Invite from Voice of the Faithful for Friday’s Hearing

Dan Bartley, national President of Voice of the Faithful will come to Philadelphia on Friday, April 15, for the formal arraignment for the accused pedophile priests and Msgr. Lynn, accused enabler of abuse. Dan will address a press conference at the courthouse at 13th and Filbert at 11 AM after the hearing. He will discuss national VOTF position on the horrors in Philadelphia and the weakness of the Bishops. If you come, come early (around 10 a.m.) to get a seat in the hearing room. There will people outside who can’t get in and media. Signs will useful there. Signs are not allowed inside the hearing m. All are invited!

4 thoughts on “Invite from Voice of the Faithful for Friday’s Hearing

  1. Since this scandal of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy has errupted, I have been wondering why most of the offenders have not been charged in criminal courts. Hopefully, Philadelphia will clarify that sexual abuse of children is a CRIME. Abusers need to be prosecuted by CIVIL authorities; evidence uncovered and prison sentences for abusers may help to begin the process of admitting church-wide wrongdoing. Hopefully, that admission will begin the real change that is necessary to heal the wounded, and change the culture of arrogance that exists in the church today.

    1. Betty Anne,

      Most of the offenders have not been charged in criminal courts due to the statute of limitations. Therefore, we have to rely on the good sense of the Archdiocese to remove those who have credible allegations against them. That’s also why we are asking people to call their state reps in regard to removing the statute in cases of child sex abuse. Most victims don’t come forward until they are adults.

      I completely agree that we need to heal and renew. A change in the culture is long overdue.

      Thank you so much for visiting the site and sharing your thoughts. – Susan

  2. Susan and friends: I had the opportunity to attend the hearing on April 15th along with Dan Bartley and many VOTF supports. Voice of the Faithful is anxious to work closely with the local community to place appropriate pressure upon the church in meeting its obligations to protect our children. Thank you, as loyal and local Catholics, for placing yourselves in this awesome position of leadership. Sincerely, Dr Nick, National Secretary Voice of the Faith.

    1. Hi Dr. Nick, I wasn’t able to make the hearing due to other obligations, but I was happy to see Dan quoted in this morning’s Inquirer. Please read tomorrow’s posts here. And I’d love to hear back from you with your thoughts.

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