York Daily Record Exposes 15 Accused Priest Abusers

Excerpt: A list of 15 priests, compiled by the York Daily Record, was provided to the diocese on June 14. On July 21, after multiple requests by the Daily Record, the diocese responded to each name on the list. It is believed to be the first time the Harrisburg diocese has confirmed a list of accused priests, including details on where and when they served, and how the diocese responded when the allegations were made.

Click here to read the full article: “15 Priests Accused of Abuse Had Ties to Harrisburg Diocese,” by Brandie Kessler, York Daily Record, August 9, 2016


Breaking News: Lynn Released

Click here to read/watch about Msgr. William Lynn’s release on bail.

Join Rep. Rozzi Monday to Address Callous Church Leaders

WHAT: Rep. Mark Rozzi to address church leaders callous disregard for victims at Monday news conference
WHEN: Monday, July 18, 2016, 1:30 PM
WHERE: Outside front entrance, Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, 1723 Race St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Directions – Nearby Parking
CONTACT: Charlie Vaihinger
House Democratic Communications Office
Phone: 717-787-7895
Email: Cvaihinger@pahouse.net

HARRISBURG, July 15, 2016 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, announced today that he will be joining with victims and advocates for a news conference next week to discuss the callous disregard and disrespect church leaders have recently shown to victims of child sex abuse.

The news conference, which will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, July 18 at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, will focus on the recent death of victim Brian Gergely and the cancellation of a scheduled meeting between victim John-Michael Delaney and Archbishop Charles Chaput.

Participating in the news conference will include:

• Marci Hamilton, University of Pennsylvania Fox Distinguished Scholar
• John-Michael Delaney, victim of notorious Rev. James Brzyski
• Patrick Conlin, whose meeting request with the bishop of the Diocese of Allentown was denied.
• Victims featured in You Have the Power video; and
• Advocates and community leaders supporting Statute of Limitation reform for child sex abuse

Additionally, Rozzi said he intends to discuss the status of House Bill 1947, a statute of limitation reform bill from which the Senate stripped his retroactive amendment, which was overwhelming approved by the House in April.

A Must-Read for Every Pa. Senator

by Rich Green

What happened to my constitutional rights? I was just a little kid (beginning at around 7-years-old and continued until I was nearly 15). I was raped! I was physically, psychologically, and sexually tortured by grown men who were entrusted to protect me, not abuse me!

The only real justice in this life seems to be the kind some people purchase with secret handshakes, promises of favors returned, and the enormity of money and power offered for ignoring evil.

However, I’m not surprised with this decision. I haven’t had faith in much of anything in a very long time. I suppose it has something to do with my body being forced against a urinal in the boys bathroom at school, humiliated with my trousers and underwear being yanked down below my knees, threatened with physical harm, and then raped. He told me to shut up and stand still. I tried desperately to stay quiet, but as my front torso was being shoved against the inside of the urinal I was screaming in my mind. I can still hear myself silently suffering all alone, and I can still feel the chill against my face and the salty moisture on my lips from the tears beading down the tile wall he pressed my face against it. When the pain became too much, I shouted and I tried wedging myself away from between he and the urinal.

He became so enraged he grabbed my testicles and squeezed one so hard that it was severely painful, and beyond uncomfortable for me to walk, sit still, and use the bathroom for weeks. After he was through with me, he told me to get dressed and go home. I realized then that he’d actually penetrated me so forcefully and violently that I was bleeding from his evil intrusion. I returned home after school, I ran upstairs to my bedroom, closed the door, and hid beneath the blanket in bed. I don’t believe I slept for even one second of that night following the day Rev. John J. McDevitt told me “this is what guys do together. I’m teaching you to be a man. God approves.”

I’ve never been able to forget the shocking pain of being raped and how it made me feel – Worthless!

Those who preached faith, trust, and a supposedly “loving and almighty” god wrote most of the chapters in my nightmare. As I get older I realize that indeed, evil exists all around us, but obverse to my elected officials, MY INTEGRITY IS NOT FOR SALE!

There’s no grey area within this issue. You cannot legitimately support certain aspects of both sides, because one side incorporated, allowed, and endorsed a network of evil scum who chose to corrupt their own professions by orchestrating themselves as someone society often views as decent and trustworthy. Catholic priests raped children! They raped us!

