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  1. Susan, you did an excellent job addressing these two important developments. Catholics are lucky to have a rationale and intelligent spokesperson to question the authority of the church. Keep it up.

      1. The fact that changes in the Church involving child sexual abuse take place ONLY through the Press and Law enforcement is clearly stated by A.W. Sipe (former priest & monk) on a recent U-Tube video.

        He clearly states that the child sexual problems always come from the top. This is a video well worth viewing.

  2. I agree with Daniel. We need good people to keep our concerns in the public arena. One wonders, however, how the hierarchy are chosen in other religions? Is there any transparency, is there any input from the laity?

    Obviously, I would be more impressed if I knew that the clergy and the laity of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia had a real say in the choice of the person who would lead them…

    Susan, you are blessing to us all. Keep up the good work and keep the Faith!!

  3. I don’t want Cardinal Rigali, the Pope, or any other member of the hierarchy to resign. I want them arrested! They are all complicit and they should all go to prison.

    1. Amen.

      They are criminals, just like Cardinal Law in Boston and Bishop John McCormack in New Hampshire. Both of them got away with it.

      Cardinal Rigali should go to jail for lying to the congregation about accused priests that stayed in ministry, around children, for years after the Grand Jury report was written. Some of you read some of the grand jury report. Those priests were still near children.

      The day after the grand jury report, he suspends 37 of them. What does it take to make you want to get someone arrested for hiding child rapists.

  4. I agree with Rich. It’s probably a good thing that I wasn’t the person interviewed because when they asked the question of how to describe Cardinal Rigali to someone from another city – they were looking for either “conservative” or “progressive” — my answer would have been “CRIMINAL”.

      1. But “dishonest” would have been an honest answer. You could have said that he told the congregation that there were “no credibly accused priests that abused minors” still in the church, then suspended 37 of them a week later when the grand jury report came out with the truth.

        You could easily have said “I don’t trust him”. You could have clarified how he was dishonest, but using the new Catholic approach to describing “minor” and “pedophile” by changing the definition of the word pedophile that the American Psychiatric Association uses. Ask the anchors how old they think a minor is. When they say 17 or 18, say that the American Psychiatric Association considers the cut off for pedophilia to be 13, but the recent John Jay report dropped it to 10.

        When Rigali told the congregation “no credibly accused priests that abused minors” he meant no one with an accusation about a child under 10, and HE KNEW that you would think no one under 18.

        That’s dishonest. That’s lying. That’s Rigali. That’s the Catholic church.

        Bring in a team of lawyers to every mass along with a forensic linguist and a “new Catholic dictionary”, and you can find the real truth. God doesn’t want you to work that hard. They are actually out back with lawyers saying, “how can we mislead the congregation, save ourselves, and still technically not be lying”. Then they get the John Jay College to change the pedophilia cut off from 13 to 10 to make their numbers sound better.

        The dishonesty makes me want to puke. By the way, your kids will be thinking, how honest is the church being about heaven and hell, Jesus and God, et cetera?

    1. I hope there is some way out of the abyss after abuse. I appreciate your earlier apology in regard to offending others. I know that the people who really ought to be apologizing to you haven’t.

  5. When you’re abused as a child, like I was, so many things seem oh so backwards. Children are supposed to be innocent and carefree. Instead, I was always scared and I never understand why that crap was happening to me. I do know now that the priest who abused me took advantage of the innocent child I was, and exploited me for his own perverse and evil needs. He didn’t look at me as a human being with emotions, dreams, and a future. He looked at me like I was an object and what my future would hold didn’t matter much. He didn’t care how much the rapes hurt. He didn’t care how distant I would feel after having such stuff happen to me. I felt like an alien or an outcast. All he cared about was enjoying himself in some gruesome way. That’s how these guy operate and that’s why I don’t care what happens to them or the people who knew and did nothing. In some respect I have more hatred for the people who knew and didn’t bother to stop it. My abuser was a demented sick f&%$! But the “good” people who knew about, stood by while it ocurred, and did nothing to stop it… they are just as much or more evil than our perps.

