Witness in Current Clergy Sex Abuse Case Dies

Click here to read: “Witness who said priest raped him dies,” by John Slobodzian, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 17, 2013


“The future of the sex abuse case against the Rev. Robert L. Brennan – the former Philadelphia priest arrested Sept. 26 and charged with raping a Northeast Philadelphia altar boy from 1998 to 2001 – is now uncertain after the death of the 26-year-old complaining witness.

Marci A. Hamilton, a lawyer who has sued the Catholic church on behalf of several alleged victims of priests, confirmed that the 26-year-old man died Sunday of an apparent accidental drug overdose.”


Editor’s Note: We extend our prayers and sympathy to the victim’s family. Child sex abuse continues to shatter lives long after the crime takes place.

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    1. Crystal. We love you but also k n ow there are some pretty dumb catholics out there that put more emphasis on the Eucharist’s magic, when there is a simple way that Christ called us to. HIMSELF! We can’t earn it, no matter how many times we receive communion…or how many times we go to mass.
      How ‘ bout the thief on the cross that never even knew JESUS until He too was crucified next to JESUS. JESUS in answer t o his question of “Jesus , will you remember me when you go to your throne In heaven ?” Jesus said the thief. would be there with him in heaven….even though his whole life had not been with Christ. That is the beauty of not being able to earn your place with GOD.!!

  1. Another Soul destroyed by the enablers and abusers, I am sure that chaput will offer insincere sadness and apologies while continuing to subvert legislation that will eliminate the SOL and open a Window for Victims. I am waiting to read how and who is going to offer a defense for these freaks, remember ” be careful who you trust even the Devil was once an Angel ” !

  2. Susan wrote: ” Child sex abuse continues to shatter lives long after the crime takes place.”
    At this time it appears the victim continued to be tortured by the clergy sexual abuse he suffered. Very, very sad.

  3. Very sad! Very Tragic!There are no happy endings to the stories of those abused by Catholic Priests as children. Many commit suicide. Many become addicted to drugs or alcohol. That is a much slower form of suicide, but suicide none the less. Even for those of us who have managed to get pass the thoughts of suicide and overcome the addictions, life is a constant struggle. We mourn for those who didn’t make it, knowing full well that it could have been our fate as well.Even for those who may have obtained some compensation for their loss, I suspect many of the effects never go away.And still the Church refuses to accept responsibility for the damage done to innocent children by their clergy.I am so angry.

  4. Very sad and angry tonight reading this.
    I hope he understood in some way that many people cared deeply….and that his suffering and life story and his welfare was important to them…and that we will not forget.

  5. No denying that fr. Brennan has a lot of skeletons from the 2 grand jury’s.

    Want to know what everyone would feel or say if is the allegations turned out to be false? Just putting it out there that no one on this blog would care about this kid if he just died of a drug overdose. and if you did know him, i’m sure it would be the old – “he was a good kid who got mixed up with the wrong crowd.”

    since he “came forward” everyone rallies around him – no questions asked.

    1. Jim: He was a kid who got mixed up with the wrong crowd: the Catholic Church. For innocent young boys who were chosen to be altar boys and molested by Catholic Priests.Father Brennan was a serial pedophile. That is the truth. He, like many of his cohorts will probably get away with it, not because he didn’t do it but because the statute of limitations has run out on his crimes.By the way, are you friends with Bill Lynn?

    2. Jim G.,

      You give me the impression that you’re living in an alternate universe. Your position has similarities to the behavior of the Tea Party in the attempted government shutdown, denial of reality.

    3. JIm for so long survivors were not acknowledged and their predators were allowed to run free. I am all for fairness but if the pendulum swings the other way for awhile can you really not understand why? What happened was horrible and in many ways demonic. These priests tortured these kids in many instances emotional and otherwise. It wasn’t some consentual sex or something. Have you heard the sadistic blasphemous stories?????????? Its not what a lot of catholics want to hear many of these priests were so so twisted…….

    4. Jim Gallagher, the questions were asked. This account was credible, and the victim died of a drug overdose like SO MANY other victims of the RCC. Get on the right side of this. Leave defending the Archdiocese and its pedophiles to their lawyers who do this so masterfully in exchange for millions and millions of our donation dollars.

      Pan out a bit and study the big picture of who/what you seem to want to defend. How have these pedophile priests and their AD protectors managed to compel your loyalty? Defending them only makes us sound cruel and slightly deranged, and in the dark about addiction, sex abuse, and the dealings of the RCC.
      You can’t undo what they’ve done. Don’t waste your energy trying.

      1. “Leave defending the Archdiocese and its pedophiles to their lawyers who do this so masterfully in exchange for millions and millions of our donation dollars” (Crystal).


  6. Actually Jim you are dead wrong. as a Mother, as a human being I care when any 26 year old dies. It is a tragedy that a family lost their child..that a life was cut short. Your comment is full of assumptions something that you are pointing the finger at the people on this blog and then you show up making sweeping generalizations and put words in people’s mouth.

    I like to think the best of people and am going to assume that you Jim were a good kid who got mixed up with the wrong crowd.
    You also may be confused because of the current Halloween season but Brennan did not have ‘skeletons’ in his closet, I believe the word you are looking for is victims. I am sure the crowd you got mixed up with has a hard time using that word because it is too hard to believe.

    1. Thank you Kathy! I couldn’t have said it better . Jim, there is a family that will be burying their son tomorrow after a tortuous life because of Brennan and a church that closed their eyes to children being raped. Chaput is trying to keep all if them from having any justice at all. Open your eyes and get out of your condescending attitude!

