A Link of Hope Sent from Knoxville

I received the following blog link from a Catholic man in Tennessee who wanted to applaud our efforts and share some hope. The Diocese of Knoxville was dealt a blow when it was revealed that their first Bishop had sexually abused high school students. This can happen anywhere. It’s handled better some places than others. Please read.

“Because of Bishops Like This,” From “Why I Am Catholic” blog.


3 thoughts on “A Link of Hope Sent from Knoxville

  1. I took the time to view the 25 minute press conference. A few thoughts
    Bishop Stika calls any abuse of children an “abomination against God”.He talks of the mercy of God but also the justice of God.
    When the allegation surfaced, the priest was immediately put on leave.Within a few hours he was interviewed and admitted his guilt. By the next morning Bishop Stika went public with the priests’s name and all of the assignments he had served in his 40 years of service. The District Attorney’s of two counties were contacted immediately, as well local police.The priest went from being put on leave, to formally suspended from all ministry within 24 hours.
    Bishop Stika also was having letters read in every parish, identifying Father Casey and urging any other victims to come forward. He also told victims to report abuse to civil authorites first and the Church second.
    Bishop Stika also spoke of reaching out to the victim and trying to repair a trust,he also realized the damage the abuse had caused this victim throughout his life.
    He spoke of children deserving to be safe and that he could not sleep at night thinking he had done anything to put children at risk.
    Unfortunately I fear that Bishop Stika is the the exception, rather than the norm within the Church.Makes me wish I lived in Knoxville.

  2. I only wish we had a bishop like him in our philadelphia archdiocese. to actually take questions from parishoners – I cannot imagine ever seeing that at my parish. to ask if there are any innocent victims to please come forward – oh yeah right – they would never touch that one. thanks bishop

  3. How much have Catholics lowered the bar on morality that they are impressed by one bishop, out of hundreds, that did the right thing.

    He didn’t do anything heroic, or ground breaking, of so impressive that it would make you proud to be a Catholic or a Christian. He didn’t speak from the heart. He spoke from prepared notes.

    He did what any basic, reasonable human being would do. He acted swiftly and honestly, complying with the common laws of the land. He apologized to victims, and asked others to come forward. Yet he was the only one to do so in the entire Catholic church.

    He did what any pagan manager from any company would do in a similar situation.

    He clearly wasn’t telling the truth at 7:20 mark. He said that the church has learned a lot about “protecting children, about doing pro-active things”. You in Philadelphia KNOW that’s not true. Read the Philadelphia Grand Jury report. They haven’t. Maybe he didn’t read the report, but it’s certainly his job to do so.

    Catholics have really allowed the bar to be lowered when they are impressed by one man doing what any basic, decent average, man would do.

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