Huh? Mass in Latin. Why Didn’t We Think of That?

Read about this stupendous solution that will surely reunite the Kansas City faithful in the wake of their Diocesan sex abuse scandal. Probably not.

“In wake of sex abuse scandals, priests to host Latin Mass,” by Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter, June 21, 2011.

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  1. The untold story is that the full apology from Bishop Finn will also be in Latin.

    He will also demand a Grand Jury investigation (in Latin) and will have the full report be written in Latin. He will then say how much he loves being a Bishop in America, and will promptly be reassigned by the pope to Latin America.

  2. This is hard to understand. It seems that the organizers are more focused on the rubrics and order of the Mass than on the subject of the Mass, Jesus Christ. Jesus is present in all types of Eucharistic celebrations, not more so with the Latin Mass. It’s also interesting to note that, according to recent church reasoning, the sex abuse crisis occurred in the 1940’s, 1950’s when the Latin Mass was the only form of Eucharistic celebration). The downward trend is at a time with the English version of the Mass.

  3. When I read this latest story I immediately remembered this article:

    April 18, 2010
    Vatican spokespeople fear shortage of offensive ideas
    The Vatican is deeply concerned about the possibility of running out of ways to offend people, according to a statement issued by the Vatican’s Public Non-relations office.
    “So far,” said Vatican spokesman Rev. Fred Bombardi, “we’ve re-alienated the jews, the sex abuse victims, and most recently, the gays.” But that’s not enough, says Bombardi. “We’re going for the whole world. We’re doing our best to make almost everyone despise us so that we can feel more like Jesus must have felt at the end of his life.”
    The concern has been deemed great enough to consider a call to the faithful for new offensive material. Each offensive idea submitted would earn the submitter 33 days off purgatory. Submissions chosen for actual use in speeches, homilies, or press releases will allow the winners to bypass purgatory altogether.
    “This way, we are not selling indulgences, and at the same time we’ll save money on public relations and marketing,” says Bombardi.Selling indulgences came to a contentious end in the 16th century, omitting a reliable source of income for the church. In addition, church coffers have been somewhat depleted of late by the pesky lawsuits of deposed altar boys harboring various grudges.
    “We’re frequently approached by public relations experts trying to sell us their costly services,” explains a senior Vatican official, Cardinal Tacitus Burponi, “but they always want to make us look good. The silly gooses just don’t understand. We want to be persecuted. And we can achieve that on our own if we just keep doing what we’re doing.”

    “Getting people to hate us has been a specialty of ours since we started this whole thing two thousand years ago,” agreed the Pope, who declined to provide his real name.
    This would explain why, despite the blossoming of professional services such as imaging and branding, the Vatican appears to be afflicted with an astonishing case of acute hoof-in-mouth disease.
    The Vatican may well be concerned about running out of ideas; meanwhile, back in reality, many of the faithful worry that there seems to be no end to them.

  4. Thank God for this blog. I really think we need more humor on this subject than we have. Patrick you are right on!! Gerald, way to go!! And, Dr. Nick, it is always good to hear the real story: our connection to Jesus. God bless us all.

  5. Can’t help but think of the contrasts between the Kansas City Mass and that of Dublin. A big difference being that Archbishop Martin began with an apology and layed prostrate as a sign of penance.

    “Irish Archbishop Washes Abuse Victims’ Feet”

    “In what is being lauded as the most explicit and visible sign of the Irish Church’s contrition for the grave sins and crimes that took place in that nation regarding the clerical abuse of minors and the ecclesiastical efforts to cover them up, the archbishop of Dublin apologized before a crowded cathedral and got on his knees to wash the feet of the abused.

    “Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin, was joined by Cardinal Séan O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, for the service, which, according to Reuters News Service, began with the two prelates laying prostrate in front of the altar as a sign of penance and solemnity….

    “This gesture in Ireland can also bear much power and meaning, but only within the context of serious change, reform and transparency. It can mark a new beginning, let’s hope that it isn’t simply an end in itself as the cynics protest.

  6. Brian Heydon, a local licensed professional counselor, wrote a letter to Finn in 2007 alleging that Murphy had propositioned him for sex in 1984 after the two had met to discuss a possible vocation the priesthood.

    In a May 4, 2007 letter responding to Heydon, Finn wrote that while the accusation “has given rise to serious discussions and considerations,” it “does not square with others’ life-long knowledge of this priest.”

    “As troubling as these accusations are, I cannot conclude that they are compelling in their most serious claims,” wrote Finn in his letter.

