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Click to watch FOX PHILLY 29 Catholics4Change segment, March 29, 10 p.m. news.

I’d like to clarify the intention of this site is not to convince anyone to stay in or leave the Catholic Church. The site was established to allow you to share your thoughts regardless of your status.

The change we are seeking is the creation of a system of meaningful communication between the Church and laity. To that end, please join us for a rally on Friday, April 1 at noon in front of the Archdiocesan Office Building at 222 N. 17th Street.

14 thoughts on “Catholics4Change In the News

  1. Awesome interview, Susan. I do find it funny that they twisted your efforts and that your Web site forum has become a “group.” Keep up the awesome work!

    1. great interview, susan. I wish I was able to attend the gathering tomorrow in phila but i am sure i will read about it. good luck and you are doing a wonderful job and providing an important service to all catholics who cherish their faith.

  2. Susan, I think you expressed perfectly in this interview what the intention of your website is and what you (we) are hoping for. The reporter summarized it just the way I would have hoped she would….that we are concerned parents and devout Catholics who have no issue with the basis of our faith, but with the way our leadership has handled a terrible crisis. Great job!

  3. How do you intend to accomplish this task ? What about the VICTIMS who did NOT SURVIVE ? In what way can the ‘rcc’ reconcile this EVIL CONDUCT ? Are you aware of the ‘shell game’ that the archdiocese plays when they employ ‘religious order’ priests who are not bound by the archdiocese of phila , you have quite a bit of investigative work to do. I do not expect that you will get anything but ‘lip service’ from the archdiocese of phila and as the LAW does not hold them accountable they will provide you with nothing more than ‘gaseous rhetoric’.

    1. To unable to trust: I am also a survivor and agree with you totally. All you need to do is look at the behavior not the words. They have had ample time and many chances to do the right thing and instead chose to continue allowing priests to rape children. Justice if not in this life will be met when they appear before God. I need to believe this!

    2. Well said. Too many Catholics just don’t get how heinous these crimes are, how many were affected, and the fact that it’s decades too late for justice.

      All of the priests, bishops, cardinals and popes that were involved int he crimes or cover up should be in jail, and anyone who didn’t oppose them should resign.

      1. Something else catholics don’t get, that a priest perp does not stop raping one child, it is a known fact that perps molest several if not 20 or 30 or 40 kids in his lifetime. Multiply that by one priest times 28 priests so far in the rcc and thats just the ones that we know about!!

  4. Though the safety, protection and security of our children is and always be the number one priority, another important element that archdiocesan leadership must share with all faithful in the archdiocese is a complete, thorough, detailed and comprehensive financial statement of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. I believe that such a complete financial report, detailing and listing all assets, holdings, investments, real estate, etc., has never been released to the faithful of the Philadelphia archdiocese.
    I believe that we are entitled to such information and documentation though legally I am unsure whether the Church leadership must share this information with us.

    1. I’m asking people who can’t make it to the Friday rally to boycott Sunday Mass to send a visual statement (empty churches). I intend to go to Mass on Saturday evening to receive the Eucharist. I just think it sends a small message.

    1. Hey JFH, I got such a laugh with your short and accurate question. Had this church done the right and just thing and protected children the pews would be overflowing.

  5. most catholics don’t want to “hear” about abuse, not really. it upsets their routine. it upsets the understanding of their world. when someone they know is abused, they shun the person to avoid taking a stand. inept and gutless, they go about their lives with blinders on. there is no church anymore. just a social club. i’ve been cyberstalked by a priest since 2004. since that time, he’s been promoted from rev. to very rev. to monsig. and now is chancellor. no one cares. it’s hard to be respectful on this website. to act is to care. empty pews won’t affect them because THEY DON’T REALLY BELIEVE IN ANYTHING. YOUR APPROVAL OF THEM DOESN’T MATTER. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. evil has infiltrated our church…stolen our church from us..and we sit by and fail to act. we are the church. we are the church. if it is to be saved, we must begin to gather and pray and offer real community to the abused. children, men and women of all ages.

  6. Susan, I am wondering why Justin Rigali is “out of the country.” Could it be so he won’t be able to testify? Keep him hidden at the Vatican, and then, like Cardinal Law receive a position of honor at St. Mary Major Church next door in “Vatican Heights?”
    Another “visual” scripture thought: Jesus showed real, honest, gut-wrenching anger when he overturned the money changers tables, and confronted the dealers in the temple area. If Jesus were walking the streets today, he would put action to this diabolical activity permitted by “church leaders.” How long,O Lord, must we wait? Bless Susan Matthews, keep her steadfast, courageous and strong.

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