More Important Info on St. John Vianney Center

Many have asked for more information concerning the St. John Vianney Center in Downingtown, Pa. Kathy Kane has pulled a few articles so everyone can get a better sense of the situation.

Lock down facility? Nope, not correct.

Even local waitresses are hassled.

From St John’s New York to St John’s Downingtown…

Where would you place someone accused of 338 counts of child porn? Why not across from a school and a Chuck e Cheese?

Don’t’s all just fantasy.

Father Avery from parishes to Vianney to parishes to prison.

A day pass from hell…

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  1. Well, I tried, but could only read one article so far from the list (A day pass from hell.). My hair is standing up. I will have to calm down, before I read the rest. It’s like reading a Stephen King novel or worse…Thank you for the resources, Susan.

  2. It’s mind boggling. The reader is overwhelmed by the sheer number of “forces” at play: privilege, entitlement, ill-considered brotherhood, profound stupidity and ineptness, Keystone Cops-like organization, unmoved by the danger and urgency of a situation, swift action is not in their vocabulary, the use of vocations and priestly journeys to circumvent and skew therapeutic best practices, collusion, secrecy, misogyny… It’s mind boggling.

    The reader tries to organize it all and fit it under one heading because when the “forces” dangle on their own, disconnected, one is relegated to a jaw-dropped paralysis.

    It all comes together in the link titled “A pass from hell”. When pedophile priest Fr. Leneweaver repeatedly petitions the archdiocese to return to service. Msgr. Lynn recommends that the archdiocese write a letter to Leneweaver, denying his request “for his own welfare and the welfare of the Church.”

    All of a sudden, none of it is mind boggling.

    1. With enormous respect, I would like to ask a survivor what it feels like to know that the sanctity and preciousness of your personhood never entered their minds.

  3. Kate a few weeks a commentor posted the LinkedIn page of a local priest who was recently sentenced to federal prison for child porn possession. In between the time of his arrest and sentencing he was forced out into the “real world” and his Linked in page reads like someone who is making a new life for himself..he was going to study to be a paralegal,volunteer with animals, is the most bizarre thing because he was headed to prison..I don’t think he was able to feel or see the reality because this was now the real world…this was not the Church doling out a consequence ..this was real and it still wasn’t real to him.. In the real world the authorities care more about the welfare of society than the welfare of the perpetrator.

  4. I have driven by Vianney so often and been stuck in traffic and there is a man I see that looks like a child molesting priest from New York and he is right across from a school school..what a slap in the face if it is that man. When will children trump clergy..children do not even trump abusive clergy.

  5. Thanks Kathy and Susan for posting these links. As mentioned before, I am bewildered about the Vianney situation, particularly from an accreditation, review and certification point of view. What about the “professional judgment” of certain treating professionals at the facility? Is their diagnosis/evaluation affected, influenced, etc. in any way by the philosophies of their employer, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?

  6. Mike all I can tell you is that in a phone conversation with the director at the time Fr Flavin,he told me that consequences are enforced and that any person who broke a rule such as coming to the school which is a “forbidden zone” would be removed from the facility. So then I confirmed with him that this meant that the patient I found was gone.. He said the patient was allowed to remain. So hmmmmm….
    Also in a meeting with staff I was told that when the patients leave the facility on their own to go out in the community for the day they are allowed to take their phones. from what I remember they are not allowed to have their phones while at the facility..just when they go out alone? So being that they treat those with porn addictions I asked if the phones are checked when they return from their roaming around the neighborhood time..a neighborhood with schools,day cares and ChuckE Chesse and I was told NO that no one checks the phones. It is sort of like sending an alcoholic patient out with an empty glass in a neighborhood full of bars. Most phones have picture taking capability and no one is checking that when they return?

