You are Invited to a Meeting in the Downington Area

All are invited to a meeting on Wednesday April 13th at 7:30 p.m. in the Downingtown area. This is a group of informed, proactive, concerned Catholics who have been working on the issues we have encountered as members of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. This group can help provide information about the efforts of lay people in responding to the crisis. Please join us if you would like to become involved in the process, seek information, or just want to listen.

Please RSVP to Margaret at filexer@ by Tuesday April 12 at 5 p.m. Based on the number of attendees, the venue may need to be changed to a location in Exton.


3 Responses to “You are Invited to a Meeting in the Downington Area”

  1. Please schedule a meeting like this one in the Philadelphia area – after 5 PM.

    • Maureen, This meeting was a grassroots effort organized on a parish level. C4C hasn’t organized any local meetings yet. If you know a few like-minded folks in your area, I would encourage you to set up a meeting. I can provide you with the minutes from this group’s first meeting. You could use them as a jumping off point. I will keep everyone posted of any upcoming C4C events. Thanks so much for your interest.

  2. What transpired at the meeting last night in the Downington area? Any information or details to share with those who post on this site?

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