Msgr. McLoone Goes to Court

Msgr. Joseph McLoone and his secret bank account were on display yesterday at a preliminary hearing in Chester County. McLoone is facing charges for theft of funds from St Joseph Parish in Downingtown, Pa. Along with the alleged theft, the alleged “activities” that he was paying for from this secret account involved funding his “inappropriate adult relationships.” Allegedly .

Msgr. McLoone replaced Msgr. William Lynn as the pastor of St Joe’s after Lynn was charged with conspiracy and child endangerment for his part in the cover up of child sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. While McLoone’s role at St Joe’s was to bring healing to the parish, instead he opened the secret bank account within months of his arrival.

There seems to be a camp divided in regards to McLoone and his many years of ministry in the Archdiocese. There are those who believe McLoone to be a holy priest, and others who never bought the act that he was selling. Personally I have heard that I was the target of McLoone’s famous snarky comments even though I have never met him. It seems that Catholic moms who want children protected and assistance for victims are not welcome in McLoone’s world.

I have had the honor of being in his presence a few times, to see him waltz into a room as if he “arrived.” At a baccalaureate mass I ended up behind him in the vestibule and was wondering if I could recruit one of the IHM nuns to grab a ruler and slap his knuckles like they did in the old days. We had already heard whispers of his double life by that time. It was hard to see him acting without a care in the world, knowing that if the rumors were true, it would cause great pain to the parishioners whose parish had already been in the spotlight just a few years before.

McLoone and his attorney put on quite a show outside the courtroom yesterday. He had the demeanor of someone who was there for traffic court. The attorney with her “marked money” comment would have been fantastic if this were a mob trial. I have a feeling that one side of the divided McLoone camp might have gained a few members after watching the news last night.

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  1. I’m a member of St Joes. This is just a horrible situation in our Church. I can see it has affected our parish greatly, based on the many empty seats now at mass. How he could do this, after coming to our parish to help us heal from the Msgr. Lynn mess, is mind blowing. He had a lot of us fooled. As a parish we have to move forward and keep the focus on what is important – our commitment to our faith. We can’t let one betrayer make us lose sight of that.
    I wonder if anyone has looked into the parish records where he was before he came to St Joes? Where there is smoke, there is fire, I’m sure.

    1. “Retired” Senator Andy Dinnimen was best buddies with this guy. Even had him give the blessing at opening Legislative sessions.. Gross. All pervs.. No wonder people are leaving the “establishment” churches.. Bunch of perverts.

  2. Sue, Excellent question. I don’t know if law enforcement has access to previous parish financial records but the Archdiocese would. I will contact Ken Gavin of the Office of Communications at the Archdiocese.

    1. The wording was recruit an IHM nun and it was meant as a compliment because they were always no nonsense compared to the clergy who are making news these days.

    2. A couple of my nuns from McDevitt could surely give Joe a good rap! And I would hope a couple of parishioners are inclined to do so as well. All Souls money going for male prostitutes and his attorney comes off as a smart ass – “hope they have marked money”?

  3. If he raped little boys, the church would protect him at all costs, but steal some of their money— time to call the cops.

    1. So true, Mike. Someone like Kaput cares nothing about sexual abuse victims, but let them steal bingo money, and off to the electric chair. Have known McLoone for years and with his arrogant attitude surprised he wasn’t made a bishop. It never ends!!!

      1. Mike and Dan the cops actually found out about the theft of funds from the local news media. The Archdiocese did not inform law enforcement even though they had been alerted to the situation almost two months prior. It may have been because McLoone enjoyed “favored son” status or because the archdiocese would then have to turn in all the other priests who have stolen the All Souls collections over the years. It turns out that stealing that yearly collection is actually a tradition in the Archdiocese, not implying that all priests have done this.
        Having attended the Bishops’ Conference I agree that McLoone probably would have been made a bishop…he would have fit in seamlessly with that crowd.

  4. Arrogant Asshole! I work at the Arch! This guy thought he was God’s gift to the world. In his fancy suits and the stupid smirk on his face. I hope they throw his ass in jail and lose the key!

  5. I was in Mc Loone’s. presence only once. That was when I was new to St. Joseph’s. Before Mass he was outside of the church and I approached him in order to introduce myself as a new member of the Parish. As I approached him I extended my hand to perform the ordinary civil gesture that goes with the occasion. He visibly recoiled and stared at me. I immediately felt very uncomfortable. I tried to make small talk with him about the beauty of St. Joseph’s and the fact that the church had the extraordinary windows that came from Most Blessed Sacrament in South West Philadelphia. He remained silent while gawking at me. At that point I had no knowledge of his involvement with stealing Parish funds. That was five years ago and I still have a vivid mental picture of the experience and I recall saying to myself “This guy is guilty of something!” That was the last time I was in St. Joseph’s. Chuck Costello

  6. I am very curious about the development of this case and whether or not McLoone is being further prosecuted.. Can you enlighten me on the outcome of this Priest’s criminal acts. Chuck Costello

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