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  1. Let’s get to the real issue here. Will the new Archbishop continue to retain the services of long-time counsel to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the law firm of Stradley and Ronon? If your organization had been guided, advised and counseled re legal matters for so many years and the current state of affairs is in such disarray financially, legally, administratively, etc., would any reasonable, intelligent and mature leader continue to retain the same firm for his organization’s legal advice and future?

    I guess Archbishop Chaput must “stay the course.” Let’s not forget that William Sasso, Chairman, Stradley and Ronon, has been designated as an “Innocent Protector” by the child-abuse services agency, Mission Kids in Montgomery County. Who knows, maybe you can’t really believe or trust all the evidence, facts, testimony and evidence you read in not one, not two but three Grand Jury Reports issued by the District Attorney of the City of Philadelphia!

    Sure hope Mr. Sasso attended the installation ceremony yesterday at the Basilica on the Parkway. Who knows where Philadelphia Catholics would be without his firm’s excellent guidance, direction and counsel?

  2. Sometimes I feel like I just want to give up. I’m tired of fighting the system and I’m tired of trying to convince people that raping a child is wrong. I don’t know what else to do. It still seems as if child sexual abuse is still very taboo, from some of the responses from people here and elsewhere about graphic details that they have the option of reading or not, and somehow I think it’s also viewed acceptable if the perpetrator is a Catholic priest. It just blows my mind and I can come to no other realization to prove otherwise.

    I spent most of last night in bed crying. Often, I push everything aside so I can deal with it later, but it just seems to pile up until something becomes unbalanced and everything comes tumbling down. When I saw D.A. Seth Williams on the news yesterday, embracing Archbishop Chitputz, I was overcome with a sense of “Look at that! We are never going to justice now. The persons who are supposed to be representing and protecting us are now fratanizing with the criminals. It doesn’t seem fair.” Not only does the Catholic Church need to change, but when our government won’t protect its citizens, especially the most innocent ones, who needs to change more?

    The truth is, nothing in life seems fair. At least not in my life anyway. Everything seems to be so difficult and the aliance between an enabler of clergy sexual abuse and our law enforcement just seems very out of whack. I realized this morning that I am up against the most powerful institution on the planet and our lawmakers, who will give me a ticket for doing 27mph in a 25mph zone, but they refuse to protect children. What happened to my America?

    I would never compromise my standards and principals for anyone, nor any amount of money or favors. Sometimes I just wonder though, why bother fighting anymore? The only person who seems to be not against me is… well… me. I wonder if I have done everything I can.

    1. Sounds like you are getting emotionally, physically and spiritaully burnout. I have been there many times. Yes what you describe is upsetting.Sometimes relationships though can lead to change. I have seen that in my own life. Take a break from your efforts. Take care of yourself. It is easy to be overwhelmed especially with an injury. You will renew yourself and come back stronger. Focus on your successes in DE and the effort and time that went into that. You have alot to be proud of. I know your faith has been shattered. I usually go to Adoration in a beautiful little chapel and poor my heart out to Jesus. I am not the only one I see there crying. I then pray and read something postive and nourish my soul. This what works for me. Some find God and renewal in nature or people. Life is not fair. Jesus never said it would be. He said take up your cross and follow me. All I can say is from experince when is has been the worse and I fall. I renew myself and get up again(which the devil does not like) and it is at that point amazing things happen. It is like the devil bombards you because he is afraid of what Christ might do thru you…..

  3. Oops… I messed up and posted my last response under two topics. It wasn’t the Percocet that time, it was the Vicoden. 😉

  4. Here are a few of the reader comments on the Inquirer piece:
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    Thom is actually right about Vatican II. An exodus of priests from the Church began after Vatican II. Before 1965 prospective priests were told not to worry, Vatican II would allow them to marry. When it didn’t, they left. The priesthood became a hiding place for homosexuals and pedophiles. With a priest shortage, the Church had to hold onto whoever they could, even if that meant covering up ghastly crimes.
    — Jay from Philly
    As a catholic who attended catholic grade school and high school, this is just more of the same from church leadership. He will enjoy his new mansion and servents on City Line Avenue. I only hope they do not let young children within 500 yards of that stately compound. We do need to keep funding the church with our envelopes on Sunday so their law firm can continue to protect these predators.
    — equalityman

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    Pro-pedophile priest

    He’s a Catholic bishop.
    — 617patrick
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    Now that chaput has formally taken over as the new archbishop his agenda has began to take shape as indicated by the politicians who attended the ceremony, shameful . I have no knowledge of the politicians including santorum having met with any VICTIM (S) or expressing any desire to do so, I wonder why ? Don’t forget that there will also be a press the flesh with cahput and whatever PA politicians that desires to attend on 9/28/11 @ 8/am this will really get the ball rolling on chaput’s agenda.
    — ABAZZ30
    On Thursday, 8 Sept. I tuned in to Catholic Radio at 230 pm to see if there were any “apologists” on that i could listen to and “learn from.” When I heard organ music and sweet intonations by an announcer, I realized I was listening to a live broadcast from Philly where the AB — Chaput was being “installed.” I didn’t sense any connection to Christ. There was sweet singing in Latin by very professional voices— I thought of the $$$ that might cost. If I had been in one of the pews there, I would be falling asleep– was the feeling. I HAD THE THOUGHT- THAT IF A VICTIM HAD BEEN PRESENT THERE— IT WOULD HAVE BEEN UNBEARABLE IF NOT INTOLERABLE, AND WORSE THAN HELLFIRE.
    The celebrant was singing the mass, and had a Spanish language interpreter. Good organ music made me start to doze off again. The first reading was from Paul– including verse 28 of Romans 8: Romans 8:28″ And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
    I was reminded how Paul’s letters are read while sitting, but the gospels pertaining to Jesus’preaching to Israel demand standing– in special respect. Wonder why?The first reading seemed short or truncated and I wanted more. I thought of all the times in the past that similar liturgy, pomp and circumstance as the powers prepared to see “heretics” burn at the stake– over and over– through centuries.
    Now they are all standing and the “gospel” is sung— “the birth of Jesus.” It seemed silly to sing the words in my opinion. I am surprised that EWTN is doing this coverage in Philly while such a crisis is transpiring.
    It seems to be a manifest proof that few are listening to the words being sung, for the contradiction with the “catechism” should be evident to all. The live coverage is interrupted on station WDMC, 920 AM in Melbourne FL for a station break or ads etc.
    It’s now 3:12 pm and AB Chaput [pronounced “shapyu” ] is now speaking: He sounds younger than he is [I am like that myself according to many that hear me] and he ends his talk with “I love you.” I’m thinking “but you hardly know us!” At this point I tuned away to Sean Hannity for a “break.”
    At 3:42 the mass is still going—“Agnus Dei.” And I feel like zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!
    I almost can smell the incense. A string orch. has been added now— more $$$ ? The Inquirer will later print: “SPIRITUALLY SOARING MASS.” It is said to be 3 hours long.
    Reportedly the new AB stated: “We will be defining who we really are.”
    Then, at the doors, a “conga band.” More $$$ ? Reportedly, Msr. Michael Carroll “collapsed”and then “recovered.” Maybe he just woke up.

    ISA5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness
    for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for

    1. It is ironicI was just reading how if you don’t repent after sin right away………..sin starts to become habitual and then you start seeing evil as good and good as evil. Based on that same verse…………….ISA 5:20

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