear on a jet ride home back to Rome they are his best buds again. Without a doubt its confusing because I have no idea what face I will be looking at the next time I see him. Its not only us. who feel the same way. The homosexual community must be shaking their heads. To receive hope they too might one day be welcomed into the catholic church by a comment Francis made “who am I to judge” only to see him meet with a person who is against them and to agree with her actions.

    So I ask that question again are we on our own. The answer is YES when it comes to the catholic church we are.

    BUT, are we always on our own when it comes to the important things in life. Like Our unconditional love for God, our family, our friends, that one person who was there just to talk to
    and even you knuckle heads. The answer to that is a big fat NO.

  24. http://www.cnn.com/2015/10/02/us/pope-gay-washington/index.html

    This photo of Archbishop Chaput is priceless. He’s smiling in agreement and support of the Pope who held a private meeting with a longtime friend from Argentina who has been in a same-sex relationship for 19 years.

    Yayo Grassi, an openly gay man, brought his partner, Iwan Bagus, as well several other friends to the Vatican Embassy on September 23 for a brief visit with the Pope. A video of the meeting shows Grassi and Francis greeting each other with a warm hug.

    It is heartwarming to see our spiritual leader supporting the Pope in those issues that are so critical in the life of today’s Roman Catholic Church.

  25. Jesus met with all kinds of sinners and saints. I just wish the Pope was more clear and direct. when he speaks. But then I don’t know if its the Pope or the media or both causing the confusion. I myself love all people and also believe in all the teachings of the church as hard as they maybe to follow. Jesus said take up your cross and follow me…………not that it would be easy or fair……………

  26. Apologies for being less concerned with what Chaput should do and more concerned with the nature of the beast (Chaput).

    Skiadvocat said it: “For sure, there’s a chink in the armor.”

    There are chinks in a lot of clerics’ armor. Indeed, statistically, the chinks are there in too many clerics, and well before they become clerics. The priesthood closets the chinked clerics. Clerics with chinks have distorted views and agendas, degrading the quality of their discussions and decisions.

    Chaput needs to:

    1. Invest in people not “missions.”
    2. Be less concerned with power and more concerned with pastoral service.
    3. Live in the trenches with victims, victim advocates, and victim advocate groups.
    4. Spew inspiration not domination and intimidation.
    5. Grow himself.
    6. Grow himself.
    7. Grow himself
    8. Join, listen to, and collaborate with real people.

  27. “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Oscar Wilde

    Say that the other person Chaput is is a loyal cleric. Say his loyal cleric persona went missing or disappeared into thin air. Say Chaput were only himself.

    Who is he? Who is Charles Joseph Chaput minus the loyal cleric persona?

    Possibly, if you can reach him, you can get him to do what you want him to do. But, as long as he is another person, you can’t.

    1. Katherine good points. I was just reading this quote after seeing “War Room” the movie and it all makes sense. ” I used to believe that prayer changes things but now I know that prayer changes us and we change things” and I would add thru the “Grace of God”. If we aren’t open to Gods ways and keep doing the same thing nothing changes………

  28. It’s trivia time here on C4C………

    Who is the new general counsel (in-house) at 222 N. 17 St., the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?
    Where did this attorney work prior to his new position with Archbishop Chaput?

    Ironic or funny, you make the call!

  29. I just wish Archbishop Chaput would start listening to the Popes. It was very eye opening listening to Father talk at the press conference and say that Archbishop Chaput needs to get onboard with the changes the past 2 Popes have made in cannon law that basically leave no excuses why SOL’s should not be changed and supported in PA by the bishops.

  30. A lot of stories have been in the press lately. I wasn’t so sure about this Pope because so much confusion seems to surround him but from the people I have talked to that met him he was very very weary and constantly asking for prayers for himself and it seems to me is in the midst of great spiritual attack.

  31. Adoration, St. Michael’s prayer and especially the Memorare helped me to put a pedophile in jail.Please keep praying even if it is just talking to God in a simple way. There is no expiration on prayers we never know when or where or how they will be answered. I do know God always hears our prayers and that he loves us. I just feel we need prayers more now then ever.

  32. Re an article in The Boston Pilot:

    Archbishop Chaput is a spokesman, also known as a relator, for one of
    the four English-language discussion circles at the synod.

    “This leads to a spirit of compromise with certain sinful patterns of
    life and the reduction of Christian truths about marriage and sexuality
    to a set of beautiful ideals – which then leads to surrendering the
    redemptive mission of the Church,” he said. “The work of this synod
    needs to show much more confidence in the Word of God, the
    transformative power of grace, and the ability of people to actually
    live what the Church believes. And it should honor the heroism of
    abandoned spouses who remain faithful to their vows and the teaching of
    the Church.”………….Archbishop Chaput

    Is the above statement a translation of a document produced by the Synod or a personal political statement of Archbishop Chaput?