  7. To say that is upsetting is putting it mildly. My condolences to the family of a brave young man who came forward. I do not know exactly how he suffered, but having seen it up close with a loved one, I can only imagine. My heart hurts for all of the victims and the families across the world. May you all find some type of peace, and may these hideous crimes cease. Praying with all I got…

  8. Way back when… who would have thought that young people would die due to the sins and crimes of priests, priests who covered it up, and priests who remained silent?

    The priesthood, itself, stands responsible and until it redeems itself through owning its history of clericalism, telling the truth, distributing justice to its victims, and reforming, its damage will continue to hurt human beings, take young lives, and wreak havoc on the moral voice and unity of the entire Church.

    May this victim inspire priests to redeem themselves.

  9. I am in total shock!! This just goes on and on. I feel as if there will never be any peace for me or any of the other victims. I can guarantee that there is more to this story than meets the eye. He was definitely getting pressure from somewhere maybe everywhere. Having been there myself, I feel as though I lost a family member. My he finally find the peace that he so deserved.

  10. As a child I was abused by a stranger in a movie house and I believe that has had negative effects on my life (now 81). My faith in Jesus Christ Who died for my sins, and those of the whole world keeps me in peace since I believed. Has the Roman Church been able to bring
    peace to the many abused by its priests? We can look at the evidence and come up with our
    own answers.

  11. Recently, I had a conversation with someone who works in one of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. They told me that their parish is having difficulty finding kids who will act as altar servers. They went to kids who are involved in CCD classes looking for servers. They had little success there as well.Parents do not want their children serving at Masses. Now as a victim/survivor, I understand parents reluctance to put their children into possibly dangerous situations. I remember when I was chosen to be an altar boy back in the early sixties, other kids were jealous that they were not chosen. It was also more difficult because we had to learn the Latin responses to the liturgy.Today, They can’t find kids willing to serve. How do priests feel about this? Those who abused kids have made the entire profession seem guilty. How about parents of kids who blog here? Would you allow your son or daughter to be an altar server? Just wondering.

    1. JIm, We decided a long time ago my kids would not be altar servers. My church does altar serving instruction by the kids watching a utube video from home. The doors to the sacristy are left opening til mass starts and then are closed and opened at the end of mass. They were even thinking of having adults only serve at funerals during the day. I think the priests at my parish are trying to be as safe and transparent as possible but varies from parish to parish. Its not that I don’t trust my priests its that I come from St Andrews in Drexel Hill and Fr. Cannon tried to lure my brother to his room to see his trains he didn’t go thank God but I am not going to take chances and its sad it has come to this.

    2. Jim, none of my sons were allowed to be altar servers. I am glad about that decision now for several reasons…and not only those having to do with safety. I always feel a little sorry for altar children.
      To tell you the truth, I don’t even understand why children need to “serve” in such a capacity . It makes me uneasy.
      Growing up, I remember cringing as our imperious pastor shoved the boys on the altar and reprimanded them loudly and nastily when they made mistakes. He would stop the mass and glower at the poor child who was just trying his best. He publicly humiliated at least boy during every mass, sometimes several…Mass was quite a nerve-wracking spectacle…and thinking back… How disgusting was it that the lectors, cantors and the adults in the congregation all just sat quietly and tolerated such abuse? It was clericalism at its finest.

    3. Jim Tucker,
      I allow (and encourage) my child to be an acolyte (altar server) in a Lutheran church. Of course, we have policies that are enforced with quite a few people present.

      If we were Catholic, I would never allow it. But that’s because I don’t see tangible, consistent, enforced change across churches. It’s hit and miss with priests who uphold policies.

      I hope priests, IF they are having difficulty finding altar servers, direct their disgust and frustration at their bosses instead of parents and children. The hierarchy, along with the parish priest, have no one to blame but themselves for the climate they’ve created.


    4. Hi Jim, my twin boys were eligible to be altar servers this year but I did not sign them up. After reading the grand jury reports, I just did not feel comfortable. For what it’s worth, I think of you often as I drive past St. John of the Cross and say a little prayer for you.

      1. catholicmom: From what I understand St. John of the Cross is under review this year. They are deeply in debt and the outlook does not look good. As you know the school closed and I believe the Church will probably close soon. When my family moved into Roslyn, back in the fifties, the Church was probably the biggest draw. Most of the families who moved into the area surrounding the school were Catholics who had moved out of the city.The Church and school prospered for years. But St. Johns also became well known because of the abuse that happened there. Father Kostelnick, who molested girls, the priest who molested me and various other priests , accused of molesting kids served there. In some ways, its fate saddens me.In other ways, not so much.

  12. “He said, ‘Dad, he took my innocence from me before I even knew what innocence was.'”

    I hope the Pa Politicians who are against the SOL / Window legislation have many sleepless nights, a ‘DEATH SENTENCE ‘ was imposed on a INNOCENT VICTIM ! The rcc is a heartless self centered money oriented criminal organization !

    1. another law enforcement’s son attempting to justify why he fell into a life of alcohol and drugs.

      how many rehabs and facilities did it take to come to the conclusion that suing the archdiocese would make it all better.

        1. Drwho13……….and people like Jim wonder why people are leaving the church in droves……..bottom line there is no compassion………..if there was any most of it left with the people exiting the pews ……..this lack of compassion has horrified and disillusioned me………. its also lack of compassion that allows predators to violate their victims…….what I want to know is where is the compassion? and why is it not made public? why are there no attempts to come clean without the pressure of lawsuits? why are they not doing everything in their power to do the right thing and save souls??????? Jesus didn’t have a bank account and neither did Peter said our most recent Pope so please start acting like Jesus and Peter!!!!!!!!

