Priest Pornographer Gets Fifty Years For Violating Little Girls

Click here to read: “Priest sentenced to 50 years for lurid photographs of young girls” by Tony Rizzo and Glenn E. Rice, The Kansas City Star, September 12, 2013.


“Your conduct shows, Mr. Ratigan, that you are a chronic sexual abuser,” Fenner said before imposing the sentence. “You violated the trust of individuals to an extent that is devastating.”

In seeking the lengthy sentence for Ratigan, prosecutors portrayed him as an arrogant and reckless man who flagrantly disregarded his priestly vows, used young girls as sexual objects, and repeatedly lied to his superiors, fellow priests and police when he was found out.

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11 thoughts on “Priest Pornographer Gets Fifty Years For Violating Little Girls

  1. After Ratigan’s sentencing Thursday, Finn released a lengthy written statement touting the work the diocese has done to better protect children.

    “To victims of abuse, their families and the community at large,” the statement said, “I renew my heartfelt apology and firm pledge to make our Catholic institutions second to none in the protection of children and the vulnerable.”

    The above quote from Bishop Finn who is on probation for his part in this mess…you can’t make this stuff up.

    1. You got it Kathy, the words of a criminal that are in keeping with the highest traditions of those of his ilk.

      Sounds like Finn just presented himself with a award for service above and beyond the call of duty, “The narcissist achievement medal”.

  2. It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of the UN demading the Holy See to hand over all documments in relation to abuse, paedophiliia and how it was covered, by moving the priest’s around with a timeline January next year.
    All connected to breaches of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    What was also interesting, was the churches attitude to children born out of wedlock which certainly brings pope Francis into the equation, with Latin American clergy refusing to baptize babies, which is quite ironic considering how many have been born of clergy, whether just sowing their wild oats, or unable to mainatain the vows.
    NB. When referring to “clergy and priests”, religious order provincials seem to fly under the radar, giving the false impression it doesn’t apply to them, in particular mendicant and monastic friars, who are more able to conceal what they do behind walls with support of loyal women in the Third Orders.

  3. Just to continue this dialogue of “blaming and avoiding” by the hierarchy, hope you all saw that the Apostolic Delegate to the Dominican Republic was removed a few weeks ago and the accusation seems to be that the delegate himself is a sexual abuser multiple times in his service throughout the Far East until his recent appointment to the DR. He is Polish and was a close friend of JPII, named to diplomatic corps under his pontificate.
    Is the story true? Father Lombardi, the Vatican Press Officer, also stated last week that the Vatican would “turn the Delegate back to the DR if the case was presented”. In other words, no diplomatic immunity here in this situation, even though there is no agreement on extradition with the Vatican. Interesting how Cardinal Law seems to survive there in Rome at St. Mary Major but of course, the US or Boston has not asked for his extradition.

    If what has happened here with this issue in the Dominican Republic, it seems that the Bishops Finn, etc, will get no real support from the present pontificate if they are charged and reasonably accused.
    Back to Philly! When will Cardinal Rigali have his chance to answer questions of “failure to protect children” under his episcopal reign? Extradition from Tennessee should not be a real problem.

    1. Rev. Wintermyer, A few months ago Vatican laws were changed and updated regarding child abuse. I believe this was part of the changes mentioned.

  4. If it’s Monday, it must be Acronym time. The Finn-Ratigan charade (aka “pact with the devil”) reminds this writer of the idea of “TRUST” here in the US Catholic Church leadership and hierarchy. Let’s be clear, the laity’s idea of trust is not the same understanding our religious leaders have when it comes to the protection of our children. To wit, the following is offered for your review and consideration:

    S…………………………. sycophantic

    1. I attend the oral arguments today at Superior court, Mr. Berstrom tried to argue the EWOC law did not apply however Mr. Burns was impressive in his argument as to why the law DID apply. Mr. Burns described the abusers as being time bombs being placed in Parrish’s without telling the faithful in the hopes the bombs would not go off . I was under the assumption that lynn was a supervisor of subordinates but the paper wrote he was a supervisor of supervisors, either way lynn had knowledge of the abusive priests and placed them anyway !

  5. Rev..yes we’d like to pray GOD’S Will for the mornings
    Interrogation of Msg Lynn but I ca n give an opinion to HIM, THAT I’D like Lynn to be made an example, that others cannot continue to do these evil things in Jesus’ Name. & get away with it! AMEN!??? PRAYER WORKS! Let that be our prayer!

  6. I do not . Like the world Pornographer. It almost sounds like a legitimate word. Like photographer .. Any one agree with me? He deals in ” pornography “…would be a better word to portray the evil that we all feel when reading or hearing it.

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