Third Time Isn’t a Charm: Archdiocese Omits Key Info On Msgr. Logrip Again


The Archdiocese announced that Msgr. Joseph Logrip is unsuitable for ministry today. The announcement came as most do – on slow-news Sunday and lacking transparency.

The six-page media release buries the lead and fails to mention St. Aloysius Academy for Boys in Logrip’s history. His involvement there as a chaplain and Mass celebrant has been well documented. This isn’t the first time they’ve avoided the whole truth. They didn’t share this info in the 2011 press release when he was first removed or the January 2019 when he was removed again after being reinstated in 2014.

The archdiocese argued they didn’t assign him to St. Aloysius in a formal capacity. For God’s sake, this isn’t a resume. It’s an alert to the community. They knew about his time there and he is one of theirs – an archdiocesan priest. They have a moral duty to share the whole truth. If they are going to claim transparency and accountability, then this is what is required.

Why would they omit the info? Could it be they don’t want more victims to come forward? Just spitballing here. We hope no more children were abused in the decade that’s passed since they disregarded the seriousness of a complaint.

How can full disclosure of a removed priest’s volunteer and work assignments help? In the case of Logrip and any priest, there are two important considerations.

1- Additional victims may feel empowered to come forward knowing they aren’t alone. The additional information could aid an active investigation and bring about quicker removals when necessary. These prevents abuse from continuing.

2- Victims, even those who don’t wish to come forward, may get a sense of vindication and/or peace knowing that where a priest abused them has been publicly recognized.

Here is the article in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

A blog post we published in January 2019 on Msgr. Logrip. “Double Trouble”

6 thoughts on “Third Time Isn’t a Charm: Archdiocese Omits Key Info On Msgr. Logrip Again

  1. If you are a minister, in a volunteer position or a minister in a designated professional position, does behavior change? It seems that the Archdiocese is suggesting volunteer years do not matter. A chaplain/minister in either category, has the distinct ability to establish relationships, whether welcomed or not. Important to remember that St. Aloysius is a boy’s school.

  2. I don’t care if he was flipping pancakes at Ihop! He was at St. Aloysius because his sister is an IHM who taught there. Logrip and McLoone were made monsignors together and were given vicariates. Great judgment on Rigali’s part.

    1. We have also heard that he was invited to celebrate Mass at Villa Maria Academy on occasion after the first investigation because of his sister who is an IHM.
      As was the case with McLoone, it seems that Logrip was well connected at the Archdiocese over the years.

  3. Thank you, Susan, for your persistence. The criminal amoral behavior of non-disclosure and appropriate action is reprehensible. Oh, will they ever learn….

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    Al Reichelt

    When the odds are against us—

    “The sum of all our answer is but this:

    We would not seek a battle as we are,

    Nor as we are, we say, we will not shun it:

    So tell your master.” King Henry V, 3.6.164-67

  4. When will the pew sheep learn… Stop funding the churches activities and cover ups. Let the archdiocese bleed red and fail. Chaput has sold assets to pay for cover ups and settlements and we still have the same problems. There is zero Catholic Guilt a amongst the leaders of the church yet the pew sheep still feel compelled by the guilt to give. By giving to the church you are aiding and abetting a criminal institution and that’s just plain messed up folks. And for those who run to other orders, such as the Abbey is Chester County the same problems are lurking there as well.

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