Join Support Group for Archbishop Chaput

two hands reaching together in support for sarcastic article on the pain the press has caused Archbishop Chaput

by Susan Matthews

Media outlets, specifically The Philadelphia Inquirer, have allegedly victimized Archbishop Charles Chaput while reporting on the Catholic Church coverup of child predator priests.

Why would the press unjustly target the prelate who successfully helped defeat statute of limitation reforms in Colorado? It was clearly a coincidence that he was then assigned to the Philadelphia Archdiocese in the wake of the 2011 Grand Jury Report.

“You saw the job they tried to do on me,” said Archbishop Chaput to Inquirer columnist Maria Panaritis during the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. In an effort to protect himself from further pain, he reportedly refused to answer questions. Read her column here.

The alleged adult victim of molested character and scrutinized actions must be suffering beyond imagination. Catholics4Change is shifting our focus. Those abused and raped by priests as kids are better equipped to handle their devastation. Archbishop Chaput needs us more.

Catholics4Change is forming a support group for Archbishop Chaput. Please join us for a “listening and healing” prayer service. We will meet at St. Persecution’s complex on the 5th of never. Please join us.

Our new support hotline is open for any member of the clergy whose personal suffering is disproportionate to reality.

Or, offer it up to the cross. 

12 thoughts on “Join Support Group for Archbishop Chaput

  1. Checked my calendar to make sure it was April… I fear some young zealous monsignor is running in a paper copy of this to the Archbishop to tell him the news that the people are coming around to support him. I am sure he is on his knees at the Mariott in Baltimore, but only to check the mini-bar selection.

  2. Playing the victim. It has worked for the Catholic Church for decades if not centuries. maybe the Archbishop needs to find a new playbook. That one doesn’t work anymore.

  3. Poor guy. Picked on by the press and can’t make Cardinal either.

    O well maybe he will make saint like John Paul 2 did.

  4. Susan, loved your article today. I read that headline and thought “surely this isn’t our Susan”. Tongue in cheek all the way, but perfectly sensible as always. God bless you for speaking out on behalf of the REAL victims.

  5. Bishop Chaput during a email conversation, knowing that I was a victim had the audacity to tell me that I was a narcistic person!!!!!

  6. What a baby!! It’s all about him. Best laugh I have had in a week! Thank you Susan it made my week!!

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