These political hustlers in Pennsylvania make me sick. It’s obvious Pennsylvania condones adults raping children. If they didn’t they would have protected children today without hesitation, and if they truly felt compelled to vote in accordance with our constitution, they would’ve begun paving a path toward justice. Instead, PA leaders showed me today, had they walked into the boys bathroom while Fr. McDevitt was raping me, they probably would’ve Mike-McCreeried their way right back out.

Rich Green
(Survivor of Abuse, Victim of the System)

Urgent: Call Pa. Senators Now

Provided by FASCA – Foundation to Abolish Child Sex Abuse

If you ever wanted to do something to support victims of child sex abuse, protect children and expose hidden predators, IT IS NOW! HB 1947 was brutally amended by the PA Senate Judiciary Committee today.

It went to the full Senate today and was referred to Appropriations. This is normal to assess the fiscal impact of the bill.

It will come back to Senate for a vote as early as tomorrow but could be Thursday also.
Several legislators have come up with a plan on how to get the bill back to its original language, eliminating the new amendment, putting back the section related to retroactivity and get it to the governor’s desk ASAP. Gov. Wolf has previously stated he would sign the bill in its original form.

This is how you can help:

Call your Senator TODAY. (You can leave a voice message!) Find your Senator here. It’s in the column on left.

Simply ask them to: “Support the motion to revert HB 1947 to the original printer’s number.”

Share this email with family and friends. Ask them to call also.”

I know this likely doesn’t make any sense to you, but it will to the Senators. (It’s a procedural move that can accomplish good things!)

John Salveson (215) 870-0680 salveson@abolishsexabuse.org
Marie Whitehead 215-439-0536 mwhitehead@abolishsexabuse.org

Pa. Senate Strips Child Sex-Abuse Bill

Click here to read: “Pa. Sent committee votes to alter controversial child sex-abuse law,” by Maria Panaritis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 28, 2016

Excerpt: By a near unanimous vote, the Judiciary Committee passed an amendment that bars the law from being applied retroactively, a move that would have enabled lawsuits by victims who were abused as far back as the 1970s.


St. John Vianney: Sins of Omission or Downright Deception?


Many people believe that the legislative battle in Pennsylvania right now is a matter of money. The belief that victims want civil suits for financial compensation and that the Church wants to protect its finances. What many do not realize is that victims/survivors often seek to bring civil suits for the truth that is revealed in the documents and records that are ordered to be disclosed. Along with the finances, the Church also wants to protect the evidence, but it makes for a more complicated sound bite.

The March 2016 Grand Jury report of clergy abuse in the Altoona Johnstown Diocese disclosed much previously unknown information. One thing I found in reading the document was a patient who was at the St John Vianney Treatment center in Sept /October 2012. The write up of this child predator priest, who actually was profiled by the FBI, was the complete opposite of my conversations with the Vianney staff in 2012 when I was making attempts to improve child safety after discovering one of their patients in a school parking lot. A C4C reader recently alerted me to the following video published in June 2013 which is an interview with Fr James Flavin who was the President of the facility at that time. This interview is pretty much verbatim to my conversations with Fr Flavin and other Vianney staff at the time. A total downplay of the fact that child predators stay at the facility. I heard instead about depressed nuns and overweight priests.

In the video Fr Flavin says pedophiles cannot be treated but instead it is a matter of containment and protection. Protection of whom exactly, the children or the predator? He also makes this startling claim about the facility ” we don’t really deal with the sexual issues, the serious sexual issues” . Well the internet, newspaper articles and GJ reports tell a different story and in the past we have highlighted some of the depraved men who have passed through those doors. What exactly is classified as serious or sexual if watching child pornography of 2 and 3 year old’s is not? Or molestation of childrens’ bodies..or child rape?

Please take some time to view the video. It will probably “disappear” from the internet soon. Take note of the conversation shortly after the 3 minute and 19 minute marks

Then compare to pages 12,66,67 and “C” section of pages 137, 138 of the GJ report.

One other interesting thing to note is that staff from Vianney have attended the annual Anglophone Conference on the Safeguarding of Children,Young People and Vulnerable Adults in past years. Supposedly some Vianney administrators are actually in Rome right now for the 2016 event. A bit confusing to say the least. You can read about the conference from the 2015 press release here:http://ccpblog.unigre.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/CCP_Press-release-Anglophone_ENG-2015-06-24-2.pd I don’t know what Vianney would have to offer in conversations about child protection …and if the facility doesn’t deal with sexual issues…..or do they? Maybe they do or don’t depending on the audience.To a concerned mother one story…to a gathering of Bishops and reps from other Diocese wondering where to send their troubled priests..maybe another.

