Join Rep. Rozzi Monday to Address Callous Church Leaders

WHAT: Rep. Mark Rozzi to address church leaders callous disregard for victims at Monday news conference
WHEN: Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:30 PM
WHERE: Outside front entrance, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 1723 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Directions – Nearby Parking
CONTACT: Charlie Vaihinger
House Democratic Communications Office
Phone: 717-787-7895

HARRISBURG, July 15, 2016 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, announced today that he will be joining with victims and advocates for a news conference next week to discuss the callous disregard and disrespect church leaders have recently shown to victims of child sex abuse.

The news conference, which will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, will focus on the recent death of victim Brian Gergely and the cancellation of a scheduled meeting between victim John-Michael Delaney and Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Participating in the news conference will include:

• Marci Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania Fox Distinguished Scholar
• John-Michael Delaney, victim of notorious Rev. James Brzyski
• Patrick Conlin, whose meeting request with the bishop of the Diocese of Allentown was denied.
• Victims featured in You Have the Power video; and
• Advocates and community leaders supporting Statute of Limitation reform for child sex abuse

Additionally, Rozzi said he intends to discuss the status of House Bill 1947, a statute of limitation reform bill from which the Senate stripped his retroactive amendment, which was overwhelming approved by the House in April.

33 thoughts on “Join Rep. Rozzi Monday to Address Callous Church Leaders

  1. Delaney was a victim of Fr James Brzyski..
    This article alone should send chills down the spine of every parent who dutifully followed orders to call and oppose HB 1947..they still do not undertsand that the victims/survivors are trying to protect YOUR children and others from these predators. Bryzski is out one point running a children’s birthday party business from his home..

  2. Plan on coming from VA. Hope to meet some of you there. Am hoping for strong showing!

    1. Wow! All the way from Virginia. I am really impressed. I also plan on attending the rally tomorrow. I hope that I can meet you and many others there. We must not and cannot let Chaput get away with the evil things that he has managed to do to victims of abuse. He must be held accountable.

  3. Kathy, the article from that is linked above re Father Brzyski should be handed out to every parent who has children in schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia If any such parent still believes that this local RCC leadership is going to make the safety and protection of children their FIRST priority and not maintain the long-term goals of protecting the leadership and institution FIRST, one could reasonably suspect the parenting skills of such an individual.
    Chaput continues to illustrate time after time, that his wishes and concerns are NUMBER ONE.

  4. Best wishes to all who can attend. Make a huge noise.

    I wonder if Chaput and his lawyers popped a cork in relief once HB1947 was neutered. Other church officials elsewhere have done so in similar circumstances..

    May it be a Pyrrhic victory as those opponents of reform are defeated in future elections.

  5. Thank you for raising awareness to the evil maneuvering taken by the AD. They claim they are not accountable for past abuse. While the victims suffer in silence, our church spends 2 million dollars on lobbyists to in effect kill HB 1947. Thank you Mark Rozzi for your unwavering efforts to protect our children who are our future.

  6. Is it really 2 million? Does anyone have an idea if that is true and their are really 40 lobbyists? I believe it but others don’t and wondered who might have the facts
    Thats a lot of Sunday collections


      disclosure site if anyone is interested – don’t know what protections they give to the RCC or the groups that actually looby for them. Also, don’t know what protections are there if the information is “misused”. The freedom of information guidelines are constantly in flux as more citizens request info they have the right to know and special interest groups protect their turf is this disgusting state.

  7. Attended the rally yesterday with Congressman Mark Rozzi, Marci Hamilton and several victims of clergy abuse including John-Michael Delaney, The victim who now lives in Tennesee who was a victim of James Brzysky when he attended Catholic School in the Northeast. I have a few observations about yesterdays rally. First of all, I would like to say how impressed I was with Mark Rozzi. He has a fire in his belly that was very much on display.He has a deep concern about victims of clergy abuse that shows.I was somewhat disappointed with the turnout but on a hot summer day in the middle of vacation season with such short notice it was not surprising. Someone remarked that the cops had us outnumbered. One other observation is about the faces of the victims that spoke yesterday. For me, it was like looking in a mirror. The faces were faces that had undergone much stress in their lives. Their faces seemed older than their years. Their faces relayed the trauma that they suffered in their youth. It was kind of sad. Another concern I had was the ages of the people who showed up yesterday in support of SOL legislation.Most of the people were well over the age of fifty.I am sure that the Catholic Hierarchy is confident that those of us who suffered long ago abuse will all die off and they will never be held accountable.I truly hope that this is not true.

    1. I hope not Jim. Things need to change. My kids are home from school so wasn’t able to get to the rally but I was there in spirit and prayer. I read the press release and the AD speaks of logic as they continue to emotionally manipulate millions of catholics in the Philly church to “protect their church”. I ask is it “logical” to enable predators? Or protect predators as the article Kathy posted vividly demonstrates? For weeks I have wanted to also say with all the cruelty and vivicousness the Archbishop has used to lash out at politicians that voted for this bill etc my pastor has been nothing but kind and genuinely concerned about me and my family.

