Join Support Group for Archbishop Chaput

two hands reaching together in support for sarcastic article on the pain the press has caused Archbishop Chaput

by Susan Matthews

Media outlets, specifically The Philadelphia Inquirer, have allegedly victimized Archbishop Charles Chaput while reporting on the Catholic Church coverup of child predator priests.

Why would the press unjustly target the prelate who successfully helped defeat statute of limitation reforms in Colorado? It was clearly a coincidence that he was then assigned to the Philadelphia Archdiocese in the wake of the 2011 Grand Jury Report.

“You saw the job they tried to do on me,” said Archbishop Chaput to Inquirer columnist Maria Panaritis during the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In an effort to protect himself from further pain, he reportedly refused to answer questions. Read her column here.

The alleged adult victim of molested character and scrutinized actions must be suffering beyond imagination. Catholics4Change is shifting our focus. Those abused and raped by priests as kids are better equipped to handle their devastation. Archbishop Chaput needs us more.

Catholics4Change is forming a support group for Archbishop Chaput. Please join us for a “listening and healing” prayer service. We will meet at St. Persecution’s complex on the 5th of never. Please join us.

Our new support hotline is open for any member of the clergy whose personal suffering is disproportionate to reality.

Or, offer it up to the cross. 

Summer Required Reading for Our New Archbishop

It shocked many when Archbishop Chaput said he hadn’t read the 2005 or 2011 Grand Jury Reports during Tuesday’s press conference. He added he would read them. As one comment writer quipped, there must have been a really good in-flight movie.

Every Bishop in the country should have already read the Philadelphia Grand Jury Reports. The sex abuse cover up is the number one global Church issue. Witness Ireland. Amnesty International has named the Vatican in a report on human rights abuses for its failure to effectively deal with this issue. It’s an ongoing problem here in the U.S. and it’s our biggest problem here followed by the financial ruin left in its wake. Our Archdiocese is drowning in enormous legal, expert and lobbying fees that far outweigh victim compensation.

The Grand Jury reports are not only a blue print to what went so horribly wrong, they offer the Grand Jury’s recommendations to prevent the same from ever happening again.

Read more on this subject:

“New Archbishop Chaput’s Tactics: What he knows – and doesn’t know – about the sex-abuse scandal in Philadelphia’s Catholic Church,” by Robert Huber, The Philly Post, Philadelphia Magazine, July 21, 2011