  7. And HIPPA was thrown up but didn’t stick when the cops wanted the name of the patient who came to the school

  8. It has been awhile since I have weighed in on subjects discussed on this site. As a survivor who was abused by Francis Trauger (defrocked) and John P. Schmeer (life of prayer & penance), I have to censor or screen what I read relating to this subject matter. I accept offers to speak to groups, organizations or media very carefully.
    I’m also a person in recovery, which means I have not had alcohol or other drugs for about one year. Prior to my year and relapse, i had 8 years of sobriety and worked in the treatment field. I tell you this because blogs, organizations, networks, support groups and individuals can stir up fear, anger and resentments. These are the number one killers of alcoholics and addicts. These same groups lack a clear message or method in educating the public about that message. More on that below.
    I have read the articles posted above and the comments on ST. John Vianney. The feelings and comments are valid. I’d like to offer some insight. My addiction, my life actions and overall wellness has brought me to jails and institutions. I am not proud of certain actions and certainly benefited from treatment.
    From what I see, St. John Vianney treats addiction issues, behavioral health and the combination of the two in co-occuring disorders. Many symptoms fall under these umbrellas. Any and all institutions treating these issues have rules and regulations that are challenged daily by clients. Most behavioral health units will have locked doors and windows. Some step down units may have open doors and privileges. Drug and Alcohol treatments center doors lock from the inside, nobody is keeping a client there unless they are court stipulated, and even with that I have seen many people walk off the property and never return. It is the nature of the beast. Again, unless their is a court stipulation or sentence be carried out at a work release, clients can leave. if a client leaves against medical advice, they may not be permitted to return.
    There is not a facility globally that has not experienced contraband such as drugs, alcohol, K2, suboxone, porn, cell phones being smuggled in, it happens daily. Some facilities such as the Malvern Institute, Gaudenzia, Eagleville and Livengrin are wise to these attempts and minimize it better.
    It is the nature of a client to tell the clinicians what they want to hear, steal your wallet and help you look for it and admit to one thing to cover up a thousand. Incidents will always be occurring. Treatment is only as good as what you get out of it…….

    Lastly , Kathy Kane stated….” In the real world the authorities care more about the welfare of society than the welfare of the perpetrator.” This statement couldn’t be farther from the truth. In the last 3 days here locally, we witnessed a coach from Malvern Prep get a gift of 5 years probation. We saw Douglas Kohen in the Downingtown area out on a measly $2,500 bail from charges of sexually assaulting a minor among other charges, fire six bullets into the house of his victim. DO NOT TELL ME that society is cared for! Statements like that are exactly what I’m talking about when i mention CLEAR MESSAGES! The message should be on these topics and not frothy emotional appeals –
    -SOL Reform
    -Pennsylvania- predator friendly
    -Who What Where Why did the RCC hierarchy in Pennsylvania cover up thousands of abuse cases.
    -Justice for victims exposes predators and those enabling them.

    1. Mike let me explain what I mean in relation to the real world versus being treated in a Catholic run treatment center. When someone is arrested although the sentencing is often so far from what we would expect and what is needed..the cops are not worried about a perp being treated to almost spa like services at at treatment center like the many in the Church receive either before sentencing or of course when NO sentencing ever takes place because of the statutes. I believe there are many in law enforcement who care deeply and get just as disgusted by light sentencing.
      I am familiar also with various treatment centers and psych facilities from being in the field of social work and like you said people can walk off which is what I want people to understand like in the above article when the defense attorney claims the priest was in a locked down facility..incorrect.
      I am not making any frothy emotional appeals and anyone who knows me knows that is just not at all what I am about I am doing the work of trying to keep kids in that area safe and it is finally after so much work producing results. I meet people all the time who are doing something about a child related issue that I had no idea about and good for them..good for anyone who makes an effort no matter where that effort lies

      1. Mike when Vianney is bringing in child predators..I am speaking on it loudly and will continue to just for the reasons you list above about compliance in facilities . And when they allow their patients off site for hours upon hours with nothing more than an honor system in place I will speak about it for exactly the insight and info you said above. And when they allow porn addicts off site with cell phones that could take pictures of kids..all for the reasons you list above. There is no facility that has 100% compliance that is what I have been saying for know that..I know that..and the neighboring community full of kids is the experiment. Unacceptable. And continued good wishes for you and your efforts and personal good health.

