‘Dark Secret’ Documentary Now On Amazon

Dark Secret, a documentary about the Philadelphia Archdiocese’s clergy sex abuse coverup, is now available on Amazon.  It’s released just in time for the newest Grand Jury Report that will detail more coverups in several other Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses.

It previously aired on PBS and I’m honored to have been interviewed for it. Documentarian Anne MacGregor worked tirelessly to bring the facts forward. It serves as yet another call to action for Catholics, the PA legislature and voters. Please watch and share with anyone who has or cares about children.

The hidden story of one of the worst criminal cover-ups in America’s history: The victims – hundreds of children whose lives were destroyed. The perpetrators – Catholic clergy protected by their church. The inside story of what happened when Philadelphia’s District Attorney heard that there was a list of 35 priests guilty of child sexual abuse and asked why they weren’t brought to justice. – Amazon

Click here to order. Prime members can watch for free.

– Susan Matthews

3 thoughts on “‘Dark Secret’ Documentary Now On Amazon

  1. I saw “Dark Secret” when it first came out, and now, once more, watched it. It makes me upset and angry all over again. What a horror these families lived through–and others continue to live through–since the Church doesn’t seem to have changed. Their main motivation is still self preservation and avoidance of scandal, instead of protection of abused children. It’s a continuing pity that collateral damage is that it casts doubt on priests who may be wonderful, caring, and protective–but the shame and doubt are pervasive and warranted, and undermine the good that might be accomplished, in this country and beyond, by the Catholic Church. They continue to fight a change in the laws regarding the Statute of Limitations, and that by itself negates any positive thing they may be doing to change the situation. Children just do not have the strength or ability to talk about the abuse until years have elapsed, if ever. This is a continuing horror and injustice.

  2. It seems hard to believe but society seems further away from true justice for children who suffer abuse.we have a republican president who is purposely separating children from their parents in order to get a wall built to keep people from gaining access to the American dream. We have an attorney general who quotes passages from the Bible as reasons for these horrific actions.And still the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church continue to deny justice for those of us who were sexually abused as children. Morality seems to be a thing of the past.The institutions that were once thought to be our moral compasses. now seem to be the most immoral.

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