      1. Mark Jim whatever your real name is. Many of the patients in drug and alcohol rehab have been molested as children if you dont know this then do some research. The same reason Archbishop Chaput put an embezzler in jail is the same reason survivors have a right to sue a crime occurred and the leadership doesnt get a free pass because they are representing the catholic church. If they practiced what they preach this never would have happened in the first place. I am disgusted knowing everything I know because they knew and they did not protect innocent children. It might not help past survivors regain what they have lost but at least it says loud and clear that this behavior will not be tolerated like it was in the past and may keep present kids safe by exposing current predators and how they were coveredup. You are right when the damage is done its affects last a lifetime that’s why it needs to be taken very very seriously.One thing I have heard from many survivors is that they thought when they told the church the church would do the right thing guess what they didn’t………suing is the last resort because no one in the leadership takes any of this seriously til they do get sued. My experience with putting a predator in jail from a non catholic church was the exact opposite of what many of our survivors experienced in the catholic church and it enraged me to the point I am involved in laws changes because what the catholic church did and how they treated our survivors was and isi terrible and I as a catholic was horrified and ashamed by what the church leadership has done.

  13. Earlier today, posted the following at http://www.catholicphilly.com, the archdiocesan website under the topic detailing Fr. Brennan’s arrest. It was not accepted by the site administrator.

    “Where is the statement from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and its leadership regarding the unfortunate and heart-breaking passing of this young man, who suffered a lifetime of torment as a result of sexual abuse?

    His family has spoken out today in the midst of their grief and suffering. When will our Catholic religious leaders do the same if only to express their condolences and prayers to the victim and his family?”

    Michael Skiendzielewski
    Captain (Retired)
    Philadelphia Police Dept.

  14. I keep asking my self why Our Creator left out a commandment forbidding the abuse of children ? Can anyone give me a cogent reason, maybe those who give thumbs down on this site can enlighten me.

    1. Hi Unable…

      (In Matthew), when asked “which is the great commandment in the law?”, Jesus answered, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind”, before also referring to a second commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. Most Christian denominations consider these two commandments the core of the Christian religion.

      In my mind, this would address your question.

      There’s also a commandment against bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.

    2. unabletotrust its part of natural law and written on mens and womans hearts. In Genesis its one man and one woman not one man and one child. Jesus also stated that if you harm a child it is better a millstone be wrapped around your neck.

    3. UNABLETOTRUST, Maybe He thought that the sexual abuse of children was a no-brainer…?? ..A sin too foul to require spelling out in a commandment….A rare abomination that only the smallest number of the lowest of the low could ever engage in, or aid in it’s coverup.

      …Maybe He never predicted that a beastly percentage of His exalted holy representatives would be connected to the destruction of His innocents in this way…and that they’d spend billions of donation dollars hiding and dodging the law, and spinning the truth about their proclivities. Maybe the good Lord never saw this one coming.

  15. For those (or he) who so easily condemn a young man who found that drugs helped him to escape from the torturous memories of his abuse at the hands of a pedophile, I ask, “What if it had been your child? Would you believe him/her then?” Please open your eyes to reality. Yes, it’s hard to live with the reality that this is what happened….to so many children……but living in denial is worse. Get educated about abuse and you will see that this is exactly the pattern that can often occur with a victim. Supporting the wrongdoers can’t really feel good. Unbury your head.

    Also, my children haven’t and never will serve as altar servers. Why send them down a street that you know is crime ridden?

  16. Jesus commandment….important above all…..”Do unto others as you would have done to you” Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of these victims and their families…. as Jesus asked us to do. If we love the Lord with all our heart, we will help those who have been damaged, not ostracize them. The Lord asks us to forgive, but I don’t believe he asks us to condone what is wrong and let it go on.

    Loving your neighbor does not mean letting him continue to hurt others or dodge responsibility for wrongful actions. We love our children. Do we let them do that?

    1. deeplysad,
      I am deeply sad also. Jesus means the world to me especially in the Eucharist and I know he loves me and he is Love and Life and all good things come from him.I know this from my head to the tips of my toes. I love Jesus more than anything. But the Christ the bishops and leadership are conveying and distorting as his so called representatives here on Earth has become one that appears to be not loving or kind or lifegiving but one of indifference, destruction and death…….

  17. Why does this priest ” get off ” just because the child he abused has died!? He should be watched ,carefully as the people who hired him ( the rcc) and the . Investigation should be on going, so he is not putting more innocents at risk of being sexually abused by him and his cohorts.

    1. another uninformed commenter. brennan is retired and has no contact with children. to help you out even further his case is also under review by rome for laicization

      1. Had the hierarchy reported Brennan to the authorities when they first knew, he would have been prosecuted. Prison is the only thing that ensures no contact with children. He is out in society with no restrictions.

      2. Brian, the problem is that this isn’t the weird world of the Vatican…This the USA…and here, children have rights and sex criminals go to jail. Here, retirement and laicization isn’t adequate punishment for child rape.

      3. Brian the information you share I have read in a few articles. basically it seems to me you are saying the church has done everything it legally and churchwise can do presently but it could have done differently in the past.. That’s why laws need to be changed to open windows because it is extremely difficult to keep serial predators away from kids. After my experience with one and all I have read I believe the most compassionate thing for them and for our children is to drop them on an island so they can never be near another kid. I understand the law its weak concerning kids and allows “non violent” child molesters to roam freely in our supermarkets streets etc. A lot of people would like to believe predators are thrown in prison and the key is thrown away but I know this is not true and there are known predators out on parole all over.