  8. One thing that Mark Rozzi mentioned yesterday that I also received an email from Michael Baumann about was a phone number to call at the Attorney Generals Office in Harrisburg. They want to know about all cases of childhood sexual abuse that occurred within the State of Pennsylvania. They don’t care about how long ago it happened, only that it happened to someone under the age of eighteen. The Phone Number is : 1-888-538-8541. I have not called yet but I intend to do so.The Attorney General and her staff want to gauge how much abuse occurred in Pennsylvania.This is important and I urge all victims/survivors to call.

    1. Also, for those who witness child abuse. Hopefully those who have been duped as a minor realize that that person did not care for you. Parents, remember this is a chance to report all cases of child abuse that occurred to your child and the justice system did not listen.

      People need to read Kathy’s link above. These people will get you teenager to think it is a relationship and as I wrote before they have heard enough confessions to manipulate any teen. This goes for all child victims – we need to demonstrate what Mark wants – a tidal wave.

      Any way of making sure the number of calls are being counted. Don’t trust the two that testified against the original bill. Need proof that this is an epidemic and no excuses like with childline that most calls are about the new laws.This calls are about

      Just a question are they asking about child sexual abuse or all child abuse? AG has child abuse for Johnston,Sorry, don’t want to confuse the issue, but that should really open the flood gates if they want all child abuse.

      1. Ed: This is only childhood sexual abuse. If they were to ask for any child abuse the phones would never stop ringing.

        1. Jim,Yes, still for parents, witnesses and others who know of child sexual abuse. Just started writing and wondered why my brain started registering child abuse instead of child sexual abuse until I read this:

          Again, like a few other quotes, based on another’s statement. Hope all report what they can.

          Thanks Jim and Suzpt. Sorry for not including any person’s name in my response. One of those things I have lost from the stroke along with the empathy I had when I was ministering.

  9. Jim, I understand your concern about a lot of advocates being 50+ years. I want to assure you that the 30 and 40-somethings such as myself are hearing and appreciating everything you add to this conversation. I may not be able to make it to demonstrations with small children to attend to, but I am making my voice heard in other ways in the archdiocese. This bill and the church’s reaction to it led me, a practicing Catholic, to do some research on the issue. This website in particular has been instrumental in me standing up to clergy and asking myself some hard questions about how I want to live my faith. So thank you. And you can count on me and countless others that I know to continue to carry the torch. I greatly admire your tenacity and passion for this issue.

    1. Mudarissa,I too have had family commitments that have kept me from attending recent events. I was so happy when I read your comment that this site has been helpful to you. You are exactly who we need, fellow Catholics like Susan and I who recognoze the depravity and will speak on it. For so long it has been just the victims and we know how the church has treated them.. Strength in numbers with a variety of people, including the people in the pews.

      1. Kathy and Mudarissa: I didn’t mean to question anyone’s commitment to the cause we are all fighting for together. Although I have been posting here for some time, the last two events were the only two that I have attended. At both the rallies in Harrisburg and Monday in Philadelphia most of the attendees appeared to be retired age people like myself. Before this, I was working and taking care of my wife who is disabled. So I do understand most of us have other commitments. Now that I live a short distance from my daughter and she is off for the summer, I can attend more of these rallies.It just seems a shame that many of these rallies occur on such short notice. But that is the nature of the beast. I really appreciate all the support that those who remain in the Church as well as those who have left give to those of us who were victimized. We need everyone.

        1. I absolutely understand what you meant Jim,,I have been disappointed to miss the last few events. Hope we meet one day.

        2. Jim, don’t worry, I didn’t read that as a question about lack of attendance. I hear you 100%. I actually feel the same way about our local school district and school board meetings but that’s another forum!
          What is also striking to me is the response I get from fellow practicing Catholics about the bill. They just say – “Oh yes I know it’s a sensitive topic” . I just don’t get it.

  10. Most people do t find their voice until after 40 so hopefully they will come forwarding full in the ranks This isn’t just middle to old age folks like me.

  11. Just wondering. Does anyone know the names of the priests that served Holy Name high school in Reading for only one year 1979-1980.If you do please check to see if any name is on that list .ie source such as a yearbook or newspaper article announcing the new priests may add to the database so other survivors may know.

  12. So are bishopaccountability and snap releasing their information about abuse in PA or should people start searching databases to make sure those who can’t speak or unable to are counted. Also, what about child victims by other institutions/individuals – there are some databases for them also. 20/25 are sexual molested/rape male/female before the age of 18. How many were as they asked for help but their insurance would not pay. Many having D & A problems as the presenting problem or talk out of getting help at a hospital by the staff.. Who is ready to listen to these adults without judgement and support them? How do we get these voices heard? As SURPT addressed with the six year old friend, how many are crying out but people like myself were not listening?

