Unsolved Murder: The Nun Who Knew Too Much

Click here to read: “Buried In Baltimore: The Mysterious Murder of a Nun Who Knew Too Much,” by Laura Bassett, Huffington Post, May 27, 2015


The case remained cold for two decades. Then, in 1994, two women came forward with bombshell accusations against Maskell that tied him to the young nun’s murder. Identified in court documents at the time only as “Jane Doe” and “Jane Roe,” the women accused Maskell of raping them when they were students at Keough….The women were too afraid of Maskell and his old police friends to use their real names back then. But Maskell died in 2001, and Jane Doe and Jane Roe are finally ready to speak out publicly.

Editor’s Note:

This story has ties to Philadelphia. Father Joseph Maskell’s roommate was Father John Carney. His name is also on the list of accused priests and religious in the Baltimore Archdiocese. Carney had served as hospital chaplain at Misericordia Hospital in Philadelphia from 1982 to 1995. In 1991, he was accused of sexually abusing someone in the early 1970s. He denied the allegation. In 1995, he confirmed that his conduct was inappropriate. At that time, the Archdiocese of Baltimore removed his faculties to perform ministry.

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  1. There is a six part documentary being made about Maskell and the sister’s murder. It’s going to be extraordinary. I believe it will be out in the Spring or Summer.

  2. Just recently, the Baltimore AOB made settlements for Maskell claims. As recently as a few weeks ago. Some brave women didn’t give up and kept pursuing.

  3. Recently, I read a story in People Magazine about an ex priest who was arrested for the asphyxiation murder of a young twenty five year old beauty queen from McAllen Texas that occurred in 1960. The victim, Irene Garza, was last seen alive the night before Easter in 1960 when John Feit, the young priest heard her confession. Five days later her body was found in a canal face down. An autopsy confirmed that she had been raped while in a coma. Several items found at the scene included a candelabra from the Church and a metallic Kodak slide photo viewer that belonged to Feit. One interesting fact in the case was that the priest, John Feit had been arrested twenty four days before the killing for attacking another young woman about ten miles from McAllen at another Church. He pleaded no contest and received a sentence of a five hundred dollar fine with no jail time. Feit failed a lie detector test. Yet until very recently no charges were ever filed. Of course back then, DNA tests that are available today were not available. John Feit when interviewed complained that this was something that happened fifty some years ago. Doesn’t that sound familiar. The one fact that came out of the Altoona/ Johnstown Grand Jury report was the fact that politicians and police pretty much gave priests and Bishops carte blanche when it came to allegations against priests. Evidently Pennsylvania was not the only place where Priests and Bishops were capable of committing crimes with no accountability. John Feit, who is eight three is awaiting extradition from Arizona back to McAllen Texas where he will face murder charges. Things are getting better. At least some crimes from back then will be tried.

  4. I am familiar with Feit because I saw a CNNA documentary a year or two ago. I was unaware he’d been arrested. Good. Thanks.

  5. The docu-series on the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik will be released on May 19 on Netflix – all 7 episodes released at once. PLEASE spread the word!!!! Ryan White is the documentary maker and has produced “Serena” about Serena Williams, “The Case Against 8” about marriage equality, and “Good Ol’ Freda” about the Beetles assistant. Please spread the word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8kw_0C-JwA
    This is the link to the youtube trailer.


    1. I have just started watching the Netflix series about the murder of Sr. Cathy. It is called “The Keepers”. It is our job to bring this series to everyone’s attention, to open their eyes to the truth of what has gone on for decades concerning pedophile priests in the church. This is a true story, not a “show for entertainment with actors.” The people who are interviewed were actually involved, and the horrors they underwent at the hands of priests that they trusted is just beyond imagination. My heart is broken even though I’ve known since 2002 what has transpired. To actually see and hear the victims tell their terrible stories is a completely different experience. It is a horror story that could only have been orchestrated by Satan himself. All of today’s women and especially mothers must watch this series and spread the word and the truth. Our children must be protected at any cost.

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