      2. Thank you for that. Have you ever been in to see Vianney? Will you post specifics on the results being produced? This is strictly for readers knowledge.

        1. How does the Villa handle priests who have been given a life if prayer and penance when removed from ministry? Are they able to come and go as they wish?

    2. Mike, I understand your concern in regard to this or other blogs/groups being a dangerous trigger for victims. The purpose of this blog is clearly noted on the ABOUT page. It was initially intended for Catholics who were concerned about the clergy abuse cover up and needed a place to discuss it. However, we welcome everyone and anyone who is willing to comment within the stated guidelines. I would suggest that survivors discuss their participation on this site with their therapist. It is for each individual to discern whether or not this is a healthy stop for them. Kathy and I are Catholic parents. That is our perspective. It may be lacking for those who need or want more.

  9. Mike I have made it as far as the lobby at Vianney. An interesting game changer so to speak might be that the Archdiocese sold part of the Vianney land last year and some apartment/condos are supposed to be developed literally right next door to the facility. People care more when it is literally their backyard..the area around Vianney is very built up already but more commercial and industrial sections and of course schools, but nothing like when people would live right there. We will post anything and everything about our progress or lack of progress but we are not giving up on this one.
    The Villa that Mike asked about is a residence for retired priest with a section for those in prayer and penance,it is located in Darby, Pa. My understanding that those in prayer and penance come and go signing in an out honor system that they are going where they say.
    What happens when the rules are broken at these facilities?..I wonder if they do the shuffle within facilities just as they did the shuffle within parishes.

  10. Interesting story an archdiocesan priest told me that there used to a type of “ecclesiastical prison” in Chester County when the county was still very rural decades ago. They had a residence there with nothing around for miles and the residents could only leave on a van with staff..I think that changed due to the area becoming more populated and also the idea of treatment becoming popular in the 1960’s and forward.
    The location of Vianney was a rural area when it was first developed..they had the right idea of being in an area that was not very populated..that changed with people moving to the area and at the times we read about the most notorious abusers being there, the area now had children and families nearby. One of the reasons for the Vianney posts is to even let people know what it is an idyllic setting,very charming and most think it is a retreat house or retirement place for clergy. I had driven by many times and had no idea until I read the horrifying 2005 GJ report.

  11. Kathy I have been in St. John Vianney on behalf of A.A. It isn’t a ‘spa’ . I have met several clients at area A.A. meetings, a privilege I assume. st Josephs Villa in darby , which houses aged, retired and repentant priests, has a sign in sign out procedure. All the comforts of retirement living, come and go as you please.
    I understand your disgust with a single incident that happened a few years ago and you have made clear your complaints and suggestions since 2013. There are far more pressing issues and opportunities for change that affect area Catholics, victims/survivors and their families. If so many are disgusted with the location and client base, stop feeding catholic charities, churches and tuitions! lets focus on getting legislators in PA to strengthen Child Protection laws and reform SOL!

    1. Mike, Catholic charities does not pay for Vianney the diocese who send their clergy privately pay…no amount of money that anyone would withhold from the Philadelphia Archdiocese would make a difference at all as to anything about the facility.

      The GJ report issued by the Pa attorney generals office told a different story than what I was told by the Vianney staff..maybe you missed the blog post from the other day. But when the FBI is identifying one of their patients as preferential sex offendor who molested,digitally penetrated and anally raped up to a dozen kids and he was there a few weeks before I started asking questions that’s a problem Mike..never lie to a mother. I will speak and the beauty of it is that everyone can do whatever they feel important for kids. I have worked on SOL as well as having legislation passed with the help of Sen Fontana’s office in the recently passed child protection package that went into effect last year.A problem I identified with language in the mandatory reporting law. I have my hands in a few areas Mike.

