Parish Priest Speaks Out On Silence

Click here to read: “Priest Takes Bishops to Task in Remarks to Parishioners,” Radnor, June 25, 2012

Dear Friends:
This is a copy of my remarks made at Masses on the weekend of June 23-24:

“I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about the elephant in the room. Yes. As has been reported in the news, Msgr. Lynn was found guilty on Friday of child endangerment. For some, perhaps many, this verdict brings with it at least some small sense of justice rendered. No doubt, it makes clear that “I was just following orders,” is an unacceptable defense in the face of blatant evil.

Yet for many with whom I have spoken and with whom I agree, it is only a partial sense of justice. Because the other elephant in the room is the fact that those directly in charge, the bishops, have yet to claim or accept responsibility for their own horrific part in this painful scandal. Not a single bishop has acknowledged or apologized for his decision to put the image of the Church before the protection and care of sexual abuse victims of clergy. Nor have any bishops had the decency or courage to call their fellow bishops to accountability.

The result? Many Catholics, including fellow clerics, friends who are practicing Catholics and friends who have left a Church they find disingenuous, dismiss the bishops as inauthentic and unworthy of their attention.

Moreover, the bishops’ latest attempt to exert moral authority with their “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign rings hollow for many who wish the bishops had been at least as energetic and enthusiastic with their denunciation of their role in institutionalized evil in the Church concerning abuse, as they are with a perceived threat to religious freedom. Rather than appearing prophetic, to many Catholics this looks like a pathetic attempt to reclaim power and authority.

Now, while all these feelings and observations are completely legitimate, there is one thing left to say:
I preached this weekend on the need to “shut up” as Zechariah was forced to do in today’s gospel, so that we might have time and space and silence to “hear” the voice of God and discern the will of God. Well, in the aftermath of this verdict, I have been called to silence. And in the silence I have been thus far able to discern this much: all of the above may be true and legitimate. And it must be said lout and clear. “But be careful,” I hear God saying.

“Be careful not to become smug and satisfied in your rightful calling to task of cowardly and self-serving bishops. Don’t stop there. Instead remember why you are a member of the Church: not because of the bishops, or the priests, but because of Jesus Christ—because you love Jesus Christ and you know in your bones that he is the Way and the Truth and the Life.’

So this is a time for all of us to commit ourselves ever more intensely to know Jesus even more, to love him even more. And then, above all to LIVE him, with all we have and are. All of us truly LIVING JESUS—that will be the transformation of the Church and of all the world.
Let the Church say, “Amen!”

In Christ’s love,
Fr. Murphy

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  1. Why is he still participating in an evil that he sees to be expelling catholics by the thousands?
    Its a good talk but we’re tired of all talk and nothing of the courage of CHRIST OR HIS SAINTS. FAUX church, that’s all !

      1. From my personal experience as a seminarian and member of a religious order I can assure you that his life will never be the same. I was “dealt with,” blackballed, so I would never be accepted into a diocese or religious order again. I certainly never wanted to go back anyway.

        By blowing the whistle I damaged the image of the order, and one of their pedophiles is still in prison. IT WAS WORTH IT!

      2. Joan,

        Fr. Murphy’s tenure could last if the people in his parish would rise up and vigorously support him. People want priests to speak the truth; but when they do, they find themselves abandoned by their flock.

        That’s part of the reason the worthless bishops get away with all that they do. The flock is composed largely of “deadwood.” As such, they are worthless when it comes to defending a good person. Thus, we have the Church that we do.

        The bishop should be put on notice that if anything happens to Fr. Murphy there will by mass demonstrations in front of the chancery. The Church is particularly fragile at this time, and more bad press could be effective.

        However, any such action in support of Fr. Murphy is very unlikely. Parishioners are referred to as “pew potatoes” for good reason.

        1. Drwho13, Everything you express hit home base for me. I would be proud to stand with Fr. Murphy, why? He speaks the TRUTH. If he needs any support, I’m there!

      3. “… if anything happens to Fr. Murphy… ”

        The likelihood is “nothing” will happen to Fr. Murphy, at least nothing that is visible to his flock or the faithful. It’s more likely that he’ll be called into the archbishop’s office and admonished for his disloyalty, or altogether not called in. Either way, in the end, he will pay for his disloyalty in the form of “undesirable” future assignments and/or a stalled or curtailed program of advancement up the ranks.

        Don’t get lost in the content of Murphy’s homily. It’s defining message lies in the fact that he stood up and spoke it. He “took on” the noxious and deleterious nature of the priesthood, the essence of which is blind obedience and loyalty. If Murphy’s brothers fail to see how they are indebted to him, do not feel compelled to defend him, will not follow in his footsteps, and are
        not empowered by his courage, then we must conclude that they are victims, too.

      4. Fr Murphy’s parish (Assumption BVM, West Grove PA) had to deal with Fr Wiejata (the lady’s man priest) before long before Fr Murphy’s tenure. From the tone of Fr Murphy’s letter, I think he confidently knows where his parishioners stand.

        If Abp Chaput is smart he won’t mess with this. If he’s really smart he’ll seek Fr Murphy’s advice.

      5. “The likelihood is “nothing” will happen to Fr. Murphy, at least nothing that is visible to his flock or the faithful.”

        Hadit – This is true; the attack is psychological, and is done in private. I defended myself by making it public, using the press. They of course denied everything, and then sued me for liable, slander, and defamation.

        By suing me, they essentially destroyed themselves. The truth is an absolute defense against such a suit. At the time they took legal action, they have no idea that I had documented their actions for over a year, e.g., written materials, tapes, witnesses, past illicit sexual activities by members, etc.

