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Please make your donation through this secure PayPal link. All contributions will be used for print ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the placement of press releases on PR News Wire (a public relations service). These ads and press releases will help take our specific requests of Church leadership public. These requests are in regard to legislation and other initiatives related to the clergy sex abuse issue. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Thank you to those who already donated. Display ads are expensive but a great way to share the changes we want to see happen in regard to the Church Leadership’s handling of sex abuse. I want to get the word out in every possible way.

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    The Catholic Leadership Institute’s mission is to build Catholic leaders for today and tomorrow. We empower people with the finest leadership skills and tools to help them reach their God-given potential as Catholic leaders and Christian witnesses in their family, workplace, community and Church.

    Mr. Timothy C. Flanagan
    Founder & Chair

    Mr. Matthew F. Manion
    President & CEO

    Has anyone heard from or seen any posting from the CLI regarding the clergy sexual abuse problem and/or support for the victims and their families ever since the release of the first Grand Jury Report in September 2005? Are these issues and concerns addressed in the programs and training that the CLI offers to the clergy? What is the position of the CLI in response to the documented cases of sexual abuse contained both in the first and second Grand Jury Reports issued by the District Attorney of Philadelphia?

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