      I think it is very important to have an SOL window and I also think it is very important that kids and parents know about a facility in the area that they do not know about. When I drive by and see a patient who looks just like a serial child molestor from New bet I am continuing to work on it..I made a promise to my daughter when she was 13..I also made a promise to her when she was 10 years old and had child protection policies within CYO implemented that will protect hundreds of if you are going to come on here and tell me what I should do and where my efforts should be, then you’re going to waste your time.
      I got away from the SOL a bit because of an ethical conflict with some supporters and if that is where your attacks are coming from..please stop

    2. You met some good people at AA there so I should just drop my concerns? How are you so in the know as to what goes on there other than going to an AA meeting. Did they share their patient census with you and you could check the danger level of patients in relation to kids? I spoke with someone on the phone who asked me why the heck you are coming after me about this..I don’t have an answer. The reference I made about a spa was a joke from the previous post about Vianney advertising restaurant and shopping near by..sometimes we use sarcasm Mike..if that is also not okay please let me know. God forbid I made a sarcastic comment about a facility that is identified in the GJ report last week as one of two places that abusive clergy was sent over the years rather than being turned into police.

    3. Hi Michael, There is far more at play than a single incident. But in regard to that single incident – nothing was rectified and administration lied to Kathy. This misrepresentation and lack of change is indicative of the entire cover up. There is no more pressing issue than the safety of every child in every instance. To that end, we will pursue all situations that need to be exposed and can be improved. This does not distract us from SOL reform efforts.
      St. John Vianney serves many important purposes – among them AA meetings. We wouldn’t deny anyone treatment or therapy. What we don’t want to happen is for St. John Vianney to become a national and global warehouse for clergy sex abusers. It’s location and management structure make it inappropriate for that purpose. We both know that predator priests are “evicted” from their diocese and sent to places where people don’t ask questions. Priests who should be in prison don’t deserve a sign out system. That’s the very least the diocese owes us after their cover up waited out the SOL.

  12. One more thing Mike..the local cops and the community know the names of and faces of the priests in prayer and penance in Darby..they are listed right on the archdiocese site. At Vianney they fly people in from all around the country and the person a parent could be sitting next to at Chuck e Cheese could be a pervert that no one in the community knows about..his picture is splashed all over the pages of the news paper where he came from but not here… no one knows him. Good safety plan Mike? If us speaking about Vianney upsets than you need to change the channel because it is what it is .

  13. Kathy, let me help you understand a few things your missing or grossly enlarging. St. John Vianney has multiple funding sources, one is the catholic charities as it falls under clergy and sick priests. The FBI profiled or identified one who was a client at Vianney. Thousands have gone through there and carried out the same sadistic abuse on me and thousands of other 11-13 yr olds. There is nothing shocking about that.
    I have no idea what your talking about with any followers or past followers and a conflict of interest. You can relax. The point I made about A.A. is that some were allowed to attend outside meetings, this is not un common for facilities that provide long term treatment. I agree with your comments about that GJ report, law enforcement should have been notified. but it wasn’t. st. John Vianney is not a treatment center that is dept of corrections affiliated, maybe someday they will be. Im sure Darby P.D. has information but how about Doylestown, Montgomeryville, abington….When dioceses stop minimizing client conditions or actions, maybe st john vianney will get the real story and apply real treatment. It all comes back to SOLreform and exposing predators and those shielding them. We wont agree on this, but Im thankful for the dialogue. I know many who enjoyed this site and blog have stopped listening in because of the warpath agenda on St John Vianney for a number of years.

