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We will assemble at 1:00 PM on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in front of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia at 18th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway to welcome Charles Chaput to one of the epicenters of clergy sexual abuse on the East coast. The installation begins at 2:00 p.m.

 Paul Kellen, founding member of the National Survivor Advocates Coalition and a weekly participant at the Boston Archdiocesan Cathedral’s vigils, has 100 photo placards of abuse victims from across the country. We are hoping that 100 persons from the Mid-Atlantic and New England states (and elsewhere) will join us.

Please email Paul Kellen and/or Bob Hoatson if you can be there.  Paul may be reached at:, and Bob’s email address is:

Thank you.

 Bob Hoatson

Co-founder and President, Road to Recovery, Inc., Livingston, NJ

Founding Member, National Survivor Advocates Coalition

7 thoughts on “Invite from the National Survivor Advocates Coalition

  1. For an organization that is supposed to provide ongoing support and outreach to those who have been abused by Catholic clergy, do nothing but inflict pain and suffering to those in need. Instead of chiding officials such as why is this organiziation not working with both catholics and clergy to bring about change. Accusing Bishop’s such as Card O’mmaley, Archbishop Chaput and others of cover up SNAP needs to work to provide cosulation and change… But does this organization know how to?
    Lets take a look at a few cases in which SNAP has been involved in
    The New York Times story of the Millwaukee incident occuring over 50 years ago!. and that the Bishop covered it up was a disgrace. Nothing is farther from the truth. Also,look at Archbishop Tim Dolan of who was slandered by SNAP because a young girl who was allegedly raped by a New York Priest showed up with news cameras and police to parade the man who “allegedly” raped her as a pedophile and rapist. This guy is a retired priest and could not even walk because of arthritis and other ailments. Archbishop Dolan was accused of hiding or covering up this “scandal” This is again, nothing farthe from the truth!. Archbishop Dolan acted accordingly to the plans laid out by ALL Catholic Bishop’s and removed the priest. The priest was found NOT guilty and retired. SNAP has not issued an appology to either the priest or Archbishop Tim Dolan. Furthermore, This group alligns itself with a site with Bishop’s and priets who have accusations against them. All of their names are listed on this site. Truthful or not. This organization is just out smuge the catholic church.

    Look as someone who was sexually abused by BOTh Hugh McDonald and Donald Greco, I cannot stand someone who abuses their power to gain control over others let alone in a sexual manner towards children. But an organization like SNAP, an organization who prides itself on providing comprehensive support to those affected by sexual abuse by Catholic Clergy are now nothing but a SHAME. They are a DISGRACE. They are out for MONEY.

    SNAP is nothing but a farse.

    1. Mike,

      You’re illiterate, so it’s tough to tell exactly what you are saying.

      Let me make it simple for you – SNAP is an organization of children that were sexually abused by priests. There is no question that this happened thousands and thousands and thousands of times in the US alone. Pick a side – you can side with the pedophiles and pedophile protectors, or you can side with the victims. By the way, God is on the side of the victims.

      Archbishop Dolan will fight the victims with you. A 16 year old girl came forward in New York saying that she was inappropriately massaged, and more inappropriately every day, by an older priest. Why is a priest massaging a 16 year old girl – EVER? The priest, Catholic style, blames the girl for “wearing short skirts”. Again, then, why was he massaging her?

      The Catholic League then trashes her publically, using some of the info you said above, and Archbishop Dolan publishes it on his blog at

      Catholic Public Relations genius – have two of the biggest Catholics in the country trash a 16 year old victim, and maybe other victims will be afraid to come forward. Maybe as she sees her whole world crashing around her, she’ll commit suicide like so many other victims have done.

      You side with the pedophiles and pedophile protectors, and you will answer to God for it on judgment day.

      Maybe you can use the excuse that you’re illiterate.

      1. “Mike,

        You’re illiterate, so it’s tough to tell exactly what you are saying.”


        That was good. I can’t stop laughing!

  2. This will be the first demonstration I cannot attend in nearly 3 years of doing this stuff. I have wanted to be there so badly, but because of an illness in the family, it’s just not possible. Do me a favor? Give ’em hell for me!

  3. This time I can only offer moral support from Virginia. I would love to see the movement for accountability get some traction in the whole of Pennsylvania. My abuse was in the Diocese of Scranton. Like the Archdiocese of Philadephia, Scranton could stand the light of public scrutiny on their support for pedophles and obstruction of justice.

  4. Even though I absolutely despise SNAP, I think Mike is way off base. I was involved with SNAP for a good period of time. I did protests with them, donated, and recommended their organization to other victims. The problem is that SNAP excludes as many as it includes and if you do not do everything exactly the way they tell you to do it, they will ignore and alienate the victim. SNAP was designed to seek justice for victims of clergy sexual abuse and to protect future children, but they have become no better than the institution that initiated this mess from the beginning. Nowadays, I wouldn’t recommend SNAP to my cat.

    By the way, Dolan is a fool!

  5. By the way Mike, even though you are misinformed, I gave you a thumbs up because you seems to share my displeasure with SNAP, even if it’s for other, more logical reasons. 😉

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