Catholics4Change Steps It Up

Kathy and I never imagined we’d still be publishing Catholics4Change eight years after its inception in 2011. But here we are at the close of 2018 with more at stake than ever before.

With the world watching the federal investigation of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and the possibility of window legislation, we are stepping up our game. We are evolving to be at the forefront. Kathy and I plan to bring you more information by way of valuable blog content, webinars, podcasts and videos.

We’ve opened the door to Catholics4Change advertising sponsors. They may or may not align with your specific needs, but none will impact our editorial content.  These sponsorships provide us the time and budget to advertise our C4C content and to launch other important initiatives. 

As we move forward, we welcome your input. We are grateful for your continued post comments and conversation. You are the heart and soul of this blog. We promise what the Church doesn’t seem to be able to deliver – transparency, truth and commitment. 

Kathy & Susan

5 thoughts on “Catholics4Change Steps It Up

  1. Thank YOU- so, so much for your service. I am with you 100%. I have just emailed some PA Senators the following note:
    Dear Senator,

    I am writing to ask that the PA Senators come back to vote ASAP for Senate Bill 261 and that you are supportive of a yes vote for that bill.

    I want to be clear that I do not hate the church but I hate the behavior of those in charge. I disagree strongly and deeply with their response to their criminality regarding the assaulted children (past, present, future). The letters from bishops read to the Mass to contact their legislators tells me they have interfered with our legal system. Rather than follow their own moral documents, they have followed advice from Psychologists and lawyers. This has costs them deeply.

    I have been an active member of the Catholic Church in Philly (40 years) and worked as a director of parish religious education for children for nearly 20 years. The altar of my wedding (40 years ago), I see now as the altar where the PA GJR disclosed the accused priest. My beautiful memory of that sanctuary has changed forever.

    I have been following the church closely on this matter since the scandal broke. I was a theology student during the time when the scandal broke. I was working in the church with children. Moral theology and social justice were my topics of focus and writings. When I look upon those writings now, I realize how their response has deeply intensified over the years, but only for their selfish protection of predator priests and denials of abuse with victims/survivors and their families.

    Within the church (sin) but when we look at it in civil society (crime). I see conspiracy to harm children in the background of this picture. The pope needs to handle the inside changes. The lawmakers need to handle this civilly.

    I have many friends (lay and clergy) in the Catholic Church who want to reclaim our church. Their former complaints: they were told to shut up and mind their own business- obey the bishops. Too MUCH power is spilling over in our state and country.

    A 2 year window would support Catholic Teaching within the Principle of “Restorative Justice”. I wonder if the catholic lobbyist and even the bishops are aware of these teachings. It’s what our current moral theology teaches. Opening a 2 year window would help in the healing and restoring of my church, survivors and society. It would help others in family and organizations to heal. We could get a fresh new start.

    Across the US, all eyes are watching Pennsylvania to see what happens with this bill. We know where this is heading in our country with a nationwide investigation and continued revelations of clergy abuse and a systematic cover-up. How is PA going to be perceived if this bill fails to go through? Too many crimes are claiming our state attacking fragile people- this is one. I have heard PA called the “Pedophile State” because no one protects the children? My sibling’s words echo- “how can you work in a church that abuses children”. I thought I could help change things within but I have learned that can’t be done now.

    Our laws need to reflect our values and we need to care for children. Our theology books and encyclicals claim the value of human life: family is the core of society. “Children are a divine gift from God”. On the other hand, their abuse and secrecy is an attack on catholic dads who failed to protect their own children. Many men (our dads) have walked away from the church. Some who stayed don’t believe the priest have committed these crimes. I wonder if they ever read any of the Grand Jury Reports. My clergy friends are between a rock and a hard place. They must obey their bishop and have no other means to provide for themselves if they leave. The catholic lobbyists are dinner guests of bishops. I wonder if they ever read he PA Grand Jury Report.

    Let’s face it, if the bishops knew what was right to do for the people, it would have already been done. They listen now to lawyers who encourage secrecy. Bishops don’t have to follow their own Charter for the Protection of Children.
    I can’t expect all lawmakers to be knowing of everything that makes this church tick, but I can expect that you can look at this as a bill that would protect children and families and not big institutions.

    We need our legal system and our politicians to lead the way and help clear our past. We can’t move forward until we clean up the past. Please vote Yes for HB 261.

    Thank You!

    Carole Galante

    1. Harrisburg needs another visit from the canon lawyer that visited a few years ago. He had documents that showed Pope Benedict wrote the USA bishops and told then supporting the civil law changes was in no way a conflict with canon law. I heard this priest who was a Canon lawyer with my own ears. We should contact him and publish the documents in the news papers. He said the letter from Pope was left on Chancery desks largely disregarded.

    2. Disappointing to see the re-election of a long time Democratic state rep, Vitale of Havertown, who always gets re’elected. This awful person always defends the corrupt catholic church, and resists always the just needs and help for those of us who were sexually assaulted by the local catholic clergy. Money always trumps compassion in the culture of the catholic church in philadelphia and throughout this country.

  2. Carole, This is such a well written and, I believe, all encompassing letter. So many have written letters to the lawmakers in Pennsylvania, and yet, our elected officials stumble on this issue.

    Bishops knew all, but they aren’t accountable. The Vatican knew all but did nothing.

    Now, a nationwide investigation into this institution. When will we know all the truth.

    And when will the perpetrators be punished? Oh wait, they will live a life of prayer and penance-

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