Our Request for Truth in Action

We didn’t get answers to our questions. (See the Cardinal’s response here.) Now we ask for action – not words. The following actions are necessary for restoring faith and renewing the Catholic Church in Philadelphia.

1-    Direct pastors to hold open meetings with parishioners on the issue of Church response to the Grand Jury report. Give pastors the appropriate support to have such meetings.

2-    Announce the names of any suspended priests and the nature of the allegations against them.

3-    Create a customized charter of child protection, as was done in many other U.S. Dioceses.

4-    Remove the disclaimer language that precedes the Standard of Ministerial Behavior and Boundaries. These disclaimers are not found in other U.S Dioceses.

5-    Establish a special collection for clergy sex abuse victim support groups with all the money going directly to those charities.

6-    Fund a victim assistance program run independently of the Archdiocese and its lawyers.

7-    Publicly support legislation that suspends for two years the civil statute of limitations on sex abuse claims. Support the abolishment of the statute of limitations for sex offenses against minors.

8-    Use independent providers for the evaluation and treatment of priests accused of sexually abusing minors.

9-    Follow all recommendations made by Gina Maisto Smith and her team.

10- Send every new allegation received by the diocese to Gina Maisto Smith and her team. (Victims should contact the DA’s office. Please see resources page.)

It’s time for us to be the Church. We must unite ourselves with victim survivors. It is up to each and every one of us to protect children, bring victims justice and help our priests of integrity retain the respect they deserve.

In solidarity we become the living Gospel this Holy Week. Please spread this information by sharing this Web site with every Catholic you know this Palm Sunday. Let’s show them we are not a weak voice but a powerful force of faith.

5 thoughts on “Our Request for Truth in Action

  1. Susan, I love your enthusiasm and your spirit, but I have a more extreme view. This isn’t the bishop’s church. It’s GOD’s church and YOUR church. Go take it back. Don’t wait for permission.

    Here is a single story that should tell you everything you need to know about the highest levels of Catholic leadership. There are others that are much worse, but I picked this one because it happened THIS WEEK.

    The Belgian Catholic bishop, one of the top 200 priests in the world, fully admitted that he had sex with his NEPHEW from age 5 to age 18. The Vatican and the Pope, knew about it A YEAR AGO. They sent him “into exile”. Direct quotes from this week: Pope Benedict XVI will “eventually” decide his fate. He “could” be stripped of his priesthood.

    Rumors are circulating that he was sent to bed without dinner.

    He ADMITTED it, so don’t say it’s just an accusation. It was in every major newspaper and the Associated Press See http://bit.ly/eI8GjH

    Oh, and he also had sex with his other nephew, but only for a year.

    And the interview and place of exile was “in a secret location somewhere along the Loire river known for its grand chateaux and superb gardens in central France”. Pope punishment for sex with a child, if he’s is your nephew. Oops, nephews, plural.

    What took the Pope more than 5 minutes to make the decision?

    God must think that today’s Catholics are the weakest people on earth. What more does He have to show you to prove that these aren’t His leaders? Take His church back, TODAY, or go down fighting.

  2. Looks good, Susan.
    I would like to point out something else, close to my heart after years of wading through emotional removals from ministry in the Archdiocese of Boston. When a diocesan clergy is removed from ministry, I see a strong need for a “listening session” type meeting at his parish. Final approval of such a session for shocked parishioners seem to have been up to the bishop “in charge” of each of five regions of the Archdiocese. Having attended many sessions allowed to take place and talking to parishioners, I’m certain the sessions should be automatic. In fact, if the removed clergy had only been in the post for a short time, I believe parishioners at a former and longer post, often in the same diocesan region, should be invited to the session.

  3. Susan, Please reconsider #10….Every new allegation of sexual abuse should be reported to independent law enforcement professionals and not someone hired by and paid by the Archdiocese. Thank you

  4. Susan,

    Thank you for all your hard work! I sincerely believe you are sent, as an angel, to remind Jesus’ flock that we are to emulate Him, and not the church bureaucrats appointed power given to them by false profits.

    We are angry and no longer hurt! We must stand tall, united and not waver! For, our church as we know it now, must not continue!

    It is time to remove the blinders,remember the promises made at Baptism; we must use the gifts of the “Holy Spirit, given to each of us at Confirmation.

    Susan, like you simply asked, of the Cardinal at the end of your letter, “What would Jesus Do”? Perhaps we need to ask ourselves the same question, “What Would Jesus Do”? Since we did not receive a straight answer from down town. We must make them do what it is Jesus would want.
    We need to hear the crying of the abused children, the ones that took their own lives because the pain became too unbearable. Also , for the many adult victims that use drugs, alcohol or any substance to numb the pain. The ones that live in denial, who believe if they don’t think about it, it will go away, but wonder why their lives are a mess.

    We must do it for those parents, who find it almost impossible to forgive themselves, for not recognizing the signs. It could be any one of us!

    Bravo! Susan!

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