NY Senate Passes Child Victims Act

Survivors of child sex abuse and advocates won an important victory for justice and prevention when the New York state senate passed the Child Victims Act.

Catholics4Change thanks and congratulates all who fought this uphill battle for many years. May the headlines in New York be repeated in the many states where this legislation needs to be enacted – including Pennsylvania.

The new law does away with the statutes of limitations that have prevented some alleged abuse victims from going to court to seek damages. And it includes a one-year “look-back window” that will allow others who weren’t able to sue in the past to file fresh claims.

Passage of the Child Victims Act is an exhilarating and empowering moment for those of us who have been waging this battle in Albany for a dozen years,” Stephen Jimenez, a sex abuse survivor and advocate for other victims, said after the vote.”

Click here to read “N.Y. Senate votes to give victims of child sex abuse more years to sue, ending years-long battle” at NBC.com.

4 thoughts on “NY Senate Passes Child Victims Act

  1. Bravo…Glad for New York. Their survivors now have a more hopeful chance for restorative justice. Maybe they will lead the way for PA Senators to do the same.

  2. The Child Victims Act seems a step in the right direction but the ages victims have to come forward by still seem too young 28yrs and 55yrs. The passed few weeks have been very bitter sweet and as a catholic that’s trying to practice my faith it can be quite depressing. I feel like the lady asking the captain of the Titanic “where should we go?”. Seems Dolan sold out the NY catholics once again spending at least 2 million dollars lobbying against survivors while neglecting to put the same time, effort and money into blocking the new abortion bill which basically amounts to endorsing infanticide. It even makes you think Dolan didn’t excommunicate Cuomo over the new abortion bill hoping to not create more tension as Dolan feared the Victims Act being voted in. Nothing happens in a vacuum and the older I get the more I realize things are connected and nothing really stands on its own. There is no reason in a civilized country for either child sex abuse or abortion up til 9 months. Dolan was reported by O Malley as covering up child sex abuse. My question is did Dolan or the NY AD cover up abortions performed on victims of clergy sexual abuse also? It’s happened in other archdiocese where priests have pressured victims to have an abortion so it’s a legitimate question. Dolan by his actions shows where his true treasure lies. He has been too busy protecting the assets of the Diocese and not even time protecting the bodies and souls of children. May God have mercy on his soul because as a Shepherd he has failed. As a priest he has failed. As a Father he has failed. As a compassionate person he has failed.

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