The Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Who’s Who At The 2’s

The headquarters of the Archdiocese is a nondescript box like building located at 222 N. 17th St. The address giving way for the nickname of the 2’s. The beautiful views from the building make up for the blandness of its structure. This photo taken from the employee cafeteria on the” top of the 2’s.

Archbishop Chaput’s departure from the 2’s is expected after the holidays when his required resignation letter, submitted at age 75, will likely be accepted by Pope Francis and new leadership announced.

Media interest, both local and national, has increased in recent weeks with the expected changes coming to Philly so we have put a guide together for our new followers, as well as the media, for the names that can be expected to be highlighted in our upcoming posts as we examine how the state of child protection, victim assistance, and clergy misconduct at many times seems to remain chaotic and mishandled in a diocese that has been subject to two grand jury reports.

While our work takes us into contact with law enforcement, Child Line, advocacy groups, survivors, local and national media, and the people in the pews. Because our goal is to prevent children from being harmed, we also communicate with the Archdiocese on a regular basis. Sometimes, it’s a one-sided communication. When those emails go unanswered, or the issue unaddressed, we at least have records that the Archdiocese was alerted to the concern or safety issue. They can’t claim that they did not know.

The following Archdiocesan administrators are on our speed dial:

Leslie Davila – Director, Office for Child and Youth Protection/Victim’s Assistance (OCYP)

John Delaney – Delegate of Investigations

Bishop Michael Fitzgerald – Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Oversees Catholic education and the Office of Child and Youth Protection.

Ken Gavin -Chief Communications Officer

Msgr Daniel Kutys– Moderator of the Curia. Oversees coordination of administrative offices of the Archdiocese.

Father Stephen Leva – Pastor of St Joseph Parish, Downingtown, Pa. Member of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Review Board

Msgr. Daniel J.Sullivan – Vicar of Clergy. The Office of Clergy acts as the primary contact between the Archdiocese and its priests and deacons.

Albert Toczydlowski– Former Delegate of Investigations. Appointed to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Review Board. We no longer have contact info for Al now that he has retired as an employee.

2 thoughts on “The Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Who’s Who At The 2’s

  1. We are trying to do things here in the Allentown Diocese as well. We love Fr Chris from St Raymond’s- thanks to him we will lead and not leave, and have also been following Msgr Kriegel from St Patrick’s in Erie – you can youtube his homilies.

    This was Fr Kriegel’s response to Tom’s letter:

    Sylvia – 

    Very good letter. Encourage him to keep plugging away. This is the only way the change is going to come. 
    We MUST get women in leadership positions to be in on the decision making process. Until that happens, 
    nothing is going to change. Nothing. I myself am very frustrated. Our bishop just told we priests that he will need $20 million to cover abuse settlements when the statute of limitations is lifted. It makes my blood boil at what these men did and how it was covered up. 

    I have no intention of leaving. I’m going to stay and be a pain in the ass to this institution until it gets back to 
    where it needs to be. 

    Thanks for sharing. 

    Father Kriegel

    But what is sad, is where is the support for THESE priests – Fr Chris & Fr Kriegel – and the others who remain silent out of fear?

  2. Sylvia, I think the more public the priest is with his thoughts the more support he receives from parishioners. As you know Fr Chris is beloved by his parishioners for his honesty in addressing the abuse and cover up. When priests are silent it is hard to offer support because parishioners have no idea what the priest’s thoughts are on the crisis and in some instances we know of disastrous results when parishioners have spoken to their parish priests. They assumed the priest was silent out of fear of repercussions but in fact showed little compassion for children being harmed.
    Also for some priests the respect of their parishioners does not mean as much as the respect from the hierarchy and the potential future assignments.

    Fr Chris has a vibrant parish and is respected by many laity and survivors, I don’t speak for him but I think that’s all that really matters to him.

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