Seminary Student Charged with Seeking Sex with Infants

Click here to read: “Ohio Seminary student arrested, charged with trying to arrange sex with infants,” by Elizabeth Faugl,, January 29, 2016

Editors note:

This unfathomable crime happens more often than sane people can comprehend. The perpetrators come from all walks of life, but we don’t expect them among our Seminary students or priests. What are the standards for acceptance to Seminaries? With a priest shortage can we expect more or less diligence in screening?

I fear there will be less. We try to keep a narrow focus on this blog. Our topics are within the context of current doctrine and clergy child sex abuse. But perhaps it’s impossible not to discuss the priest shortage in connection with the clergy child sex abuse cover up.

The shortage leaves rectories more empty and with less oversight. It leaves good priests with an enormous amount of responsibility. Elderly priests are coming out of retirement to fill the gaps. Just covering Masses is difficult. What about Last Rites, the parishioner struggling with a crisis or a newcomer with faith questions.

In these situations, does “any priest is better than no priest” mode kick in at the administration level?

The same clericalism that allows child sex abuse to go unchecked will be the same that destroys any opportunity to minister to Catholics when they most need it.

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  1. Hi Susan , This is J.S. I read this clip! Disgusting!!!!!! I have an appointment today with an attorney that deals in this abusers that we have talked about. I have contacted a a group that I can go to . There was a Ralley last weekend here in Albuquerque but didn’t know about it …I am recording everything as it comes to my mind .. You would be amazed at what I have kept blocked. Once I get through all this I would like to send you a recording copy. You , my Drs And Attorney will be the only ones to have a copy. Thank you so much for being there for me…JS

  2. “I have come very close in the past”. Words spoken by a so-called wannabee priest who has desires to have sex with infants.

    As a society what do we do with people like this ? Do we throw them in a cage and hope prison justice hands down the punishment or do we take the necessary steps to end his life ?

    I don’t think anyone has to be a abuse survivor or the family member of a survivor to agree with the later. There is no cure for animals like this they cannot be rehabilitated or cured it is not a sickness it is pure evil.

  3. Susan you are correct, appropriate screening of candidates for the clergy remains woefully inadequate. But is has more to do with the process and those conducting the evaluations. This man was evaluated and passed his psychological assessment and given the green light to proceed with his studies and intent to become a member of the clergy.

    I have no doubt some red flags were raised after this mans evaluation. The problem is in part, due to the fact that the very Psychological “professionals” who evaluate and clear these men for a life in ministry…are often themselves clergy, who report to the bishop. They are not going to turn away a prospective cleric. In fact they believe these guys can simply be treated or they will grow out of such desires.

    I have attached the rules for the psychological assessment required by Josephinum Seminary, he was or should have been asked about his sexual past, desires addictions and proclivities. No doubt he may have lied but these assessments are designed to highlight when one is being less than truthful. I cannot possibly imagine they did not have a good idea this man had some deep seated issues. Check out the Psych Assessment required by the seminary.

  4. I cannot believe this man was admitted to any seminary. If psychological testing is a
    prerequisite for admission there is no way he would pass. His particular choice of sexual
    behavior is particularly disturbing, and would absolutely be recognized by a true professional.
    Let’s pray there are no others in that seminary who are “cleared” for priesthood.

  5. Better for the Church to close parishes than let even one sex offender have access to children. Can’t the Catholic Church see why a whole generation of younger adults have left the church. Why? This horrific behavior is the reason is the reason for the Catholic Church having so few participants. The Church needs to take responsibility for not screening its applicants to the seminaries. Having a priest is not better than having no priest at all if he is deviant. My deceased cousin was a Catholic priest & were he alive today he would be disgusted by what is occurring. There will continue to be a shortage of priests as well as parishioners unless the Catholic church owns up to their cover ups & openly apologizes for their lack of good judgement in discerning who does & who does not have the qualifications to be a priest. Then they MUST put only non-deviant men to have access with children by being EXTREMELY careful who can be a priest.

