Have You Spoken With Your Kids About Clergy Sex Abuse?

Even as recently as a month ago, I still hadn't discussed the clergy sex abuse issue with my children. Both attend Catholic school and my oldest is an altar server. We had the "good touch/bad touch" talk when they were little and over the years I've encouraged them to always trust their instincts. Child predators … Continue reading Have You Spoken With Your Kids About Clergy Sex Abuse?

Our Request for Truth in Action

We didn't get answers to our questions. (See the Cardinal's response here.) Now we ask for action – not words. The following actions are necessary for restoring faith and renewing the Catholic Church in Philadelphia. 1-    Direct pastors to hold open meetings with parishioners on the issue of Church response to the Grand Jury report. … Continue reading Our Request for Truth in Action

Reaction to Cardinal Rigali’s Response

What is your reaction to the response? The first parish bulletin insert only indirectly answers one of our 10 questions. When child safety is at stake, we won’t wait months for “possible topics for future inserts.” Waiting with faith brought us the latest grand jury report. We find this response unacceptable. The last question remains … Continue reading Reaction to Cardinal Rigali’s Response