    1. Yes Mike and some of those people who could not be prosecuted because of that SOL might be across the street from a school .. I am with you. We have blogged about Vianney maybe 4-5 times in 5 years..You call it a warpath which is the exact term that catholic apologists use when they come on this site because they have had a really good experience with the church and do not want to hear different ..So if some have had a good relationship with Vianney or patients from vianney, and do not want to hear anything critical it is the same dynamic at play.
      And believe me I am sure the one patient who was profiled in 2012 was only one of how many that have cycled through..agree with you on that too..the problem being in my meetings they told me they changed the focus and spoke of the weight loss program and what they told me and the statement they gave to Fox 29 news differed from that GJ report that was released last week.
      So if some have left because we blog about Vianney bye bye to them..the site visits spiked into the thousands and the previous blog post was shared over 120 times on FB..there are people out there concerned about this issue and I am grateful for each and every one of them. Not too worried about the blog going down with people thinking we are on the warpath about Vianney and as a parent i will continue to do whatever I need to do

  14. You met patients through local AA that is fantastic and I am glad they are able to go to meetings ..I met one in the deserted parking of a school where my 13 year old missed being alone with him by minutes. I dont think we will agree, you are correct

  15. I was under the impression that the AA and various groups were confidential as to who attended etc but since that can of worms is now friend’s husband attended a similar group for a different addiction that also had vianney patients at times and he made the comment to my friend that based on some things that were disclosed he was glad that they no longer lived in that area,they had previously lived a few miles away. So I am going with that Dad!

  16. Michael, I’m trying to wrap my head around your conversation with Kathy. I genuinely want to understand what you are saying and I am open to your point of view because, fundamentally, I want the truth.

    You have said you are a survivor. You have said that AA has been integral to your recovery. You have said that you have participated in AA meetings at Vianney that clearly included patient-priests. You have said that you have encountered Vianney patient-priests at AA sites other than Vianney.

    The Vianney patient-priests you encounter on-site and off-site do not seem to affect or disturb you. You seem to have no problem being around them. They don’t seem to trigger any sort of reaction in you although you are a victim/survivor of priestly sexual abuse. Many victims/survivors would experience a strong reaction in such a scenario. So, I am wondering why you do not react strongly. I am not judging your lack of reaction. I am simply inquiring into its uniqueness.

    From what you write, AA seems extremely important to you. I wonder if you would say it “saved” you. If it “saved” you, then you would feel a special brotherhood with other people AA has “saved,” for example Vianney patient-priests who are also in AA. I wonder if the brotherhood you share with them helps you bury the strong and disturbing feelings that many other victims/survivors would experience being around them. I wonder whether the brotherhood you share compels you to be a Vianney apologist or whether one or some of your brothers asked you to be a Vianney apologist.

    Just tell me the truth. That’s all I’m interested in. Although I am also interested in your good health and recovery, and I wish you well.

    1. Im about as laid back as they come. Ive seen alot and Ive been through alot. Yes, A.A. saved me. It helped me identify that God was still my higher power, I could not do it without a fellowship and Him. I co-chaired an A.A. meeting at JV . The meeting is strictly on alcoholism. Only a handful attended and it is a typical treatment facility. A week later I spoke at a meeting in Downingtown where I saw a few of the same faces. How can I say that I practice faith in God if I don’t extend my hand to say welcome and good luck. As a victim/survivor , I will only speak for myself, how long do I want to allow that deep seeded resentment, anger and fear control my every breath. I choose to forgive my abusers , stop blaming God and go for the throat of the enablers. Both of my abusers admitted to their actions. Trauger in the Phila. GJ report and Schmeer with the review board. The diocese drafted a letter in 1980 that was to be sent to my parents alerting them that I may have fell prey to Trauget who had since been transfered. That letter was given to me at Lynns trial of which I was subpoenaed. I hold it in my hand tonight. The posttmark 15 cent stamp still on it. It never left Philadelphia and Trauger went on to at least 6 other parishes and orher victims. I have no allegiance to JV but I pray that any of the 25 clients may someday stop staying as sick as their secrets and tell the truth so others dont suffer. I speak to many groups om this subject and advocate for any fellow victim survivor ir person in recovery. My point to Kathyis get over it! Its treatment. If cathokics want a change then stop making survivors and victims look pathetic and that we scrutinize every move. C4C has taken a far turn from survivor support. I hope that helps. Also here is another site that may help identufy threats in. Your area…