    1. The “elephant in the room” is ————— the desire to be a priest joined with desire to commit perverted acts; dwelling within the same person.

    2. How will they know if he or she is a Pedofile?? How do they know the priests or People screening them aren’t pedofiles??For sure we will never know.. Trust and Faith..?? I had all that!!Now I’m fighting my Demons that were caused by Faith and Trust!! Unless you’ve been there it’s easy to say they can be cured!! Not True . Once a Pedofile always a Pedofile..Eventually they get the urge back.. Some people that have been sexually abused can deal with it with therapy.I sure hope I can..

  6. Hopefully, a very good, neutral Psychologist with experience in this area with review this seminarians’s test results, as well as the psychometric tester. It is the least they could do in this very lurid, bone chilling scenario.

    1. LLW, my brother is “a very good, neutral Psychologist” who has tested dozens of seminary candidates in our diocese over the years. One thing he does NOT bring to the table is an understanding of the priesthood, itself– including its theological, cultural, and cultish features. I would guess that his cluelessness is shared by the vast majority of independent psychologists who test seminary candidates. This, coupled with the candidate-analyses provided by clergy members, themselves, (as noted by blogger Mark Crawford), result in a testing process that altogether fails to consider or test the “health” of the organization to which a candidate is seeking admittance. In the entire testing process, no one is testing the “health” of the priesthood, itself.

  7. Excellent point, Katherine. So this sounds like another example of wasted money. I am racking my brains for an answer here. These candidates must be tested, but by whom? An absolutely foolproof way (as much as it is possible) has to be available. Can you imagine if mores slipped through the cracks? SHUDDER…

  8. I read where he was only in a seminary for a couple of months and then removed. Did this crime happen while he was in the seminary?

    1. Mike I believe I read an article that said he was removed for leaving the seminary without permission on the day he traveled.

        1. Interesting, Susan. Where did you learn he was rejected from several other seminaries? Are you aware of any efforts to have the seminary investigated?

          Thank you.

  9. Hopefully, when one is rejected by one or more seminaries, the procedure should naturally be to share that info. or to have a central data base to do so. In the farthest reaches of my imagination, I cannot imagine why another seminary would be interested in a potential clergyman that seems unfit from the beginning. PLEASE, let’s help the victims we already have instead of possibly creating more shame and suffering to new ones..

  10. This seminary student had glaucoma. In an attempt to learn whether glaucoma is associated with psychiatric disorders, I spent some time Googling it. They are associated and its worth spending some time exploring it.

  11. What’s the problem ? The sexual act never happened. Nobody was even touched, by this seminarian. It would so much easier, to take him off the line. Get him some counseling. Closely monitor him. And treat the situation as a Confidential Medical issue, instead of a Criminal Matter. If he blows his next chance. Then we should lock him up.For crying out loud. They all have a “Monk’s Moment”, sooner or later.

    This is the Catholic League, Catholic Church, attitude. That continues to shield thousands of child abusing priests. And accounts for over 100,000 children, sexually assaulted by priests, over the last 50 years.(That we know of.)

    1. At first, I thought this was your argument. You can’t imagine my relief with your closing sentences. You put forth a terrifying thought process. Sadly it exists in some minds.


      This is where the :Lynn case needs to be focused, Billy is only a part of the case, but even the Superior court claims jurors are too dumb to understand the DA’s case, that the Catholic Church and her religious organizations that have been enabling these predators before Lynn was born . I can write books about the 64 election, Catholics and jack McDevitt and the abuse issues the plague our society. The object of a defense lawyer is to get their clients free, not prove guilt or innocence so stop discussing a 13th juror – the system only allows 12 jurors and appeals so allow the courts to decide so many have not had their day in court because of the SOLs. Those of us who know the unfair treatment of sexual assault and rape victims know that the system continues to enable child sex offenders to thrive which includes charging the offenders with a non Megan Law registration charge.

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