Philadelphia Magazine Expose Offers a Saving Grace

Get ready for it, folks. Robert Huber is serving up a red-hot plate of scandal in the July issue of Philadelphia magazine. His article “Power, Sex & Secrets,” will cover Cardinal Rigali, Cardinal Bevilacqua and Msgr. Lynn. According to the grapevine, it exposes illicit adult relationships as a possible reason for the cover up of sex abuse of children. Sensational? Yes. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to see the very real flaws of the institutional Church and the men who run it. Many will call it Catholic bashing. I call it a saving grace. The truth shall set us free. These flaws (an understatement) have long overshadowed all the good accomplished by Catholics. It’s time to clean God’s house.

Here is a blog teaser for the article.

“Inside the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Sex Abuse Scandal,” by Robert Huber,, June 23, 2011.

Excerpt from blog:

“We do know why men like Joe have spent most of their lives living alone with their pain. It is very difficult to challenge those at the top of the Church, who are direct messengers from God. This insulation—the power it bestows—proved useful. But no longer. Joe—and others—are taking the risk of telling the truth. The shame is moving on. On to men who would hide the truth, and put children at risk for being raped, in order to protect their idea of their sacred Church, and to protect, in turn, themselves.” – Robert Huber

7 thoughts on “Philadelphia Magazine Expose Offers a Saving Grace

  1. These victims are true heroes. It is very tough to share an intimate, although very disguisting, sexual experience in public. However, without these brave souls, we would be in lala land forever and more children would be in harms way.

    1. I also read this article,about a year ago.It was one of the reasons I became involved and will continue to be involved in the horror that has occcurred to children in the Catholic Church. That article continues to stay with me – the truth is painful but necessary .

      1. I know the family of Arthur Baselice. I am friends with his mother and father. I talk to his father several times each week. You need to understand that Arthur III was not the only person abused by Father Newman and Father Horowitz, but his entire family was abused as well. Father Newman was invited into this family’s home to spend time with them and their children and in return he abused thier son. Father Newman addicted Arthur to drugs and alcohol and is the ONLY reason Arthur is no longer alive.

        Do you know how many people are effected by childhood sexual abuse? It’s not just the victims, even though I think we victims suffer the most damage, the families of victims also suffer. The future relationships of victims suffer, and eventually our children will suffer, because we victims have so many problems that were forced upon us by scumbag evil monsters!

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