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Guilty! Jury Believed “Billy”

Click here to read: “Guilty verdicts in priest sex abuse trial,” by Joseph A. Slobodzian, January 30, 2013 Click here to watch: “Catholic Priest, Teacher Guilty of Abusing Altar Boy,” by Maryclaire Dale, NBC.com, January 30, 2013 Excerpt: “The victim is this case has shown exceptional courage,” said District Attorney Seth Williams. “Not only did […]

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Prosecuters Hope to Include Former West Chester Chaplain Allegations and Others

Editor’s comment: I’m heartsick knowing the situations in this article merely scratch the surface of what investigators found. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” So many in leadership did nothing and would continue to do so, if left unchecked by the law, media and concerned Catholics. […]

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Summer Required Reading for Catholics: The 2011 Grand Jury Report

As practicing Catholics, it is our responsibility to read the 2011 Grand Jury Report on clergy abuse. Please read it. Pray on it. And, then most importantly, I ask you to act on it. No real solution can be found until the entire Church addresses this issue. Pedophilia can and does occur anywhere. What doesn’t […]

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