Archdiocesan Strike Plan Might Create Unsafe Environments

At first glance one might not consider the Archdiocesan high school teachers’ strike part of the Catholics4Change agenda, but several parents have raised important concerns. The safety and wellbeing of students might be compromised if a skeleton crew of administrators attempt to replace a fully staffed school. What are your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “Archdiocesan Strike Plan Might Create Unsafe Environments

  1. Once again the AD has “screwed with our children”… Both sides knew they had to reach an agreement and had YEARS to do so.. Both sides better take a look at the economy and what is going on as there are a lot of quality teachers out there looking for a job..Wow, a teacher would be subject to an evaluation and those with tender might get canned.. Guess what, this is how the real world works and those who went into teaching did not go into it for the money..Hell you get three months off every year.. Just like the Philadelphia AD, maybe it is time to clean the teachers union house as well..Some how the AD and the teachers have gotten lost and do not live in the real world were one gets judged every day…

  2. I just hope that the teachers are treated fairly by the AD. Over the course of the past few months when I have been at a loss to explain to my kids how some people within our Church can preach one thing and do the opposite,I have been fortunate to have the example of their Catholic lay teachers to point out to them. Catholic teachers are not only responsible for educating our kids but also play a large part in their Faith formation. The teachers I know have always lived up to the lessons the children learn from them in their religion classes – I can’t put a price tag on that.

    1. Yeah 2 yrs ago when my son son graduated from 8th grade every single teacher from kindergarten to 8th grade showed up for the 8th grade mass held after hrs at 7;30pm including the two teachers that were laid off because of the poor econmy and enrollment. At the same time the public schools were on strike and the teachers would not do anything after hrs or extra such as kindergarten graduations, reccomendations for seniors going to college etc, That’s dedication………..and love for their students……..

  3. Great… one more thing to worry about. I’m deeply disappointed with the decision to strike. I feel I’m continually being let down. No one is irreplacable. They ‘re going to cry over job security and respect. WAKE UP!! No one is secure. Be happy to have a job. It’s no wonder that Catholic schools are closing. People are sick of the constant money grab. What a great way to start the new school year. I am the parent of a freshman and I’m really questioning my decision to stick with Catholic school.

  4. While watching the news the other day, I saw Philadelphia Catholic Schools teachers marching in front of the Archdiocese Headquarters with signs reading, “Dignity and Justice for Teachers.” I couldn’t help to wonder what sort of dignity and justice they were searching for, since my own battle with such words has been paramount to anything I would consider as very important for us clergy childhood sexual abuse victims. I was actually angry that teachers were asking for “dignity” and “justice.” Welcome to the party!

    But I do worry about these teachers going on strike and their replacements being priests. My own abuser was a religious oder priest, and I do many other victims who were abused by religious order priests who have abused children. The Oblates of Saint Francis De Sales is a haven for pedophile priests, and Oblate priests do teach in many Philadelphia area schools.

    However, Catholic school teachers, especially in the case of Bernard Shero, have been charged with abusing children as well. So for me it seems very much like a no win situation. If it were up to me, all kids would attend public school and there’d be a video camera in every classroom and teacher/principal/counselor offices. I would not trust the thought of sending my child to be in the care of several people for eight hours per day. But hey, that’s just me!

  5. I just re-read what I wrote up there ^^^^ and all I can say is that I’m on Percocet for a severe back injury and I know I’m missing some words and my grammar sucks right now. 😉

  6. Today’s Catholic church and its employees value money and power over children. They will fight and striike for more money, but would never strike for children that were raped by priests.

    The whole group makes me sick, and shows the genius of the devil. Catholics have dropped thier standard so low that no one even questions these values and morals. FIght for money, but not for children’s lives.

    The Rolling Stone article shows that Msgr Lynn’s legal fess (which will be exorbitant) are being paid for by the archdiocese. Catholics who are paying them have no problem with that. Not worth fighting that, even though he moved pedophiles to positions where they raped other children. He admits he lied about it over and over.

    With any luck, the pagans in society will continue to prosecute Philadelphia and other cities and their Catholic pedophile priest protection programs. Hopefully, Catholics will learn a little about morals from the pagans.

  7. If the teachers strike, the schools should be closed.

    Parents and teachers should demand that the books of the AD be opened to see exactly what the financial situation is.

    If the families of the children in the RCC schools in Philly pay tuition, then they should know how their tuition money is spent.

    If the contritubtions of the people of the AD go to support the schools, the people should know how much money there is and how that money is spent.

    If the people of the AD pay for Lynn’s defense, then the people of the AD should know that, too.

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