Word Against Word – Second Alleged Abuse Victim Steps Forward

“In abuse scandal, case a test of belief: Special Report: A prisoner’s accusations are vivid, a priest’s denial adamant. Now, a push for the truth.” by David O’Reilly and Nancy Phillips, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Reserve your judgment until you’ve read the entire article. Word against word leaves a huge burden of proof on the prosecution. Even if we passed the law removing the statute of limitations in child sex abuses cases, it would be hard to prove these cases. Let’s give victims and the accused their day in court to ensure the highest possible level of justice.

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  1. I was just watching the news and witnessed all the politicians from bill clinton to weiner stating they NEVER did anything wrong. I believe the decision to DENY charges began with bill clinton who believed that you should deny everything and then and only when they can prove the allegation(s) against you ONLY admit to bits and pieces of the allegation. I am going to wait and read more on the complaint against the priest and if he is lying then this is just another nail in the coffin of the ‘rcc’ creditability and they will continue to sink deeper into the pit of extinction !

  2. It’s time to stop giving Catholic priests the benefit of the doubt. I look at ALL priests as complicit. Granted, not every priest molests children, but how many knew/know about it and say nothing? My guess would be “A LOT.” I think if we start treating every priest we run into with such disdain, maybe more will speak out. How can you want to protect the reputation of a criminal organization over the innocence of a child? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  3. To Rich and Unable to trust: I am a SURVIVOR of priest and nun abuse. My abuse lasted a total of 26 years. I tell you this because I need you to know that I have been there and totally understand how survivors feel! Much of what you both say I have said many times, much of what you both feel I have felt and in some cases still do. What message I would like to send is that I absolutely refuse to give my perpatraitors any more of my power or impede in my daily life. Do I go to therapy and discuss the pain and sorrow I feel? Yes, 4 times a week and I am faithful, faithful to my recovery because I will NOT let them take any more of my spirit. The woundedness we carry, some of it will never go away because much of what happened to us was done in the name of God which is the horrific travesty and is my defination of pure evil, in that defination I made a choice do I stay in my anger and rage and grief or do I work on these issues and untimately find peace? I choose peace which in the final analysis I win and the evil doers lose and because I made this choice I have been able through the Divine to look inside myself and there I found my spirituality my personal relationship with God through suffering and lonliness I will humbly cherish for the rest of my life, NO ONE will ever take that away from me, ever! Please don’t dwell in the sadness and pain, rise above and celebrate your greatest victory over these men by honoring who you truly are, men with great courage who are not afraid to stand up for whats right do so with dignity and keep your heads high

    1. That was supposed to be “Rich” where it says “premier73.”

      Vicky? Just one name, “Sharon.”

    1. I Understand, I am trying to move forward pass the rage and deal with the hurt that lays beneath all the anger.

  4. To Unabletotrust, how about this infamous quote: “I am not a crook” Richard Nixon, 37th President of the United States. To Vicky, thank you. We gave away our power to others. I used my anger to develop the muscles I needed to survive. And with every push-up I continued to pray. In the end prayer has brought me to a place of forgiveness and on the other side of forgiveness I have found peace. And God has empowered me. I was terrified and my heart pounded in my chest as I attended my first protest a mere two months ago in front of 222 N. 17th Street. On Thursday evening, June 2nd, as I sat on the bench holding my protest sign and copies of the Grand Jury Report in front of PJPII high school, I was confronted by some very angry “suits” who shouted at me to leave and told me the police were on their way. I told them “I am a Catholic. My money built this school. Please do call the police, because I am staying.” And I was surprised to realize how calm I felt and how gently my heart was beating in my chest. God had removed my fear. And during my drive home my heart was filled with joy. Of course my ego is lurking in the background, always looking to “edge God out” of the picture and stand in judgement regarding these most recent revelations. So I guess I better get back to my push-ups and prayers routine.

    1. Buddy Schmidt, Thank you.! Keep embracing that peace! We made it through as children, we can sure make it as adults! There is NOTHING stronger than standing in the truth, it is where we find peace. We know what happened behind closed doors and so does God. It is what matters in the long run. Stay true to yourself and everything falls into place. I have a lot of respect for you, let us all stand tall for we know the truth of what happened. I believe with all my heart, the truth will prevail!!

  5. Buddy, I have protested many, many times out front of the Archdiocese Headquarters in Philly. I have also protested the Cathedral many times, along with schools and other churches in Philly, NJ, NY, and DE. I have heard it all from parishioners. I’ve been told to “go f#ck myself.” I’ve been called a liar, the anti-Christ, a money-hungry leech, and the list goes on and on. These are the supposedly “good” Catholic people. I’ve been spit on. I’ve had coins thrown at me, and I even once was shoved by a Catholic priest. Constantly, when I’m protesting, priests threaten to call the cops. The Vicar Monsignor at the Cathedral in Philly, told me to “get the f#ck off Church property.” It was a fact that I was on public property. The Church doesn’t own the sidewalk.

    At a protest in NE Philly back in March, right after the Grand Jury Report of 2011 was released, we stood outside of a church where a priest had been removed because of credible allegations of abusing children. The pastor of that church threatened me and become physical with me by shoving me, while I stood on public property, with my sign that reads “I was abused by a Catholic priest.” While parishioners were still milling around after Mass and watching what was unfolding out in front of their church, this pastor yelled “Father so-and-so has been exonerated from any wrongdoing and was found innocent.” This is entirely untrue and this is my ongoing problem with priests. They cover for each other and they lie to their congregation in order to save face. “Father so-and-so” was never found to be innocent and is still on administrative leave. Where are the good priests who don’t buy into the bull and support the victims before they support those who abuse?

    These types of situations happen all the time. Another priest, recently promoted to monsignor in Northern NJ, was supported by another fellow priest, who told his congregation during a Mass in which protestors stood outside, “I would have everyone of those protestors outside killed.” Some of the congregation reported what was said to protestors outside, and even some good people reported it to the police department, but because the way this priest worded his threat, no charges were ever filed. (In case you’re wondering, 9 people have come forward accusing the monsignor of sexual abuse when they were kids. I personally know 5 of the 9)

    The fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church can’t threaten us with death. We’ve already been to hell and back. We died when these a$$hole priests put their hands on us, molested us and raped us when we were kids. We died again when we came forward, finally, to speak up about what was done to us as children, only to be told that no criminal or civil charges can be filed because of the Statute of Limitations. We died again when we found out that the priests who abused us are still in active ministry and have been seen spending a lot of time around young boys (and girls).

    The Catholic Church can never be responsible for my healing or promoting any kind of good life. They’ve tried to kill us so many times that we always have to be alert and on the defense. They can’t bring back what was taken from me.

    1. Rich thankyou for illustrating again the gap……..abyss is more like it between the ideal church and the present day catholic church…..the laity need to hear it.It should be a wake up call to all catholics. My family and I have been picking up on the rift between what they preach and what they actually are doing for some years and it speaks volumes but what you reveal if very disturbing.

    1. Hannah
      Thanks for sharing this.I am going to forward your question to Dan Monahan an attorney who has experience with clergy sex abuse cases. Maybe he can provide some info. Kathy

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