Playboy Cardinal Eluded Justice

Please read: “Catholic Church Priests Raped Children in Philadelphia, But the Wrong People Went to Jail” By Ralph Cipriano, Newsweek, November 30, 2017

Excerpt: “While Bevilacqua was partying in those casinos, dozens of priests on his payroll acted as though they had license to rape and molest children. Those priests didn’t worry about being arrested because for decades the archdiocese had followed Vatican law—and flouted American criminal law—by keeping all of its records involving priests accused of sexual assaults locked up in bulging file cabinets in a nondescript room on the 12th floor of archdiocese headquarters. Only top archdiocese officials such as Bevilacqua and Lynn, the archdiocese’s secretary for clergy, had the access code to get into that room.”




6 Responses to “Playboy Cardinal Eluded Justice”

  1. Can’t wait to see how much space Chaput takes out in the Inquirer to refute this story! The blatant disregard for children under The Archdioceses care was and is flat out disgusting! Its kind of funny that the only people that have to follow the rules set forth by the church are the ones that sit in the pews every Sunday because the rules obviously don’t apply to the ones that make them and enforce them. The Archdioceses of Philadelphia should be called and treated for what it is a “Criminal Enterprise”. It has everything an episode of The Sopranos has. Cover-ups, Payoffs, Sex, Racketeering, and yes Murder since any sane human being knows that is what happened with Bevilacqua. I would love to see a gutsy Federal prosecutor go after them with the RICO Act! The church is no different than The Mafia other than the fact that The Mafia has “Morals” when it comes to children!

  2. This article is probably not one that either “side” will be happy with, but it is a story that needs to be told. I have disagreed with Ralph about many things over the years but I think this article is a thorough review of the abuse and corruption of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia,as well as the many issues with the 2011 GJ report and arrests of Lynn,Shero,Englehardt and Avery under our now imprisoned, former DA Seth Williams.

  3. Everytime I read about this subject I get physically and mentally sick. And yet it must be reported and it must be read. The abuses and the coverups continue but it is so encouraging to read about the determination and integrity of law enforcement, including the DA’s office, and the continued vigilance and investigations by journalists. Without these stalwart citizens and officials, sordid evil, like that of Bevilacqua’s, will prevail. Thank you also to catholics4change for keeping us up on the latest developments.

  4. My mom was reading this today and I thought I would share it. “Ye that love the Lord hate evil: the Lord keepeth the souls of His saints; He will deliver them out of the hand of the sinner” “Light is risen to the just; and gladness to such as are right of heart.” Psalm 96 God is good keep praying.

  5. Today, I was reading about this week’s trial and conviction of Fr. John Feit for the murder of Irene Garza in McAllen, TX, 50+ years ago. Feit heard her confession and then beat, suffocated, and raped her. Her body was found a couple of days later.

    An excerpt from the article: “But even after Feit’s conviction, questions persist about why it took so long to resolve the case, and whether the church and elected officials [and I would insert law enforcement officials and media] tried to cover it up.”

    Really? “Tried” to cover it up? The people in McAllen would do well to look at the cover-up history of the archdiocese of Philadelphia, its elected officials, law enforcement officials, and media. It might inspire McAllen’s own Joe Walsh to unravel the cover-up, and it would give Ralph another one to write about.

    Bevilacqua. You’re lucky you exited prior to #me too.

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