One thought on “You’re Invited: Third Annual Child USA Awards Celebration

  1. Thanks for this. I am 90 years old this year and was raised in a number of different children’s and boys’ homes in and around New York City in the early 20th Century. Most of my teachers in grade school were Irish Catholic, educated in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. I love this Church and want it to be in a condition favorable for worship,  petition, adoration, thanksgiving, reconciliation. And due to a fine education in a Catholic University (operated by monastic monks, among whom were convicted predators, unknown to me in the 1950s, years of my attendance), I learned how to deal in my mind with scandal. For marriage in the Church between a non-Catholic (my fiancé) and a Catholic (me) we were obliged to attend six sessions with an anti-Semitic priest (my best man is Jewish, at the time the manager of Big Brother and the Holding Company, with Janis Joplin). At the second session I interrupted the lessons without reason and the priest consented to marry us without our fulfilling our obligation as a mixed couple. As the best man and best lady were Jews, the priest refused them as signatory witnesses. Fortunately, once outside the church we saw two friends, a Black man from Detroit, and his wife, a stunning blonde woman, whom I knew to be Catholic, and I urged them to sign our wedding certificate as witness with urging from the priest. I have other stories that I won’t reveal involving priests (and nuns) acting with me consistently with their prejudices or vices. When younger, and as a combat veteran, I desired to be a monk and my monastery (then a priory) sent me to a Catholic minor seminary run my monastic monks, some of whom I was scandalized by. I understand that the Church is run by humans so I do judge people in it who have troubled me with their views or their actions, as I think I handle rumor, fake news, misinformation, etc., well enough through my studies in The Phenomenology of Information. I think it would be useful to begin collecting stories on the damage predators and unfit priests have done to people when young, stories more as an alarm rather than exposition, the companion eventuation of damage to psychologic and emotional life perpetrated on / to the practice of faith. Best, -Alfredo de la Rosa (encrypted mail for privacy:   Epistemic Comix 

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