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Priest Pornographer Gets Fifty Years For Violating Little Girls

Click here to read: “Priest sentenced to 50 years for lurid photographs of young girls” by Tony Rizzo and Glenn E. Rice, The Kansas City Star, September 12, 2013. Excerpt: “Your conduct shows, Mr. Ratigan, that you are a chronic sexual abuser,” Fenner said before imposing the sentence. “You violated the trust of individuals to […]

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Summer Required Reading for Catholics: The 2011 Grand Jury Report

As practicing Catholics, it is our responsibility to read the 2011 Grand Jury Report on clergy abuse. Please read it. Pray on it. And, then most importantly, I ask you to act on it. No real solution can be found until the entire Church addresses this issue. Pedophilia can and does occur anywhere. What doesn’t […]

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