        1. Beth: Stunning that you would mention an island. Reverend Gerald Fitzgerald who founded the Servants of the Paracletes in 1947 for wayward priests, wanted to do exactly that. Reverend Fitzgerald founded the Order to treat emotional and abuse issues. Little did he know that pedophile priests would end up on his doorstep, sent from Bishops around the country. In many cases, he had no idea of why they were sent there.He was one of the first clergymen to warn the Vatican about pedophile priests. Father Fitzgerald was forced out in 1965, in part because he came to believe that pedophile priests were incurable. He suggested that they be housed on an island for treatment He went so far as to put a down payment on a Caribbean island, for this purpose.He went to Rome,at one point and told Pope Paul VI that pedophile priests were dangerous and should be removed from ministry. Some of the predator priests being treated in Jemez Springs, New Mexico were allowed to work in local parishes, where they molested more children. The New Mexico location closed in 1995., after numerous lawsuits were filed on behalf of kids molested by priests from the center. Most ot this information came from an article written by Dana Kennedy on the Huffington Post.

          1. JIm I have done a lot of soulsearching concerning predators trying to reconcile that I don’t believe they can be cured and on the other hand I believe Jesus came to save everyone. I think the only thing you can do is manage them and remove predators from being around children. Many are sociopaths……can you truly cure a sociopath? I don’t think so again you have to teach them that it is in their best interest to live within societies norms because it will benefit them not others. The thing is at the same time I sensed such evil in talking to a predator. I have a lot of questions for Jesus when I meet him……..

          2. Jim just think how much this would have saved the church both financially and from a human perspective (destruction of lives)if they had just listened to his warning. The closer you work with predators the better you know them this priest knew what he was talking about.

      4. What does” no access” to kids even mean? Who does not have access to kids while living freely? Parks, malls, athletic fields,public restrooms, beaches, pools ,campgrounds and on and on.

        1. Sorry I meant to say what does “no contact” mean? Who is watching,who is babysitting these men..no one.

    1. The situation described in “The Australian” could/should be an object lesson for truth seekers. Even use of the word “Healing” to name its program cannot hide the fact that continues to be clear,i.e., there is no “healing” available in the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church. Only those suffering from a form of denial cannot see that the bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

    2. unableto imagine Archbishop Chaput in a support group for victims of embezzling and then not being allowed and /or discouraged from seeking justice the whole idea is crazy making and just doesn’t make sense. That’s what it seems the article above is saying.

  18. Wow I just read an article about a suspended Bishop in Germany apparently he bought a 20,000 bath tub among other things…. Pope Francis seems very serious about correcting some of these bishops I hope he starts doing the same with bishops that cover up abuse…..

  19. That will be the day! My son in San Diego owns a company called Ultra Bath, I
    think HE’D loved to have had that order. In20 yrs I don’t think he ever had anything like that extravagance…

    1. I’d rather see these bishops blow the RCC’s money splashing around in their fancy bathtubs, than to spend it on well-connected criminal defense firms and SOL lobbyists. Either way, the funds do nothing toward the purpose they were intended, such as to help our neighbors in need, or to build up our church communities.

      1. Yeah Crystal I agree they are calling this Bishop “Bishop Bling” Mansion was like $42,000,000 or something if I read the article correctly. I wish they would take the students in seminary and make them bishops. No one wants to be a priest right now and the ones that are in seminary have really done a lot of soul searching. These types of bishops need to go and why aren’t these bishops spending being checked. Checks and balances keep people honest.

  20. Personally I think it is a travesty for priests to spend the hard earned money given by parishioners. to their churches on any thing but the necessities that are needed to keep the parish running and the excesses given to charity. I think most of us thought that is the way it worked. We’re the ones who have been lied to over the many years by these” pseudo intellectual” (supposed HOLY men) We are,” stupid no more!”!!!!!!!!GOD has got to be glad that we are finally ” getting it!”

  21. When I think about all of the comments here about the Catholic church and how people think that the church should immitate Pope Francis’ s New ways for their church’s ‘re- habilitation , I think how about imitating What JESUS CHRIST DID! HE DID NOT NEED ALL the acrutremonts. of the Vatican “fall- der- all”
    Why do any of us need anything but the faith HE HAS CALLED US TO.???? The children who have been sexually abused would never have been put in the situation of thinking the priests. represented JESUS CHRIST..if we hand’t
    When you really look at it, we were the ones who fell for the arrogance of the ” one and only CHURCH” We liked being ” superior” by having the ” Eucharist” that only “our priests could consecrated into the body and blood of our Lord….
    Well, if you think and pray about this, do you really think JESUS would do any thing like this to HIS CHURCH ,( US) HE didnt. need it then and we don’t need it now!

    The Eucharist was established around the 1200’s. Nothing of the sort was established by OUR LORD…It was, “DO THIS IN REMEMBERANCE OF ME!” COMMUNION WITH HIM!

    We , by not being what the Word calls us to be, “humble and contrite of heart” Now find ourselves to have been as elitist as we now find the Hierarchy to be. We . have indicted ourselves. And we should.be indicted and have great sorrow for our arrogance

    . There is a way to say we are sorry and that is to do what we are doing by ‘re- butting what the real ( not our fantasy)ways of the ROMAN CHURCH .They do not stand for JESUS CHRIST’S WAYS. . It’s the ways of “their MEN,” “non inclusive” of anyone but who and what they want. JESUS INCLUDED. Us. ALL! The righteous man and the sinfully dumb, all we all need HIM.

