Sex-Abuse Experts Weigh Claims for Archdiocese

Read today’s front page story in The Philadelphia Inquirer on Gina Maisto Smith, the former assistant DA hired by the Archdiocese to investigate allegations. The article outlines her investigative team and the process.

“Sex-Abuse Experts Weigh Claims for Archdiocese,” by Craig R. McCoy, The Philadelphia Inquirer, April 10, 2010.

7 thoughts on “Sex-Abuse Experts Weigh Claims for Archdiocese

  1. “They’re no longer in it,” Toczydlowski said of Stradley Ronon. “I have no contact with them.”

    Yo, Al. Would you please take off those rose-colored glasses? With comments like that, you’re giving us Polaks a bad name!

    How could Stradley and Ronon still be legal counsel to the archdiocese, perform their legal responsibilities professionally and effectively, WITHOUT access and review of such critically important (read “potential civil and criminal liability”)? Would you yourself, Mr. Toczydlowski, represent the archdiocese without having access to such critical information? If the archdiocese is paying your salary, Mr. T., then isn’t your primary legal and ethical responsibility to the leadership and management of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia?

    Will the two clergy, civil attorneys in leadership positions in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia receive copies of your investigative reports for their legal input and review? Don’t forget to cc the Chancellor and the new Bishop!

    For sure, these investigations and reports will make their way into the hands of William Sassoski.

  2. i think rigali is doing this to LOOK like he is doing something as he hopes that this will stop the lobbying for the bill to extend the statute of limitations.
    he wants to look like a caring person but if you are the one doing the hiring and they are working for you then the results they come up with will be turned over to rigali to be cherrypicked for the public.

    1. SW, I think you hit the nail on the head, here. If Ms. Smith’s results are handed over to Cardinal Rigali, it’s as if we’re right back at the beginning. He can do with her information WHATEVER HE WANTS. Also, the information provided to Ms. Smith is from the Archdiocese, so who’s to say she has “everything” that exists regarding child abuse in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. She has only what they are allowing her to see.

      I know that many devout Catholics (of which I still consider myself) might ask me why I don’t take their word that they are showing it all to Ms. Smith and disclosing everything she brings to Cardinal Rigali. But, at this point, I ask, “On what basis should I trust?” That trust has been sorely broken.

  3. “Her team will seek interviews with all the suspended priests, look for possible witnesses, and hunt for evidence to corroborate or rebut a complaint.

    Asked about victim interviews, Smith said they would be sought on a case-by-case basis.”

    The Archdiocese should post a list of the accused with their assignment histories, so that other witnesses or victims may come forward.

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