Pope Benedict To Resign: Catholic Children Need a Protective Papa

What impact did the the clergy sex abuse scandal have on Pope Benedict’s resignation? What impact will Pope Benedict’s resignation have the on clergy sex abuse scandal? The answer to the first question is none. The answer to the second is probably none.

Cover up scandals across Ireland, Australia, the U.S., Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Germany came to light during his almost eight years as Pope. Yet his focus remained on European evangelization efforts which ultimately failed. A failure that can be linked back to fall out from the abuse scandals.

Pope John Paul II had even assigned Pope Benedict, then Cardinal Ratzinger, the responsibility of dealing with sexual abuse cases as head of the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith. A tad ironic, since while he was Archbishop of Munich, a known molester was reassigned to ministry that allowed contact with children. Sound familiar? Maybe Cardinal Rigali is in line for the papacy now? After all, he has that on his resume.

No. Not likely. Cokie Roberts, whose mother served as ambassador to the Vatican, put it best. The U.S. is seen as a source for funds, not as a source for Popes. For more on the Vatican and money, please refer to “Render Unto Rome.”

Coming from the same well, the new Pope will be certainly be conservative and the Italian Cardinals will push hard for one of their own. Mired in bureaucracy and narrow perspectives, not much has changed since medieval times. Held behind closed doors, there’s little room for fresh air or the Holy Spirit. One can pray for a miracle upset – a real father figure.

The word pope comes from the Latin “papa” for father. Our Pope is the father of the Catholic Church. What kind of father allows his children to be sexually abused? That ranks up there with starvation and genocide. Note that the Vatican is investigating nuns for their work. It seems those shady sisters are helping the poor.

Our new Pope has the opportunity to leave an indelible mark on humanity where Pope Benedict has left blank spaces. Unlike his predecessor, let’s pray he has the courage to tell Bishops that they must, in no uncertain terms, contact the civil authorities in cases of child sex abuse. If they don’t – they will be excommunicated. Let’s pray he makes specific global reforms rather than vague statements and empty assurances. Let’s pray he represents Jesus.

Click here to read: “Pope Benedict XVI Says He Will Resign,” by Elisabetta Povoledo and Alan Cowell, The New York Times, February 10, 2013

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  1. Benedict’s tenure was caught up in growing sexual abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church that crept ever closer to the Vatican itself.”

    After seeing FOX News “softpedal” the announcement this a.m., the NYT story seems commendable for its truthfullness on what is actually happening IMO.

    I find it offensive that even Fox will join in the hiding of the truth from Catholics whom don’t want to hear it. I won’t discuss it with my Catholic family, as I am not interested in trying to change their obstinate insistence in believing in and supporting that Church, that is , no longer interested.

    1. Lets hope and pray for transparency (open the secret archives on abuse), and a pope who will make the heads of child abusers and those who covered for them roll (bishops, especially bishops!).
      Yea, I know, fat chance!

      “I find it offensive that even Fox will join in the hiding of the truth from Catholics whom don’t want to hear it” (nichols1).

      Nichols1, if anyone is going to “softpedal” this announcement and hide the truth, it’s going to be Fox News. I’ve never seen anything “Fair & Balanced” on that network. They’re every bit as far to the Right as is Bill Donohue (The Catholic League). I can’t wait to hear the nonsence he’ll be putting out.

    2. Nichols1…I agree with you. I have written all the anchors on Fox News to tell them what is going on because they do not seem to want to know. They are all pretty much Catholics. So sad when they really have a “story to tell”..No one is trying to taken God or Jesus away from them but an institution that is doing bad things should be exposed to the public.

        1. Nichols, Fox News isn’t clueless. It’s agenda-driven. Don’t go there to learn anything about the RCC.

          1. It’s been several days now and as far as I can see, Fox is still protecting B16 and the Church from sensible examination of his “retirement.” However, I am not going (this is just my personal view) to begin watching the Obama
            News Networks (abc,nbc, cbs, cnn) just over this. JMHO.

  2. The Australian Cardinal will be happy for the distraction having to appear before a Parliamentary Inquiry probably within the next few weeks.
    Of course he will be given leave of absense having to dash off to Rome to elect a successor and God forbid, may be elected himself!
    I wonder if a pope would be exempt?

  3. Susan, wasn’t the AOP trying to raise money for the Pope’s planned visit in 2015? If so, where is that money now and what will become of it?

    1. Right now the assumption is that the new Pope will keep the current Pope’s visitation schedule – including the World Youth Day trip this summer to Rio. But I suppose that remains to be seen.

  4. Right now, there is only one thing I want. All of my hope for the Catholic Church rests on it.


    There is no hope for the Catholic Church as long as it proceeds as a monarchy. The top-down governance has got to go. It is the cause of clericalism, careerism, corruption, cronyism, absolutism, silence, fear, loyalty, blind obedience, and the mistreatment of the faithful. It is nothing short of a curse, always has been, alway will be.

    Please, no conclave, no pope… ever again.

    1. I agree with you hadit..I wish the same thing…
      No one has mentioned that the Pope, (Benidict) IS INCLUDED in the(SEXUAL ABUSE )TRIAL AGAINST the Roman Catholic (what ever?) in the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT in the Hague, Netherlands.
      To me, this is why he is stepping down. The trial is getting closer. He’s chicken. If he doesn’t die, he will be called to testify. He’s scared to death. He will NOT BE FOUND.. He will be in some kind of religious seclusion , if he isn’t murdered, so they won’t be able to find him .He will lie through his teeth if(they find him) and he has to testify, but he will call it a sacred thing, such (as confession)…..Which is an unbiblical (sacrament?) When did Jesus set up the” so called” sacraments? The confessional? Never. It’s not in the Bible(.rcc is man made).