    JIP I wanted the people to have relief from too many children by contraception..those with AIDS to have a way out of their sickness..It did’t stop the sins. but it didn’t’t take away their “free will.” Abortion is bad but again ” our free will” Which GOD would Never Do. The RCC does! Or you are excommunicated! He,JPI , wanted the Vatican bank eliminateed, the artifacts sold and proceeds given to the poor. He was poisoned . No autopsy, imediately. buried. !!!!!
    I guess Iam getting as long. winded as Rich. But it’ s IMPORTANT ! As are his blogs! This is said……
    Lovingly in CHRIST, Gloria sullivan

    1. Gloria, It’s all been done before; these’s nothing new under the sun, (including these phrases).

      “When people think of the Pope, the more devout will think of them as a benevolent and compassionate leader, or failing that, at least as a pretty nice guy most of the time. Not so with John XII. Shortly after being elected Pope at the age of eighteen, John XII decided the whole celibacy thing wasn’t for him and went about humping whatever he could. Gambling, theft, assassinations, and incest are only a few things he was reported to have partaken in regularly. It’s even alleged that he would toast Satan and Roman gods and demons during sermons and other celebrations. He was briefly deposed by Pope Leo VII after John XII handed the papal lands over to German king Otto I, but was later reinstated. So after all that, it only seems a somewhat ironically fitting end that John XII would be beaten to death by a jealous husband coming home to find the Pope having sex with his wife.”


      1. Drwho, Thanks for posting about john xxii. What a fun pope! Funny they never mentioned him to us in CCD.

  22. .A c orrection………………TRANSUBSTANCIATION , as we know it today, came in the year 1515 during, I think, the Council of Trent.! Check to see if I’m right or wrong. Thanks.

  23. Anyone see the oct 22 article about Ralph Cipriano being questioned by the court for finding “holes” in testimony from the last trial?

  24. There were supporters for VICTIMS at the hearing in Camden today , none for the rcc , wonder why?

  25. I’ve been reading up on why the Bishops, Popes , etc all seem to be able to LIE without thinking anything of it. They are called by Canon. Law to secrecy in anything that would bring scandal to the church! The. reason …as I say…… Is their” pseudo intellectualism”, the Jesuits do fit this description perfectly … by their way of coining words and phrases that hlep them LIE with what they call “MENTAL RESERVATION” or equivocation..is it a lie or Isn’t it? As Catholic moral theology states, it is a way to tell the truth ( a form of deception ,to keep secrets,) you use “mixed speech” or imply a double meaning to the words, rather than tell a literal truth..Is this an ethical doctrine or doctrine at all? Popes even questioned but it remained. Just as “transubstanciation” is a Jesuit “made up word” We, sadly have fallen for it all ,over the many centuries. This. occured in and around the 15 th or 16 centuries. JERRY SLEVIN. or anyone but the indoctrinated clergy ..let me know what you think…thanks
    Seems to me to be a religion frought with” man made” UN- truths.! JESUS IS. CRINGING ! …..That we would be sooo, intellectually inspired by “WRONG TRUTHS. We wanted.” our ears. tickled” HE SAID IT and it happened! Ha ,Ha ..mea culpa!

  26. It’s like the Catholic church,s clergy, thinks they can ” TRICK GOD!” into thinking they ‘re just using a “syllogism ” and they really are telling the TRUTH (according to their standards.)..

  27. Gloria I don’t even recognize the church the bishops and the pope is trying to protect. I am so glad my dad passed away before he saw this. I still remember him saying I think it was the first grand jury report came out and all the catholic standard and times was talking about was how Harry Potter wasn’t Christian . The insanity of it all. Has Archbishop Chaput said anything about the loss of this young man? I would gladly lie down my life for Jesus in the Eucharist and my faith. Sometimes think that would be better then witnessing the distortion and corruption in the church today. If we had a persecuted church just think how many bishops would be exiting the church. I think quit a few.My dad and my uncle were both history teachers I know all about the past church corruption men as well as woman are flawed and that’s how Satan gains access into the church just like Judas. The thing is for every Judas we need a Peter. We need strong brave leaders who speak the truth because they love Christ. I have not seen many of them lately. Where are all the Saints? Hopefully they are coming soon or maybe they are working in the background……….I pray to God they are………..

    1. I really feel that I would rather the catholic church go bankrupt before one more person loses their life and/or their faith……….I use to feel torn about allegiences but I am not anymore…..my faith is in Jesus and the teachings of the church but when they don’t practice what they preach they bring this on their heads…….hopefully some of the consequences here will bring the proud to their knees so they repent……

  28. Quite simply, many of our US Catholic Church leaders are not “honorable men”. No man, clergy or lay, with integrity, ethics and truthfulness would ever attempt to explain away, justify or minimize the devastation, destruction and heartache that has been caused by the clergy perpetrators but EVEN MORE SO by those in position of leadership who purposely distort the teachings of Jesus Christ when responding to credible allegations of sexual abuse.

    How’s that for a Saturday morning !

  29. I have written a little story which I hope will help some to see a truth
    few see in the world today: it is the truth of the gift of eternal life, bliss with God for ever, without end.

    In my story, an unscrupulous man learns that a wealthy and benevolent father is leaving his great fortune to his children and is soon to pass on.

    Through evil and false schemes, the wicked man attains a position from which he is able to convince the children of the Loving Father that all the fortune coming to them truly comes from his hands and therefore they must come to him to realize and receive the blessings.

    As Jesus Himself taught, and the bible repeats often: the false way is broad and the true way narrow, so most of the children fall prey to the fraudulent scheme, while only a few, a REMNANT are aware of the truth.