    1. Rich, I totally agree with you. I have more rage at Fr. Lynn than my perps, because he KNEW, he KNEW and transferred the very priests knowing these so called men of God would continue to rape little children. There is a special place in hell for a man like this. I would not want to be in his shoes when he faces God.

      1. You are both right, which is why I am trying to get people to fight instead of asking like scared school kids.

        One of the greatest things the devil ever did was to drop the standards of Catholic church congregation so far that child rape and lying was no big deal.

        I realize that the people on this site are trying, but if Rigali and Bevilaqua get away with it after that grand jury report, anyone who stands by without fighting harder is living down to the new Catholic church standards. Why would you even have a religion. Who are you kidding? What do you think God is going to say to you on your judgement day?

  6. It is useless to identify Chaput as conservative and Gregory as progressive. Both have taken vows of obedience to the Pope. Both wear Vatican straight jackets. Each merely thrashes around in his own loyal and arrogant manner.

    1. Replying this way because of problems with the operation of the site [I think it’s the site and not my equipment.]

      Even as the owner of the site: http://xcatholic.yuku.com
      I was shocked and really taken aback by the straightforward , repeatedly emphasized message in the videos supplied above by drwho13. In them the message was that the abuse “culture” is entirely within the Roman Church, and that it not only goes back to the church’s inception [Constantine] but that the impetus for the evil is “top down.”

      Mr. Sipe and Mr. Wall were quite convincing.

      1. Only one other person seems to be experiencing the reply problem. Perhaps it’s a browser compatibility issue. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser (Firefox, Safari, etc). I’ll keep digging.

  7. Will it get better ?
    Only with thouands of Susan Mathews and those who have the ear of each bishop/cardinal through the US. A clear picture how abused feel and their life therafter is very important.

  8. Let me give all of you a bit of history on catholic bishops. These are bishops accused of sexual misconduct. Since 1990, 15 top U.S. Catholic leaders have been accused of personal sexual misconduct. They are: Bishop Kendrick Williams, Bishop James F. McCarthy, Bishop Rembert Weakland, Bishop Anthony O’Connell, Bishop Robert Lynch, Bishop Robert Brom, Bishop Paul Dudley, Bishop Joseph Hart, Bishop G. Patrick Ziemann, Bishop Daniel Ryan, Bishop J. Keith Symons, and Bishop Robert Sanchez. Before dealing with abusive priests, the Bishops should examine their own conduct.
    The offending Catholic priests and the Bishops who covered up for them believed it was more important to preserve the institution than insure its purity, In fact, they are guilty of trespassing on God’s property and their self-conceit is an offense, not only to him, but to every Catholic and non-Catholic. St. Pete admonished the church, “For it is time for judgement to begin with the family of God.”

  9. Why are we waiting to see who Rome chooses next to wear the red hat for Philly? Why aren’t we interviewing candidates ourselves? Why does it have to be someone from Texas or Colorado? Why isn’t it someone who we know and knows us? Why are we acting like abused victims instead of adults in charge of our own affairs? We know what we want and what we need in a leader. It’s time the the churched have a say in who leads the church!

  10. I understand and agree with what Patrick is trying to say. Let me quote Fr. Thomas Doyle who I have met and have great respect for. “The abuse scandal resulted from the delusion that the clergy are some-how above the rest,” as well as some clergysmen’s “unbridled addiction to power.” The word “democracy” strikes fear in many clergy, Fr.Doyle said but ordinary lay catholics need to shed “timidity or fearful deference to the very structures that have betrayed us.”Catholics must stop enabling through financial support the power structures responsible for the “horrific consequences” of the scandal and cover-ups.

    1. Miraculously, Fr Doyle is one of about 8 priests (Seamus McCormick, the Whistleblower priest, being another), that have figured out that no one in this church is following God’s rules, or following What Jesus Would Do.

  11. Rich, that’s why those of us who have been abused have to continually tell others what the consequences of our abuse have been. We can’t let people forget how the trauma has affe. We have to repeat it over and over again so that the truth is known everywhere by everyone. Keep speaking with your furor and passion.

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