Why We Need More Info With ‘Credibly Accused’ Clergy Names

By Susan Matthews

New York’s Cardinal Dolan recently released the names of 120 ‘credibly accused’ priests. His belated transparency is missing a few key details.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan should update his list to include, at a minimum, the work histories of each accused priest so that communities where abusers served know to look for survivors in their midst,” according a statement from SNAP issued on Friday. “Similarly, he should include information about when the archdiocese first received the allegations and what they did in response.”

The Catholic Church should release work, volunteer and accusation history along with each name. Why?

It Wakes People the Hell Up

Child sex abuse feels very distant to most parents. It’s something that happens to other people’s kids. When one learns a predator had proximity to their own child, it finally clicks. The betrayal and the potential harm finally make it real. We need that kind of awareness for protection, prevention and justice.

Connects the Dots

Priests can have more than a dozen assignments, chaplaincies and volunteer positions that spread across diocesan and state lines. A credibly accused priest in NY may have once served in a Philadelphia parish. Along with the allegation history, a timeline of positions held helps investigators connect the dots.

And as we’ve found, the lapse between accusations being found credible and removal can be extremely concerning. If compelled to release this information, Church leadership might accelerate better response to avoid scrunity.

Empowers Victims

Information is power. Victims could finally believe in a world where they may have an opportunity for justice and to protect others. This results in more survivors coming forward. Which…

Creates A Safer Environment

The safe environment programs will be a sham until we demand all the facts, the full truth and crystal clear transparency.

Read more from the NPR article here: “Archdiocese of New York Names 120 Clergy ‘Credibly Accused’ of Child Sex Abuse”

4 thoughts on “Why We Need More Info With ‘Credibly Accused’ Clergy Names

  1. What is to stop a credibly charged priest from registering at a parish and becoming a volunteer with youth or a Catholic School teacher or any teacher for that matter? They would certainly get a FBI, Child Line and State Police Clearance if there is no record on file with any of those agencies. There is no safe environment for children as long as this can happen and does happen. We need a window in PA.

    1. So true. You won’t show up anywhere if no one has reported you. But without a guilty verdict you won’t be required to register as a sex offender. And as we know, we are not just dealing with predators from the 60’s and 70’s who were corrupted by the “free love” generation – which is what some in the hierarchy still maintain- we are also dealing with current abusers, currently serving priests.
      And, I personally feel that the apparent return to conservative, cassock wearing, holier than thou seminarians and priests, is the way to more abuse. Any time we put a priest on a level above ordinary folks we are encouraging the uncritical acceptance and trust of Catholic laity, setting the church up for more problems going forward.

  2. Mona unfortunately even with a guilty verdict some don’t need to be registered as a sex offender depending on the year the crime was committed. It was shocking when I found this out. Some offenders voluntarily list their names to lessen their parole. And you are right both liberal and conservative priests can abuse in the end its whats in their heart that matters. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”

  3. I was recently at the Congressional Art Award ceremony and one of the winners had painted a beautiful picture of an African American lady with her eyes closed. The theme of the picture seemed to be” not seeing and not being seen”. I was thinking about this alot today as I had watched the video of Brian Sims. During the video tape he mentioned he had been at a vigil for survivors of abuse and where were the catholics showing their support for them?Then Archbishop Chaput sent an email out encouraging catholics to come to the vigil at the abortion clinic this fri. I just see so much disconnect and am so very sad at the state of affairs. I believe the corruption of the catholic church has led to the corruption of the society at large and a twisted type of thinking and children seem to always be the victims whether they are sexual and spiritually abused or torn apart in their mothers wombs. I sense that both of these men Brian Sims and Archbishop Chaput are blind.I pray that Brian see that sexual abuse and exploitation is never a justification to kill an innocent child and that Archbishop Chaput realize in murdering a child’s soul thru sexual abuse there is a very real and strong connection to future abortions either directly or indirectly. I also want Brian Sims and Archbishop Chaput to know there are catholics who support all children born and unborn because that is what Jesus would do.”When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit” Luke1:41 Come Holy Spirit enlighten us!

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