    This story is a picture of what transpires today— my loved ones, some of you beloved c4c bloggers and a multitude of others are “waiting upon” or otherwise looking to the wicked imposter to hand out the blessings, the riches of eternal life,when , in reality — all of it already belongs to you simply by faith in the goodness of your Father. Your Father has provided that anyone, no matter how scarlet their sins who believes the gospel of Christ— dead, buried and risen for ALL our sins HAS ETERNAL LIFE!

    1. Nichols, Nobody…not even the silliest of catholics truly believes such nonsense as you state in the first sentence of your last paragraph. Why go on so to your fellow Christians here about the basics of Christianity?Aren’t things exasperating and chaotic enough these days? We get it already…Catholic dogma is evil and screwed up, and you and God disapprove.

      We catholic types might look stupid (as our clergy steals our money and molests kids and covers up for it) but don’t be fooled…Most of us in 2013, can easily spot a “wicked imposter” and most of us know the Lord and have a strong sense of how grace, blessings and salvation works.

      1. I don’t know how to take your post Crystal.
        Crystal, it’s not a matter of “looking stupid”, it’s a matter of not knowing.
        If Catholics keep going to the imposter, they must not know the truth of the gospel. That is my purpose, to publish the good news. Everyone is on a level “playing feild”— all sinners, and all need the truth of the gift of grace through faith. Just what do you take offense to?

          1. One would need to be either blind or highly selective in reading to not see that many posts here are saying the same message as mine— some in a very blunt unvarnished way, e.g., “…it is not God’s church…”. I could list several posts on this very page that are both lead ups and follow ups to my posts and only mine drew the direct “fire.” It appears some are either selective in their reading or in whom they choose to criticize. I both welcome and expect criticism when I identify the truth of the gospel anywhere, not only on Catholic sites. My message itself is that the churches of today, both non-catholic and Catholic have “another gospel”, that is they have deviated from the gospel of the cross we can find in our bibles. Does “this is a Catholic site” mean the truth is not going to be allowed? There are sites like that, I pray C4C is never one of them.

          2. Nichols1 and Gloria , Although I may agree with you on many things. I stay in the Catholic church because of the Eucharist and that is what sets it apart from other Christian denominations. While I admire other faiths that is why I always found them lacking.Yes the catholic church has not been acting like the church Christ established I think we all agree on that. But nothing you say or quote will ever take away my belief that Jesus is in fact present in the Eucharist. Call it magical thinking or whatever you want I know from the tips of my toes to the top of my head to the core of my being he is truly present there. That being said maybe that is unfortunate for the catholic leadership because since I hold this belief dearly I will stay and fight for our survivors from within the church. I believe 100 percent this is Gods will for me especially because it is hard and sometimes I want to give up. Many times we know we are on the right track because following Gods will is difficult and Satan throws everything he can at you.

          3. Gloria and nichols1,
            I really don’t want debate the Eucharist but I do understand you think we should not have priests and if we didn’t have priests we wouldn’t have to worry about corrupt priests and you are trying to point out the error of our thinking. I am just pointing out that you cant change my mind about Eucharist so I would rather focus on what we have in common which is to protect kids and help survivors.

          4. Beth, I think you have every right to believe as you do about the Eucharist and other points of faith. Nobody should have to feel “put down” because they’re catholic. Especially here. Not only is it rude, but it isn’t helpful to any cause. I am not innocent of this and I intend to be more sensitive about it in the future.

            Nichols, you misuse C4C as some sort of pulpit for your religious views….especially as they conflict with Catholicism. Nobody wants to be preached to. It’s so impolite. Nothing clears a room faster. Your religious sermons are very condescending and tedious and even insulting.

      2. Crystal ..& Nichols…….my answer to your answer to Nichols , is the second one on this page. I put it at. the bottom where, it should be but it got flipped some how…Check . it out. “g”

  30. We are approaching the 9th month in the papacy of Francis. At no time has he concretely confronted the crisis of sexual abuse in the Church. The crisis is the most formidable one in the history of the Church due to its unconscionable nature and the harm it has inflicted on human beings. The crisis has caused a global exiting of Church members, and a loss of episcopal moral authority.

    We position ourselves on the edge of our seats, waiting, waiting, for the affable Pope to address the elephant in the room. He does not. When ease and friendliness ignore the elephant in the room, a veil of heartlessness and cruelty descends upon them, obscuring them, so that, when the affable Pope pats my head or strokes me or smiles at me, I do not permit myself to feel anything.

    Kate FitzGerald

    1. Kate,

      When Francis gives me Bishop Finn’s or Cardinal Law’s head on a platter I’ll take his words on child sexual abuse seriously. Please wake me up if that occurs. Goodnight Francis.

      1. drwho13; Have a nice nap. The fact is that Francis has said little and done even less when it comes to the sexual abuse of children. I don’t believe that anything will be said or done until his predecessor passes. To inquire too closely will bring up what was done and not done in the three former papacies. So until the one dies and the others are made saints, there will be no action. Francis, although seemingly more likeable than Benedict [it wouldn’t take much] continues the same horse and pony show. Distract people from talking about the abuse of innocent children and kick the can down the road. The Catholic Church, throughout its history has never been in any hurry. Why would it start now. Just because attendance at Mass has dwindled to a precious few,The Church continues to close churches along,with schools there is no reason to hurry.Maybe if we just wait, it will all go away.