    Bishop Finn, with your investigative style and skill, it’s a wonder that any priest is found to be “credibly accused.” Whatever you do, when you testify Bishop Finn, please don’t use this phrase:
    “…. it does not square with others’ life-long knowledge of this priest….” You’re going to have to retake the course “Introductory Investigative Techniques”.

    1. They need another Grand Jury investigation. I can’t for the life of me figure out why every Catholic doesn’t demand this of every Catholic church in every city.

      The Catholic church has absolutely, positively proven that they can’t be trusted with children and can’t be trusted with the truth. It is so inherent in Catholics to do what they are told that most of them won’t even revolt to save their own children against a church that doesn’t practice God’s rules.

      It’s so difficult to fight this battle because the typical Catholic mind is just brainwashed and can’t be reasoned with. That’s a bizarre challenge for God to give us.

  7. That’s a nice gesture to have a mass in Latin. Just like it’s a nice “gesture” to plant a garden for victims/survivors. We are aware though…it’s a gesture. What it is not is repentance…that comes when there is accountability, honesty and transparency.

    It’s hard for survivors and their families to not be angry or bitter…(something I have to work on daily)…as we watch many just coming out of denial about this issue. Like us, they really do believe they can change things around…and that’s encouraging! I felt the same way too at one point, and very much fell under the umbrella of, “This is HIS Church…and I’ll be d***ed if they (the hierarchy) ostracize my family and make us the “bad guys” for telling the truth.”

    Then I had to answer some pretty tough questions about what it means to follow Him. To not put the Church above Him…how safe are my children in this Church? Is this Church aligned with Him? Are they living out His Teachings? Is there congruency between Jesus’ Teachings, the hierarchy, an the Body of Christ? Of course, the answers to those questions vary…but His Word does not. To stay meant we would be sacrificng our childrens’ spiritual lives…and we all know what Jesus says about getting in the way of Little Ones coming to Him.

    I think there are many reasons why you have survivors and their families finding this site. My prayer is that you can continue with the integrity of this forum, recognizing that the only people who want change more than you are the survivors and their families. Unlike the Church, I hope you can create a safe place for Catholics to be heard, while at the same time allowing for those thousands of (former) Catholics and their families to give a road map to healing. How you are supposed to do all that? I have no idea. lol

  8. Ah yes, bring back the good old days of the Latin mass when no one questioned the absolute authority of the clergy and when Cardinals and Bishops ruled their “subjects” with a firm hand.
    No abuse child problems back then was there?
    I think that this is a fitting symbol for the state of the church today. Have the priests turn their backs to the congregation during Mass. The Church as an institution has been turning its back on its victims for centuries.
    What’s next? A return to the selling of indulgences.

  9. Shoot! [Gramother used to say] I “googled” victim’s post and this was the result:
    Your search – Sed satis durus English ibi manere evigilabit ad Missam cum haedo. – did not match any documents.


    •Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    •Try different keywords.
    •Try more general keywords.
    •Try fewer keywords.
    Search Results

    1. Yes, my translation got messed up. I blame my keyboard. What I meant to say was, “It was hard enough trying to stay awake in an English-speaking Mass.”

  10. But I do remember much of my “altar boy” responses, and some of the priest’s Latin too! I served on the altar (St. Matthews Cathedral in D.C.) my whole time in the parish school.
    I often served the very early mass [seems like they started at 6 a.m..] It was in the 40’s.
    Confiteor Deo, omnipotentis … deus meus, beate Marieh, oh oh, I’m getting it confused. It’s been 66 years.

  11. “And in essence, they do sell annulments.”

    They surely still do….my father went to his grave believing he was going to Hell because he left my mother and married another woman. We all told Dad just to go to another priest until he found one that would “give” him remission from his sins. What a joke…he would not, because he was a true believer, but most of the priests would have given him remission…or sold him an annulment! They were going to sell my girlfriend one for $10,000.00!!! I have heard that this was cheap and she should have taken it!!

    All of this is about a deep spiritual problem that has always existed in the Roman Catholic Church. The question to ask is why has there been such deep seated spiritual problems that allow such things as this and the abuse of men, women and children from it’s inception on such a grand scale….

    I believe it is because most people do not know right division, and so get messed up with religions who mix up the message for Israel and for us today, instead of going direct to the Lord Jesus Christ. I found peace that really does go beyond understanding when I met the Lord who died for me in the the word of God.

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