12 thoughts on “FOX 29 Good Day Segment on Archdiocesan Victim Assistance

  1. Susan, another great job on FOX again this morning. But I have a question – why is FOX the only station giving this matter any decent coverage? Thanks again for all your hard work.

    1. I have no idea. The others don’t seem to be as interested in the investigative aspect. Many of the reporters at FOX are Catholic and concerned. I have heard from CBS.

  2. Why not reach out to Pat Ciarrocchi, CBS3 local reporter, who is very interested in Catholic Church issues?

    CBS 3
    1555 Hamilton Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19130
    Telephone: 215-977-5310
    E-mail: ciarrocchi@cbs3.com

    She is a co-host with Ukee Washington of Talk Philly, CBS 3′s Emmy Award-winning news and lifestyle program. Ms. Ciarrocchi certainly has the background, skill and experience to present a critically important matter such as the protection of our children in the Philadelphia area.

      1. Also Kathy Gondolifi.,Channel 6 ..is an Recipient of the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Award.

        Thank you Susan, for your pro-active, honest quest to work toward having our church be want we want it to be.
        So many of us feel left down and truly hurt
        that the hierarchy has lied to us.
        Last night we had almost 700 parishioners meet in church to discuss how we will work together to support OUR parish.

  3. Thank you again, Susan. Your points on behalf of Catholics4Change are balanced, thoughtful, and respectful. There is recognition for action that is well done, and constructive action requested where it is needed. Perhaps the diocese will start listening and acting as they realize C4C is seeking to “lift up” the Church.

  4. While I second Laura B.’s comment, I am not holding my breath. The lack of leadership, as you have pointed out, continues so consistently that one can only conclude those in command are unable to take constructive criticism.

  5. Susan:

    Thank you for acknowledging that Archbishop Carroll is working to do the right things. It will take time, but I believe Carroll has an opportunity to raise the bar and maybe even help the Archdiocese set a new standard. I intend to stay involved there and feel encouraged by conversations I’ve had with other parents who want to be involved as well.

  6. Mary Beth:

    I do not share your optimism regarding the hope that the Archdiocese will set a new standard. Their method of operation has been and will continue to be one of silence, unresponsiveness, secrecy and obfuscation. This past Sunday’s parish bulletin insert is a primary example of a document where specifics, details, facts and the names of responsible decision-makers in the archdiocesan management is conspicuously absent.

    It appears that the incident and arrest at Archbishop Carroll HS was, for the most part, outside of the control and management of the archdiocese and was primarily directed by the District Attorney of Montgomery County.

    The true test would be (or would have been) the outcome, actions and decision-making on the part of archdiocesan leadership had the call from the family re these allegations been received by personnel INSIDE the high school and/or archdiocese.

    Only the foolish and naive would believe that the outcome would have been the same (prompt criminal arrest)if the archdiocese were the primary source of the reception, processing, management and action on such allegations received from a parent of a high school student.

  7. Michael:

    The outcome would certainly have been different, but this family did the right thing. The incident was criminal and that’s how it was handled. It’s a lot harder to hide sometihng that is spread across the news. Now the challenge is how to handle it, not how to hide it.

  8. “The alleged incidents were immediately reported to ChildLine, the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and the Downingtown Police Department, the press release states.”

    A few months ago an allegation was made against a teacher at local diocesan high school.In this case the teacher was cleared of any wrongdoing after an investigation by the local law enforcement.The good thing is that the school administration seems to have handled this situation in an appropriate manner.In the article it states that the administration contacted the above mentioned authorities.

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