  31. Jerry Sandusky’s lawyers files an appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court seeking a retrial based on the fact that the judge did not instruct the jury on the amount of time that passed between when Sandusky abused these kids and when they came forward. They are no longer stating that Jerry didn’t abuse these kids, only that he should get a retrial based on some legal technicality. I used to hear people say that there were two different legal systems in this country, one for the rich and influential , and quite a different one for the poor and those who carry no influence.I have come to believe this is true. When one looks at the favorable legal status afforded to the Catholic Church in child abuse cases in the past, it is refreshing to see the federal judge in the city of Albany mandate that the Diocese of Albany turn over records formerly kept secret. One can be sure that records, as we speak, are being destroyed by loyal Catholic prelates.I just can’t get the picture out of my head of a movie in which mobsters are destroying evidence as the FBI moves in.

    1. Jim its really is all crazy making……..like we said earlier we need to put these guys all on an island. Would save time, money and lives from being shattered. They could go there voluntarily.

  32. My first post as just found this site.
    I’m another victim that was one of many young girls violated over 45 years ago by a monster in Boston. Living in PA now and am trying to see how I can fight to help other victims. Am just coming to terms with my abuse. They robbed us of our innocence and for me my faith which vaporized last Feb when I found out he was a serial pedophile.

    So sad to see that this young man has died. Have great sympathy for his pain and frustration. Unfortunately not the first person I have heard of that died before there perpetrator could be punished. Recently lost a friend in the same situation.

    1. Still another victim, I am very, very sorry for what you’ve been through. It must be so hard on you to hear news like this.

    2. still another victim. I am so sad and my heart drops whenever I hear of another victim..Thankyou for posting here. I hope you get some comfort here and others can learn from you and your struggles. None of what you went thru was your fault and it was not fair……..life is so brutal sometimes……I cant wrap my mind around many times………You are in my prayers……….

    3. I believe the victims/survivors. It is gut wrenching and sooo sad. Another victim! I pray the your friend Rest in Peace”.


  33. Still another victim: I too was molested by a Catholic Priest a very long time ago. I happened upon this site while surfing the internet.I think you will find this a safe place to let go of some of your feelings. Most of the people who post here are very concerned for victims/survivors.They are also very concerned with the manner in which the Church has responded to victims. There are, however some who post here who have their own agenda. If you can overlook those few, I am sure that you will find help for yourself as well as help other victims.

  34. Thank you all for the kind words. You have made me feel most welcome
    Until the revelation of the fact that I was not his only victim, I struggled to suppress triggers that being in church would cause to flare up. Had a huge PTSD flare up when I got the news. Thankfully am in therapy and doing well these last months. However I had been very active in our parish in many different areas. My faith dissolved overnight. My friend who killed himself also struggled with faith which compounded the depression. When this is knocked out of you the emptiness is beyond comprehension.
    Between the trust and the triggers, I don’t know if I can ever go back. It’s important enough to be searching though so here I am 🙂 Thanks again!

  35. Note: changing name for “still another victim”

    Thank you all for the kind words. Until the revelation of the fact that I was not his only victim, I struggled to suppress triggers that being in church would cause to flare up. Had a huge PTSD flare up when I got the news. Thankfully am in therapy and doing well these last months. However I had been very active in our parish in many different areas. My faith dissolved overnight. My friend who killed himself also struggled with faith which compounded the depression. When this is knocked out of you the emptiness is beyond comprehension.
    Between the trust and the triggers, I don’t know if I can ever go back. It’s important enough to be searching though so here I am 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. suzpt: I would be surprised if any victim didn’t have problems with their faith after suffering from sexual abuse at the hands of a priest.The last time I was in a Church was when my granddaughter was baptized in a Lutheran Church in Hellertown Pa.The baptismal ceremony was held at the very front of the Church, right next to the altar. During the ceremony , I suffered a flashback and felt that the minister was going to harm my granddaughter. I knew enough to leave the Church before causing embarrassment to myself, my daughter and the rest of my family. I also suffer from depression and have serious trust issues. The one place most people have to rely on to confront these problems only seems to make things worse for those of us abused by priests. I am glad you are doing well in therapy. Hang in there. You are not alone.

    2. I’m so sorry suzpt.

      I hope you experience healing. As my name states, I’m a wife of a survivor of clergy abuse.

  36. Crystal wrote:
    Nichols, you misuse C4C as some sort of pulpit for your religious views….especially as they conflict with Catholicism. Nobody wants to be preached to. It’s so impolite. Nothing clears a room faster. Your religious sermons are very condescending and tedious and even insulting.
    C4C deals with Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) by clergy of the Roman Catholic Church and therefore deals with THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. I deal with the RCC as one who explains in various blogs or sites how the RCC gained its power over billions, how it holds sway over these billions, and how it is a perversion of the gospel Christ died for us to have. Those suffering under the burden of the false religion deserve to know the truth; even when it comes in a plain brown wrapper, and not in a pretty package with a bow on it. I am personally of the opinion that the hour is very late and it’s time to be putting out the truth for the few whom will believe it and be saved. If I could ,I would use plenty of bible verses to make the message more clear; however, as you know—God’s Word is not welcome in most venues, including this one.

  37. I feel for you Nichols as these people do not consider THE W ORD as very special. I consider that GOD SPOKE and the World Began! . The Words spoken are very important. and the people who put Catholicism above Jesus Chirst’ s Words in scripture need to hear what ChrIstians believe and its not what the men that rule this organization believe. THE word “Catholic “means universal ! JESUS NEVER used it or any of the other words used in catholic dogma as far as most christians who read scripture. on a daily basis, to get the Word of God saturated into their souls..
    I was 60 yrs. a Catholic, a convert at age 12…My mother and I took instructions for a year to surprise my father on Father’s Day. He was a ” fallen away Catholic, as they called it those days. He came back and saw us baptized with all the family there for the celebration. celebration. I a m angry at this organization and have every. right to be. Being a Catholic is a shame to me. . If that is more important t o t he p e pole on c4 c….so be it. If they kick me off..so be it. But I know I have made a difference for the children ! I have been blogging for over 12 years and I listen to the LORD in all I do and will continue to listen to HIm! May GOD BLESS US ALL…this is such a hideous thing to even think of, that they could use our Lord for such evil!