    1. The quote from Boston sounds like political mumbo jumbo to me. Like our presidential candidates are dishing out now all over the TV.
      Am I sense or does this mean something?

      1. suzpt,

        I believe you are asking if this debating life issues, such as the presidential candidates are doing, is really solving anything. In my opinion, this debating and just talking about things is not getting anything done. The same is true with the catholic church, and maybe it can deal with life intellectually and can maintain God in the abstract, but this not solving anything. In my opinion the catholic church has become passive-aggressive. Their indirection is never open and to me it allows them to avoid responsibility. If things are debated behind closed doors, such as a synod on family, it is another way of avoiding responsibility. Passive-aggression is the opposite of what it means, which is the heart of the catholic church. It jabs people indirectly, “Of course children deserve respect and we will treat them with the respect they deserve.” Yet the aggression sinks into something later on.

        The aggression is debating life issues and goes around in circles, dithering around and procrastinating. The catholic church needs a synod on the leadership within the church. They need to look at characteristics of both good and bad leadership. They need to look at what effect this leadership has on people and the sense of direction they offer people. They need to look their authority and is this authority just an impersonal set of rules and beliefs. They need to look at their rules and are these rules only telling them what to do as another “scripture”. We both know rules are always subject to who interprets the rules to the law itself. Therefore, I believe, we need leadership that offers action where there is a genuine accomplishment.

        Rules, debating issues and synod meetings are diminishing people to pawns on a chess broad. This style of power needs to be stop and it does not need to be enjoyed in the abstract as the catholic church does. We need action and good leadership that can be tested. Good leadership is moral courage and is the greatest good for the greatest number of people. When there is good leadership they are extremely persuasive, motivates people to get things done and there is genuine accomplishment. The catholic church needs take the imitative to look at its leadership and have the courage to put their life in jeopardy.

  33. http://news.yahoo.com/us-bishop-warns-anxiety-popes-family-summit-141159622.html

    We can’t tell Charles Chaput what we want done. How could we ? Chaput and other bishops like him (Newark Bishop) cannot even be on the same page as their boss. At least when the sexual abuse scandal hit.(something we already knew was happening) from the very top to the very bottom they were all on the same page. Lie, deny, hide or remove.at any cost.

  34. I just received a letter from the AofP inviting me to a healing mass for survivors and their families/friends. I appreciate and respect that this will be helpful to some. Personally, a healing mass doesn’t make my top 100 things I want Chaput to do. I RSVP’d my regrets via telephone. I do hope Chaput gets my message, verbatim.

  35. Story below shows the need for constant vigilance and awareness on the part of the families and parishioners in the RCC regarding the safety and protection of their children from childhood sexual abuse:


    He had also been a religion instructor at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church in Linden up until last year, a spokesman for the Dioceses of Newark confirmed.

    What James Goodness, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, failed to mention was the fact that Mr. Aker was a candidate in the deacon class of the archdiocese in the Fall 2012.


    For additional information on the Center for Diaconal Formationincluding its academic programs and faculty please see http://www.shu.edu/go/diaconate or Deacon Andrew E. Saunders, M.A. at Andrew.saunders2@shu.edu.

    Such a case as Gregory Aker’s brings the C4C readers back to the concern of Archbishop Chaput that initiated this discussion:

    “I think the people responsible for the grand jury reports would acknowledge our response as being very positive and thorough. The fact that people want more – what is the more they want that we haven’t done?” …………Archbishop Chaput

  36. http://www.nj.com/union/index.ssf/2015/10/former_scout_leader_religion_teacher_admits_posses.html

    He had also been a religion instructor at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church in Linden up until last year, a spokesman for the Dioceses of Newark confirmed.

    What James Goodness, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark, failed to mention was the fact that Mr. Aker was a candidate in the deacon class of the archdiocese in the Fall 2012.


    For additional information on the Center for Diaconal Formation including its academic programs and faculty please see http://www.shu.edu/go/diaconate

    1. I have already made plans to see the movie. My wife and I have been talking about it for some time. I have also spoke with my therapist about seeing the movie and she has voiced some concerns she has of it being a possible trigger for some depression to return. Why I would need to see the movie when I already know the truth ? It simply has come down to if I’m comfortable stay and if not leave. As you can see my therapist pulls no punches.