      1. Mike if Koharchick was on Megans law he would not have been allowed that close to a school…but he’s not, so he can reside there across from a school and no one knows, so C4C can be a type of Meghans law.
        In the GJ report the treatment center of St Lukes and Vianney are put in quotes..I agree, “treatment’. You say it is just a treatment center but drivers are dispatched to pick up people at the airport who have harmed people in other dioceses and are brought here. It is bad enough we have our own abusive priests walking around from prayer and penance programs..we need more?
        I think it’s great that people have been helped with addiction and like I said in my initial post, people who need help deserve treatment . The discussion has focused on those who have harmed children.
        I have opinions for sure about the length of time they allow the patients out in the community. As you say it is a treatment center and they are there for inpatient treatment but seem to be allowed to spend great lengths of time not inpatient on weekends.
        You and I will never agree and I am not going to keep engaging you..the truth always comes out and in this case patience is a virtue that is being tested because as you can see this is not a topic I have a lot of patience for, but it will all come out Mike,it always does.
        So I am not going to wait around until a kid is hurt to then say we should have spoken up or that because of Mike’s feeling about people getting treatment we should shut down the conversation.I did some research last night and Vianney is not listed anywhere under Catholic charities as a benefactor as you claim. I have an email into the diocese and will let you know what they tell me because if they do receive money and it is not disclosed that is just another issue . Susan made a good point in her response to you..I hope you read it..she is able to get her point across probably better than me because this is an issue i feel deeply about as a parent.

        1. We are Catholic moms..I don’t speak for any victim/survivor nor should you..nor should anyone.

  17. Obviously this issue rents out a lot space in your head. Fear , anger and resentment consumes you. Is the location vs. the proximity of your residence the real issue? Is it the fear of children coming into harms way? If thats the case you can relocate and stopbeing a Catholic Mom and allowing hands that bless, distribute communion and greet other touch you or your children. Tomorrow’s story could be about where his or her hands went. Putting the cart before the horse. Meaningful legislation and SOLreform would change a lot. If If Koharchick was exposed and convicted , he would not have been there. Take this issue up with Downingtown Municipal leaders. Call PA Dept of Drug and Alcohol programs BDAP.

    1. Mike thankfully I do not live anywhere near there..nope.
      SOL reform is not seeking retroactive criminal charges after a statute has run that would never most of these guys will never be convicted however a window will absolutely expose more and I am all for it.
      Does it take up space in my head you bet but not because of a home value or anything like that..I am a 15 ride away from there.But I care about all kids and I have been in that area so much over the past few years and it is kids everywhere..they don’t have to be mine for me to care about their welfare. I know exactly who to get in touch with thanks for the advice and my phone and inbox has been buzzing this week. Good stuff. Will it amount to anything?..who knows?.maybe not… but for the sake of kids I will certainly give it a try. Just like you are doing what you need to, so am I and I have nothing but good wishes for you on that..for sarcasm. Anyone doing anything to protect kids or expose things in any way is just a benefit.

    2. Dear Mike,

      Your humanity appears to be coming to the surface. It also appears you are having difficulty expressing this deep pain within you. I say this because you keep going around in self-enclosed circles. You also appear to allow this one emotion which is anger and appears expressed in its many forms of criticism, irritation, resentment and indignation. Because your humanity is coming to the surface and this anger for injustice it appears you may be experiencing this in-between state. It is this place between disidentifying with the addiction and these habitual responses. From my experience, as I am an AA member, this in-between state is where we discover the machinery of our addictive personality grinding along on its own. This place is uncomfortable because it feels like a vacuum within.