  38. Gloria and Nichols..what was it that Yogi Berra said “It’s deja vu all over again” Come on you two..I have better luck getting my teenagers to listen to me . You both have been on this site about 2 years and have had people ask you to stop repeatedly. Time to put it to rest once and for all. You have opinions,your opinions are not facts they are simply your opinions which you are entitled to just as others are entitled to not have them preached to them over and over and over again. Nichols do you you still have your blog/website..feel free to post that in a link so you and Gloria can continue your conversation over there..we will stay over here..,and world peace will reign 😉

    1. “Nichols do you you still have your blog/website..feel free to post that in a link so you and Gloria can continue your conversation over there..we will stay over here..,and world peace will reign ;)”

      We can remember that the next time you post your usual “anyone may post here with their opinions, we are an open forum.” Yeah, right.
      However, I really do understand your position Kathy, and Susan and others: It is unpleasant to be challenged repeatedly to look at your deeply held and committed choices previously made. My wife has been a motorcyclist along with me, and one “habit” she has that nearly got her into several accidents is that once she makes a certain “move” like accelerating, going in the wrong direction etc. she doesn’t think to apply the brakes, but continues until finally coming to rest somehow. Fortunately she hasn’t suffered too many serious accidents.

      My point? Often it is the right choice to question one’s previous choices to see if they were the right ones.

      1. nichols The point that you and Gloria have consistently overlooked or actually ignored is that some have been so harmed/burned by having beliefs forced upon them in the past that when that personality type resurfaces trying to force religion upon them once again it is actually upsetting. Your comments don’t upset me personally,I am just amazed that anyone who is happy and content in any Faith would need to continually force their beliefs on others.

        As for your analogy, I don’t ride a motorcycle but have driven a car for 30 years. I don’t have so much as a ticket in 30 years of driving..I am a defensive driver always looking out for those on the road who act like they own the road..has served me well so far. Good bye.

      2. (….sheesh … and my first question would have to be whether either really ought to be allowed to go anywhere near a motorcycle!)

    2. Kathy and I must ask Gloria and Nichols to leave. Their comments have become a distraction to the purpose of this blog. This Catholic blog is intended for those who wish to comment specifically on clergy sex abuse. Future comments will be blocked.

        1. Thank you for the privileges of getting to know all of you on c4c.. It did give me great satisfaction knowing that people really do care about the abused. I shall keep on doing what GOD calls me to do to help them heal. My husband.and I are moving to the San Diego area, he is there already.( where we used to keep our boat.to get out of the Az. neat.) Colorado was neat but bad for my husband’s COPD. Hopefully I’ll find some people who agree with our project to care for the abused, when I’m in S D.and keep on blogging somewhere.May GOD BLESS ALL THAT YOU DO! gloria

          lackn Friday, November 8, 2013, Catholics4Change wrote: > Jim Tucker commented: “Susan:Thank you” >

  39. THE WORD OF GOD IN SCRIPTURE , that Nichols and I speak of, is NOT OPINION.! TWO DIFFERENT THING S. You should know Better Kathy….Remember it took my mother and me. 1 whole year to learn the rules of the rcc.. Wonder why?
    You hear incorrect PREACHING AT YOUR ( SO CALLED )HOLY MASS(.” 0pinion.”).If it weren’t so , you would not have, TODAY what I left THIS EVIL PLACE FOR…. 12 yrs ago.(“opinion”) “EVIL IN HIGH PLACES “IS IN SCRIPTURE!…(That’s what YOU have)….THAT’S AN OPINION !. LOVE JESUS CHRIST, NOT AN. EVIL false. god., idol etc.(.Scriptural)!

    Also I have read in scripture that. a person should have respect for their elders in Christ! Nichols 81…! .Gloria ,84. ! We do have a little. experiance in this life. PTL!
    I happen to have 2 great grandchildren, 7 grandchildren , 4 children and a wonderful husband for 62 years.!!..Nichols I don’t know any more than he is a Christian who loves the Lord Jesus Christ ,as I believe we all do!
    HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! And act on. HIS,WORD! (scriptural) not preaching!

    1. Gloria, thanks for your untiring efforts; I love you! Your husband is a lucky and blessed man to have a woman of faith beside him in the last days of life on this earth. God is not surprised, nor bothered by all they that reject His Word— not in the garden of Eden, not before the flood, not at Babel, not at Mt. Zion, and not at the cross. He never changes—anyone, yes ANYONE believing what Christ did for us when He died on the cross HAS ETERNAL LIFE. I just will borrow a phrase from St. Paul to close off this discussion:”Galatians 3:1 O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?Galatians 3:2 This only would I learn of you, Received ye the Spirit by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?Galatians 3:3 Are ye so foolish? having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?Galatians 3:4 Have ye suffered so many things in vain? if it be yet in vain.Galatians 3:5 He therefore that ministereth to you the Spirit, and worketh miracles among you, doeth he it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?Galatians 3:6 Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” So much to hear for him having ears to hear.
      Paul, Our Apostle at: http://xcatholic.yuku.com

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