Research shows that there are currently an estimated 37,000 Catholic priests,45,000 religious nuns and 4,00 religious brothers in the U.S. Where do they all go for help with addictions,mental health and sexual disorders? They can’t possibly all go to the very few remaining Catholic treatment centers. Instead they practice good stewardship and use their health care coverage which their parishioners are already paying for and they seek help at the same inpatient facilities and hospitals that are available to the general public. In the video, Fr. Flavin addresses the fact that the center is private pay, instead it should be called parishioner pay.

It is time to keep the child predators in their own Dioceses and assist the other clergy in need of addiction and mental health treatment through the same networks we all would use in a time of need. There is big money and big salaries in private pay facilities, and the internet like always is a treasure trove of information. More on that later. For now please take some time to watch the video which we were alerted to by a concerned C4C reader. Like always,most of our information comes from the pews and the people who value children above all. Thank You.

Local Christian Leaders Support HB 1947

Click here to read: “Applauding local religious leaders for acknowledging ‘a great sin,'” by the Lancaster Online Editorial Board, June 20, 2016

Excerpt: Earlier this month, Lancaster County religious leaders from a mix of Christian denominations added their names to a letter to the state Senate Judiciary Committee. They urged quick passage in the Senate of House Bill 1947, which was approved overwhelmingly in the state House in April. The bill would abolish the statute of limitations for future criminal cases of child sexual abuse, and extend by 20 years the time for victims to bring civil suits against their assailants and an agency whose negligence enabled the abuse. Victims would have until age 50 to initiate civil cases under the bill. The proposed law would be retroactive, meaning victims now 30 to 50 years old could still bring civil suits. The retroactive provision in the bill is strongly opposed by the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference — the public affairs arm of the Catholic dioceses in this state — and the Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the bill last Monday.

Key Points From Senate SOL Reform Bill Hearing

Click here to read: “Arguments on constitutionality: The main points point out of Senate hearing on statute of limitations reform bill,” by Ivey DeJesus, PennLive.com June 13, 2016


The hearing, which featured five expert witnesses, only one testifying in support of the bill, focused on the constitutionality of the bill, which would impose look-back measures for past victims of abuse, including those molested by priests as children.

Much of the testimony centered around the state’s constitutional remedies clause, which ostensibly bars the General Assembly from retroactively altering expired statutes of limitations.

Editor’s Note:

4 to 1? Who organizes a hearing that way?

Chaput’s Strategy Backfires

Click here to read: “Philly Archdiocese’s push against bill reminds councilman of ‘Spotlight,'” by Daniel Craig, Philly Voice, June 2016


Click to see video of Bill Greenlee On Reports of Church Retaliation Against Legislators

Click here to read: “Child rapists deserve no safe harbor,”  by Nick Miccarelli, Times Guest Columnist, June 8, 2016, DelcoTimes.com.


I was nothing short of shocked when a dear friend of mine sent me a picture of the St. Rose of Lima Church bulletin on Saturday. It read, “State Representative Nick Miccarelli voted in favor of House Bill 1947 which states that private institutions can be sued as far as 40 years ago for millions of dollars, while public institutions may not be sued for any crimes committed in the past.” This statement, printed in the church bulletin, is patently untrue. The simplicity of this statement leaves out much, but most glaringly it leaves out the true goal of the bill. I did vote in favor of HB1947 because as I reviewed the legislation, forefront in my mind was justice for the victims, not sympathy for the predators that committed heinous crimes against children or any public or private institution that allowed sexual abuse to continue unaddressed. HB1947 will allow those who have been molested as children to have their day in court.

There is no one, and I mean no one, with any understanding of the law who would claim “public institutions may not be sued for any crimes committed in the past.” Google “Jerry Sandusky Penn State Lawsuit” if you need to see evidence that public institutions can be sued. What this bill did was to expand the statute of limitations for claims of child molestation. Put simply, it allows those people who are raped as children more time to face those who raped them. I was one of 180 members of the House of Representatives who believe this bill will help victims. We also believe that this bill would let child predators across Pennsylvania know that they will not be free from punishment if they simply run out the clock.