    2. Sorry Kate, but there’s going to be a pope. I just pray that it’s not going to be Tim Dolan. Imagine the whole world having to hear from that bag of wind for two or three decades! On a serious note, Dolan might place place the entire wealth of the RCC into a Cemetery Fund in order to protect it from abuse victums.

      “Dead Catholics have a vested interest in reducing settlements to clergy abuse survivors in Milwaukee, thanks to a shift of $55.6 million on the church balance sheets by then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan in 2008” (Jason Berry).


    1. drwho13- If Dolan is elected Pope, that truly will be the final straw for me as a Catholic. God help us.

  5. So sorry Kate(hadit), it is going to happen. The only real problem is that it wont make a differnce. JPII and Benedict have so stacked the cardinalate that one like themselves will be elected. I presume that Benedict will be out of town and allow the Cardinals to fend for themselves. JPII chose his successor, but maybe Benedict has more understanding and will be back in Der Vaterland. No new Pope will ever attempt to change the position of a previous Pope, especially of “recent memory” and also one who just resigned. Some suggest a choice from South America, but most of those bishops are Opus Dei. Some suggest someone from Africa, but again, these bishops are becoming the most conservative, note the Anglican Church of Africa which is gathering together those American Episcopalian Churches which do not like the issue of gay marriages or openness to possible abortion, etc.. And the American Cardinals, Dolan and Wuerl, they have been very active in Rome lately and who knows but still remember how they have attacked gay marriages and the President health care act.

    So, we wil have another Italian Pope and maybe he may allow some leaway in thinking, but we can really expect not much more. “Sancte Pater, sic transit gloria mundi”, from the former rite of the crowning of the Pope in Rome after election. A bit of combustionable material was placed on a spike and burned quickly and the deacon exclaimed, “Holy Father, So passes the glory of the world” If they would only understand the reality of these words.

    1. Rev. Wintermyer,

      Traditions and traditional rituals are to have wisdom and some practical benefit. Otherwise, they are traditions for tradition’s sake alone.

      The automated and robotic movement through the Traditions of our faith and Church by clerics at all levels, in spite of the glaring lack of wisdom and practical benefit, is repulsing thoughtful Catholics. In mind and conscience, they will not surrender to unwise, irrational, impractical and fraudulent “Traditions.”

      “… it is going to happen.”

      Another bogus, sham, fixed, forged, fake, false conclave is going to happen… in the name of Catholic Tradition.

  6. I’ve read in a variety of places that it is against Canon Law for a pope to resign. The media is saying (thru the church) that this hasn’t happened since Gregory in 1415, but that’s a Catholically distorted truth. Gregory was partially forced out, and of course, they distorted the truth more back then.

    The truth is that no pope has resigned voluntarily since Celestine in 1294.

    You KNOW there’s another shoe to drop here, and the Catholic church knows the truth, but you do not. They may have struck a deal with an international law enforcement group, or the LA and Philly and Mea Maxima Culpa Ireland and Australia and everywhere else in the world pedophile scandal is about to get even more exposed.

    Of course, the shoe will be a red Prada shoe, but it will be one of the largest sizes made.

    1. “…it is against Canon Law for a pope to resign.”

      That’s not true Patrick. Even if it were true, Canon Law is whatever the pope says it is. It’s good to be pope!

  7. Unlike many of interviewed Catholics I’ve seen on news stations today, I am not surprised the pope has resigned. It was unlikely he would be pope long even when he was first elected because of his older age. I think he’s “fatigued” over the growing sexual abuse scandal that he personally helped cover-up and that is the ONLY reason this coward is stepping aside. I do not believe anything the Catholic Church purports as fact anymore. This is just more smoke-and-mirrors by an institution that has expertise in clouding the minds and judgement of parishioners, politicians, and the world.

    My only fear now is that a new pope is elected on the basis of how good of a salesman he might be. Can he sell ice cubes to the Eskimos? How will he handle the sexual abuse crisis? I believe the next pope will be determined by how well he can keep up with the same old lies and excuses. Words are often expressed by church leaders, but seldom do we see any action. These people are not role models for a God of Love and succumbing to their practices and defending their holiness is worshipping a false idol. I only wish I had known this when I was a young boy.

    Five scumbags down. Many more to go.

    1. I think you are right i think he is “fatigued” by the growing sexual abuse scandal. That is the first thing that came to my mind and I think in this case this is the right thing to do and isn’t that what many on this site have been asking for?

    2. Rich, I think that’s a very American perspective. You give them the credit of caring about the scandal. I don’t believe they do. It’s merely an annoyance – an impediment to fundraising. They will vote on the next Pope based on their own interests, not ours. Catholics need to wake up and understand the difference between doctrine and tradition. The Vatican is much more interested in maintaining tradition. That’s were the money and power lies.

      1. Amen Susan. Thank God for you and all those who realize the Truth. We are believers in Jesus Christ not an Institution.

      2. Susan don’t you think that what is happening in the courts is sending a stronger message to Roman that there are consequences for covering up that was not around in the past?

      3. Yes, and many, I’d say many many, of their few interpretations of scripture verses are … traditions.

        1. Correct to say:
          ” Catholics need to wake up and understand the difference between doctrine and tradition. The Vatican is much more interested in maintaining tradition. That’s were the money and power lies.”Yes, and many, I’d say many many, of their few interpretations of scripture verses are … traditions.

  8. I wonder what Jeff Anderson is up to behind the scenes with his legal battle to the Vatican?

    Something is amiss here. Popes don’t resign due to being tired. In fact, they basically propped JPII up until he died,

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