    Media contact: Jacquie Posey at 215-898-6460 or jposey@upenn.edu
    Amanda Mott at 215-898-1422 or ammott@upenn.edu

    Penn Panel on 10-year Anniversary of Grand Jury Report on Child Sex Abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese

    Oct. 21, 2015

    WHO: The University of Pennsylvania’s Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society will host a panel discussion featuring:      

    Lynne Abraham, former district attorney of Philadelphia

    The Rev. William Byron, professor of business and society, Saint Joseph’s University

    Marci Hamilton, Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University

    Maureen S. Rush, vice president for public safety and superintendent, Penn Police Department

    John DiIulio, faculty director of PRRUCS, moderator

    WHAT: “The Ramifications of the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Child Sex Abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on its 10th Anniversary: Lessons Learned and Spurned”

    WHEN: Wednesday, Oct. 28, 6:30-8 p.m.

    WHERE: University of Pennsylvania, Claudia Cohen Hall,
    Terrace Room, 249 South 36th St.

    Ten years ago, a grand jury released a report detailing sexual abuse by priests of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. On Oct. 28, PRRUCS will host a panel discussion, “The Ramifications of the Philadelphia Grand Jury Report on Child Sex Abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on its 10th Anniversary: Lessons Learned and Spurned.”

    PRRUCS faculty director John DiIulio will moderate the discussion. Attendees must RSVP to wendyjen@sas.upenn.edu. Media are encouraged to get press credentials contact Jacquie Posey at 215-898-6460 or jposey@upenn.edu or Amanda Mott at 215-898-1422 or ammott@upenn.edu.

  38. I think this is worth mentioning. When we were abused by clergy members we and our families became part of a club that for me I did not want a membership in and as we got older we all became part of a brotherhood and sisterhood that exchanged information, news headings and so forth through this site in order to prevent what happened to us happening to other children inside or outside of the catholic church. However, no matter how hard we try we always see those headings in a news paper of a child being sexually abused. Some of us say a prayer for that child others like myself look to the heaven and scream WHY. They are children we were children. That is why I want to give two thumbs up and say thank you to every law enforcement community who have gone that extra mile to protect everyone’s child on a night that is for them a night when any child can dress up and be what they want to be. Many jurisdictions and it climbs every year are putting into effect something I like to call HALLOWEEN ROUNDUP. It all depends on where you live but in one county all registered sex offenders must report to a designated location and be there between certain hours .Food is given and there is a television so they are not just sitting in a big room, and the location is not made public. In another county registered sex offenders must place a sign on their yard that states they do not participate in Halloween festivities and in my county the sheriff’s department checked up on ALL registered sex offenders, updated all their information and made sure they are were they are suppose to be. There has been a few legal ramifications but on the most part these programs that have been put in place have been a success and these are only a few of the ways some programs are working. All of this to protect our children just a little better. THANK YOU OFFICERS.

  39. Startling but not surprising revelation – – read this blog entry by Marci Hamilton:

    There was more going on behind the scenes during the Pope’s visit than you could ever have imagined. And it wasn’t in favor of survivors. I think the facts would pass the litmus test, Marci’s research is always thorough.

    The deceit never ends.

  40. I know I am not a survivor, but I hope we are voting for the state supreme court so we have judges that will uphold the SOL reforms when they are passed. Also, why don’t we have revolving chairpersons so we have a better chance of getting SOL reform on the floor and find out who really understands when we write 25 % of girls are sexually abuse before they are 18 and about 20% of boys. When will people get it through their thick heads that these monsters are still living among us?

  41. Thanks for praying for me everyone and thanks Dennis and Susan for the kind words. I was feeling like Job but God is amazing and works thru people. I can’t go into detail on here but more than one person has said to me that God must be looking out for me with the things that have been happening and I know he has heard your prayers. I keep thinking that God wants every ounce of pride out of me because the older I get the more frequently he humbles me and removes everything that I can hold on to in this world so all is left is to trust in Him.

  42. I don’t know why the link I posted doesn’t work. I’ll do my best to paraphrase. The article stated that during the Pope’s visit to Philly, workers from the Archdiocese made calls to local Catholics to convince them to continue to support the Church despite the sexual abuse issue, so that the funding for Catholic Charities would not decrease, thus affecting children who need help. Marci pointed out that 80 to 90% of the Catholic Charities funding is guaranteed by the government, so any decrease in donations due to a decrease in population of Catholics would be minor.

    What galls me is the complete disregard for the children who have been traumatized, and the total concern for the finances of the Church. But it isn’t anything new. Playing the guilt card is a classic Church maneuver. As is hipocrisy.

    1. Thanks for the summary. I said awhile ago a priest from a 3rd world country attended a Philly AD meeting for priests and it was all about how to get money out of parishioners. The priest came back disgusted. He serves 10 of thousands of people in his country mostly in poverty and dying from horrible diseases in the jungle and he manages to do his work as a priest with little funding. He understands that his role as priest is to help lead souls to God not to be a CEO of the local catholic establishment that resembles more of a social charity/businessman’s club then the Mystical Body of Christ. I am glad the nuns at Prendie taught me by being role models what the catholic church should be like so at least I know true faith can really exist and be lived out.

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