  13. Why do we see these programs too late?

    From Mark Rozzi’s facebook:

    Yes, these victims did complain along with law enforcement officials. Why don’t we realize that the church officials were confronted and priests were arrested in the 80’s and 90’s.The young man who took his life and others who were sexually abused in the 60’s did confront their abusers on a regular basis.One of these survivors was the strength of the Delaware lawsuit – he didn’t quit.

    Sexual abuse by priests, incest, child sexual slavery and all sexual abuse of children.

    1. Ed: Thank you for bringing the above link to us here. This was an hour long presentation of a discussion about what happened in Johnstown/Altoona Diocese in Western Pennsylvania. The TV station WJAC presented a discussion of clergy sexual abuse including a Survivor, a lawyer for victims along with on State Senator and a woman who protests outside of the Diocese offices once a month. The conversation was about Johnstown Altoona but it could have been any diocese in Pennsylvania or throughout the country.

      1. Jim, you are welcome, and thanks for bring out so many issues and your journey. I an so glad to read, hear and see the issues of child sexual finally getting attention, these taboo subjects continue to haunt our society. Kids. In the 70s so many had the presenting problems of D&A, yet the underlining problems for too many was child sexual abuse. Was so excited reading of the Covenant house then… A priest is Boston was helping young boys then we find what he was doing with young boys. So the rumors about sex rings in York and other areas in PA would not surprise me, or even Sandusky operating a ring. All rumors but.

        Just glad a news station did this – any other stations willing to do the same. Any media willing to open their files to arrest records that record priests that were arrested. Bishopaccountablity probably only has a fraction of the priests accused in PA. Will the attorney general release the names of the accused or we going to have to rely on sites like this who reports priests that are exercising public ministry when they may have abused kids or post articles of those attempting to abuse minors after being released from their vows in places like Texas.

        If anyone truly wants to understand the grooming process read Kathy’s link. This is a very violent person who uses the same techniques as many on both girls and boys. Heard too many, hell had this happen too many times in the 60s as a kid and later heard this from religious in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Yes the same grooming process that forms sex rings in grade school and high school or other abusers use to person a victim to believe they have a “relationship”. Like that 13 year old girl with a 32 year old man in my area not even having to register and that is in 2014.

    2. Ed, thank you for the link to the Channel 6 story.

      “It’s all about the money.” Chaput’s mantra, and the mantra he force-fed parish priests, slipped into the propaganda distributed to the people in the pews, and instructed lobbyists to spread to lawmakers.

      You can’t make this stuff up. It’s not even remotely decent, respectable, holy, religious or moral. When a bishop leads priests and Catholics to evil, and they dutifully follow, you wonder how it’s any different from the Jim Jones-type cult sagas. The power, manipulation, arrogance, ignorance, and fear are palpable.

      “Money ought never be used as a justification to do that which is immoral.”


      Kate FitzGerald

      1. Dear Bishop Chaput,

        Here, in New York, I am a college philosophy professor in a non-sectarian institution.

        Let it be known that, for the past year and a half, when my Introduction to Philosophy students study “Money and Morality,” I recount your antics in Denver and Philly. Across the board, they recoil in utter disgust. Then, the Catholic students jump on the opportunity to say why they are no longer Catholic, and the others assure them they’ve made a moral decision.

        Kate FitzGerald

      2. Kate,you are welcome, but it is the work of so many that are sharing on Rozzi’s facebook page.

        It is people like you who are forming young people’s minds that will change our society’s view of what needs to be done to prevent child sexual abuse.

        Power and money for the RCC and many organizations like the insurance companies and politicians. My perceptive is different as I saw the vultures when my father and I both had strokes our 40’s along with friends who lost a parent. No different now as unmarried moms need to be careful about who they date.

        How many priests were caught, how many arrested and how many traveled that route from Philly to Wilmington raping kids. I was shock to hear that priests wasn’t in Wilmington going to Philly, the other priest arrested in Wilmington charges dropped and almost nothing we we risked everything to expose the problem at a camp. Because of that camp issue, one person said he would sleep with 14 to 17 year olds. The religious group sent him to live with another priest who received probation in 2004. In the 60’s it was known that a misspelling of a name could allow a person to escape a criminal record check allowing children to be placed with them. A priest used that same technique to change his name. He was working with at risk children, possibly ones I was working with.

  14. And now news from Australia: George Pell,the Cardinal from Australia has been accused by several men that he molested them when they were young boys. Now this man is Pope Francis”s top financial advisor and third highest ranking Church official .Pell, of course denies that these improprieties ever took place. Eight potential charges were found credible and turned over to investigators. If he is prosecuted, he will be the highest ranking member of the Catholic clergy to face such charges. Evidently Australia doesn’t have Statute of Limitations to protect sex abusers.

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