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  1. When you are done throwing up, do something.

    Lynn is a representative of Satan, and God couldn’t make it simpler for you. He knew priests were raping children, and what you readin this article and in the Grand Jury report just skims the surface – you know that. They are hiding a lot more – you know that.

    Pick a side. You either side with Lynn, the pedophiles, and the priests in the Catholic church, or you side with the children that were raped. God is on the children’s side – and you know that.

    Start by protesting the fact that YOU are paying Lynn’s legal bills. Most Catholics don’t care enough about children being raped to protest, but they do care enough about money. Protest against any of YOUR donations being used to defend any of them.

    Do something, or answer to God, who won’t be as forgiving of you as priests are of everyone that ignores child rape. You’re going to look stupid on your judgement day telling God you thought you were supposed to support pedophiles and their protectors. Do something now, or answer for it for eternity.

  2. It should be the people of the AD of Philly to determine how their money is spent. Alas, it is not the case–it is never the case for members of the RCC.

    Probably Lynn will make it easy for the ad to get off. That seems to be his job, his desire, his reason for living. He probably thinks that he has done nothing wrong–as do his bishops.
    If falling on his sword is necessary, be assured that Lynn will do exactly that.

    Is it possible that the whole trial will come to naught?? The possibility is frightening…

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