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  1. Will the “good” priests please stand up? Do us all a favor and let us know who you are. According to the 2003 Grand Jury found at http://www.bishopaccountability.org, “many non-offender priests have remained silent in the face of clear evidence that a brother priest is sexually molesting a minor, and in some cases have actually covered up the abuse.”(pg8)
    So, if you really are a “good” priest why are you defending yourself and your brother priests and your bishop instead of the victims? Why are you not begging from every pulpit, blog, website and street corner for victims to come forward and report to law enforcement? Why aren’t you reporting your brother priests whom you suspect of abusing children to law enforcement? Why are you not advocating for the elimination of the statutes of limitations that only serves to protect all child molesters? You can start doing something right now by going to http://www.votfgp.org to learn why you should support PA House Bills 832 and 878 and how to do it.

  2. I would like to offer an opinion regarding the priests being put on administrative leave. It is my understanding, through reading the available information, as well as personal knowledge of 2 of the 23 priests, that these priests have been investigated and “cleared” of the allegations against them. While I can understand the Grand Jury’s concern regarding the process by which they were cleared, and while I understand that sadly there is a chance that some of these allegations will be confirmed, it is in FACT the case that some of these allegations are simply allegations. Not all of the accusations are with regards to sexual abuse or misconduct. Some may be “boundary issues” where a priest may have innocently and publicly shown the love of Christ to a child through a hug or something and a parent – wishing the best for the priest reported it to a pastor in order for the pastor to remind the priest of the position he’s putting himself in – and the pastor was forced to report it.

    My point is not to excuse any priest who has committed a serious crime against God and the Church, but rather I think it’s sad how the media and some individuals automatically label the priests involved in this situation as “guilty until proven innocent”. My heart goes out to those individuals who have suffered at the hands of priests, however my heart also goes out to those priests who are being mis- represented and their reputations ruined.

    It is a sad day, in my opinion, where, as a Father myself, I have to tell my kids, “Don’t give Fr. a hug or kiss because he could get in trouble.” Priests are one of the most visible signs of Christ & his love in this world, and now I feel as the result of this scandal, we are beginning to ask “Fathers” to no longer to express their love to their “children”. I’m not they shouldn’t be held accountable, nor am I suggesting that there aren’t certain “appropriate expressions” that should be used, but rather my point is merely to continue to pray for the victims of this situation: the individuals involved & their families, the priests, and the whole Body of Christ.

  3. Abuse survivor,
    I give you tremendous credit for speaking out.
    I hope that the people who support c4c will realize that you cannot change the church in the short term, so the best alternative is to follow the state of Virginia and change the laws.

    Anyone who truly cares about this issue will call their state rep, and the chairman of the committee, Ron Marsico, who controls whether HB 832, and 878 will be taken up.

    Currently, they are not even on the list. Apparently, Mr. Marsico deems them unimportant. Do you?

    His phone number is 717-652-3721.

    I challenge you Susan to put those blog hits to work. Urge your people to work to have HB 832, and HB 878 taken up by the committee, and while you are at it contact the PA Catholic Conference, and ask them why they are spending so much money in defeating these bills.

    Do they support the rape of children?
    Maybe they will listen to devout Catholics.

    There will always be time for you to attempt to change the church, but there may not be time to protect the next child from being a victim.

    How much more evidence do we need to understand that the church cares only for its business interests,not your kids.

    To ABUSE VICTIM, I’m sorry for what you went through. It is my hope that the c4c supporters realize that they, who are recently outraged, may be apologizing 20 years from now to a victim who may be created today, while they debate on whether or not to skip Mass.

    Susan, I beleive that changing the laws will get you your sit-down with the boss, far more effectively than your recent demand.

    1. Hi JFH
      Susan has posted on the site about the legislative effort. We will also be making signs for the rally with references to HB 832 and HB 878 as well as urging people to support this legislature and contact their elected officials. The real change will have to happen “outside” of the Church,to make an impact. We recognize the importance of these bills ,thanks for sharing your insights.The more informed we all are,the better chance for reform.

  4. I feel the problem is so simple that it has been overlooked. This is organized crime. My opinion is 60 + years ago a group of pedofiles realized that the preisthood would give them unsupervised access to children. Those older priests are now in charge and cover up the crimes. The Feds need to do a RICO ( organized crime) investigation nationwide to clean up this mess. The church cant do it because the fix is in! Priests that dont stand up and point out the criminals are in on it and just as guilty, dont make excuses for them! The church belongs to the members, not the criminals. We must admit we need help to get rid of these animals. Many families have a member with an addiction problem and try to help from within the family, only to eventually realize the problem is too big to handle. We church members need to realize this problem is nationwide / worldwide. We need the federal government to do its job! It is organized crime, they have conspired to commit and cover up crime. In the late 1960s a little girl was found dead at St. Anns ( possibly St Marks) is Bristol Boro. The priest was the last to see her alive but he said he saw another man in the back of the church. The priest was quickly moved to another parish and was never charged. After a recent cold case investigation, it is believed the priest did it. I may be a little off from the facts as I remember them but it does support my theory. Law enforcement did try, but stopped because of the feeling that a priest wouldnt do that. I really pray that things change. This is an ugly world we live in right now. I would like to think I could hide from it in my church but it is even uglier inside.

  5. The Archdioceses of Philadelphia has reached an enough is enough position regarding the sexual abuse scandal. Enough unwanted attention has been drawn to the point that the Archdiocese did not put the right people in charge of investigating or properly handling the allegations. Like any truly important issue facing rational people, it is imperative that pressure is placed on those in charge so that they understand that the world (or a small corner of the world) is watching every move and that we will not look away any longer. It is NOT the victims’ fault raising the problems–they should be considered heroic! Rather is it ALL of our fault (all the parishioners in all of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia) for failing to maintain a demand for accountability of the Archbishop and those he placed in roles of authority in this sexual abuse issue.

    The issue of not attending Mass to bring attention to the issue is wrong. We are to attend Mass becuase we are worshipping God…not the priests.

    There are many very good priests still out there and I am very proud of them. And I know for a fact that they have spoken out–perhaps to deaf ears–but nonetheless they have spoken out.

    It is our obligation to demand answers and like the call to St. Francis “repair My Church.”

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