      Because you may feel in this in-between state I suggest learning to feel calm and balanced, soothed and soothing, regardless of your ups and downs with life. I suggest this place where you experience serenity becoming action. Within serenity there is no effort or striving. Whatever you need will arise in the moment and there is no need for control. It is where serenity will allow you to be present to your experience. The experience will become an inherent rightness to it and I believe you feel the depths of the Divine Plan unfolding for you. Even if the unfairness of life is still around you and you cannot ignore suffering learn to be present and awake to your inner Essence. It will offer you this support you are seeking, wisdom and strength. It will give you the right now experience and you will realize this is all you need. There is nothing to add or subtract.

      I also want to say there appears to be deep wisdom within you because you are realistic. You appear to have high principles, fair and objective. Truth and justice appears to mean a great deal to you. So rather than needing to exercise control over your environment, relax, trust yourself and trust life. In other words, stop preaching from the abstract and experience life as it is, because truly you have a great deal to offer humanity. In other words, “The result was nil until you let go absolutely” and letting go is right between good and evil, God and the devil, order and disorder. Relax and maybe express yourself spontaneously because then you will not feel obligated to improve everything. Be gentle because what you have to offer is the depth of your discernment to this greater good.

      I am sorry there is gaps in what I write, yet there is no criticism about you. I just trying to reach your greater good because within you I perceive deep wisdom. The depths of the Divine Plan in you is exactly where it needs to be and your wisdom is your quality to this Plan. From these words, I give you my deepest respect, Wise Master, and wisdom maybe after all is grounded in the real rather than the ideal, as you so well know.

  18. Mike I just got an email from Ken Gavin from the Archdiocese with an answer to my question. Catholic Charities does not provide money to the St John Vianney Center as you had accused me of being wrong about that information. Hope this clears it up. I personally do not give any money to Catholic Charities.just want to provide correct info to the readers.

    1. I will Mike and it might be baby step type things like an email I got today from a friend that a non catholic community member whose kids frequent the area was spreading the word among her non catholic friends You know how with Megans law notification you might not let you kid ride their bike down the street where the offendor lives..? It’s that type of thing..we always have to watch our kids and teach them safety but in some areas we are aware of increased danger and take necessary now that this is spreading among the non catholic parents too that is only good for all the kids and their safety. Believe me I want more than that but if one child is safer it’s a start. Take care.

  19. What is so alarming is that, if a priest is defrocked or chooses voluntary laicization, the Catholic Church washes their hands of the man – much like Herod did. Kathy has documented many of these cases – the priest living across from the playground in Sea Isle, Leneweaver applying for teaching jobs – the list is long.

    My abuser lives in Ocean City – steps away from the Boardwalk, arcades, restaurants and happy, innocent families. He also stays at a female “friend’s” house in my township – in the same neighborhood as the community center.

  20. owlfan South Jersey has turned into Mecca for abusive priests it seems.

    In an article I posted under the SOL post the Archdiocese says they alert law enforcement when defrocked abusive priests change addresses..really? That is good to know …if it is true How about they alert law enforcement when they are bringing priesst out on bail from other states into Chester County?
    Rich and some others have gone to Sea Isle and handed out leaflets alerting parents to the abusive priest who lives across from the playground and from what I can remember the town officials have been cooperative..their hands are tied since he is not registered on Megan’s Law but at least information out in the open PROTECTS children.
    Have you ever asked if law enforcement in Ocean City has been notified? And didn’t Lenewaver end up as teacher in a local public school district until his past was uncovered?

  21. owlfan here is the quote from the article…
    “Gavin said the Archdiocese tries to protect communities from defrocked priests who abused minors.

    “Although a laicized priest is no longer serving the Archdiocese or under its supervision, steps are taken to notify local law enforcement when a priest who has been laicized due to a substantiated allegation of abuse of a minor changes residency,” Gavin said.

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