        I know nothing about Father Murphy’s concern for tenure, but for me it was not a factor. I simply wanted to clean up the filth, and get out!

        I was once the “perfect” seminarian, because I had no idea what was really going on within the Church. When I found out that it was all a facade, I quickly learned to despise the leadership of the RCC. To this day, apart from being their nemesis, I will have nothing to do with them.

        I know no other way to do this other that going public, and Fr. Murphy has already done that. Now, if he were to be called into the archbishop’s office, or in any other way intimidated, he would have to call a press conference. If he has been a priest for any length of time I believe that he would have a lot of dirt on the AD. He’d certainly have cards he could play.

        His future actions will be influenced by how badly he wants to remain a priest.

      6. Father Murphy, I want to thank you for both publishing your sermon and, of course, delivering it. I think it took courage and I genuinely hope there are no negative consequences. I hope your brother priests may have the will to do the same. I suspect many agree with you.

        I would be very interested to know how the sermon was received, at the parish level?

        I think your caution to ‘be still’ while not exactly how I would frame it at this moment in history….as there is so much to do to acquire just legislation in PA for innocent kids….was, perhaps a call to deepen ones prayer life, always a good idea….I am a fan of both Merton and Rohr and read your remarks, thusly.

        There is absolutely nothing simple or easy about this moment in church history, at 73 I have never seen anything like it.

        And if you were part of a less conservative diocese, I suspect your life would be a lot easier. I live on the west coast in two states and have heard many passing uncomplimentary references to the bishops, to passing on predator priests to a profound wish that the church would ‘read the signs of the times’.

        Certainly, groups like the Voice of the Faithful share your point of view.

        Again,thank you.

    1. “Faux Church” is right! I believe that many remain Catholic despite their bishops, not because of any spiritual leadership found in the Hierarchy or Magisterium, because it is practically nonexistant! Whenever there is a crisis, notice how the Church drags out Christ’s crucifixion, Mary, the rosary, the Eucharistic adorations, the “bells and smells” of Catholicism, etc. The Church always tries to appeal to the archetypal symbols of Catholicsm, the ones that tug on the heart-strings. This is done, because often-times each individual member of the Church doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, so they need the security of the “bells and smells,” just to assure them that they are on the right path if they stay in the Church. Now a days, the “bells and the smells,” are wearing kind of thin, and the smell of sexual abuse and coverups are almost over-whelming. I pray during this crisis that many find Jesus, and leave the dust of the Church behind them!

  2. 28 year old victim #4 in the Sandusky trial testified: I” feel responsible for what happened to the other ones.”, referring to the fact that if he had reported Coach Sandusky to the police whe he was a child and while he was being raped by the coach, Sandusky (might) have been
    stopped in his tracks. We have yet to hear that confession from the so-called better educated adults in the University’s administration who knew what Sandusky was up to
    preferred to turn their heads and their conscience to protect Sandusky and the reputation of Penn State. These men had the moral authority and the responsibility to go to the police and to childwelfare authorities with what they knew and when they knew it – but they failed to act like responsible adults. We also wonder whether we will ever hear such a confession from those in the Philadelphia Archdiocese who were complicit in shuffling molesting priests from one church to another.


    1. I have a recurring fear that both the Philly AD and Penn State are analogous to some families. Families wherein children are abused, but the “family” keeps it secret. Shame, and very sad.

  3. At least one archdiocesan priest addressed the ” elephant in the room”. We were in NJ and they had a special prayer for the freedom of religion (aka Bishop’s political agenda). Have we heard from any other Shepherds? Do they realize their sheep are not following them! What about Cistone, Cullen, Rigali, etc. .?
    They seem to have let Msgr. Lynn hang out to dry while they hide behind their pointed hats.

  4. Well, one priest out of how many in Philly? Perhaps it was the Sandusky trial that overshadowed the news of Lynn’s guilty verdict. It amazes me that hardly any noise erupted from the pews ever during the trial, let alone a rousing applause for the success of a guilty verdict for Lynn last Friday. What a sad commentary from the people in the pews who are still drinking the kool aide.

    1. Theresa, it breaks my heart that many (including members of my immediate family) are still addicted to the kool aide, because they believe, “Outside of the Church there is NO Salvation!” To those, who continue to think and act this way, we need to pray that God will lift the veil from their eyes, and that they’ll see the Church for what She truly is, a criminal UnChristian organization!

  5. Theresa Coleman is correct. Hundreds of supporters for the victims in Penn State lined the steps of the courthouse and cheered the verdict against this notorious pedophile. 45 charges of sexual abuse against this one person.
    Most parishes just had people sitting in the pews and listening, not to any response of Fr. Murphy, but to the letter calling for action against the made up charge of encrroachment of “religious liberty” truly a smoke screen by the US catholic bishops’ conference.
    How many parishes had prayer for the victims and for the families of those who suffered so long from this “conspiracy” of evil which has so stained this church. A friend of mine was recently reading a book on the historical corruption of the papacy through history and the sexual proclivities of many of the popes and of the cardinals and bishops in the enclave of the vatican. With all the vileness and evil of that history, nothing can be so vile as this institution which has allowed thousands, let me say again, thousands of victims to suffer so much pain because they had trusted “the priests” of their parishes.
    I am sure that there are many other priests like Fr. Murphy who want to speak out. I disagree with Father in calling for silence to allow God to speak to us. We do not need silence. There are too many pages of documentation telling how the hierarchy and underlings did all they could to deceive parishoners and even when they admitted wrong doing, placing victims under a “rule of silence” that they would never speak out to really tell the evil that was going on in this Archdiocese.
    The only reason for the Pope to come here would be to perform an “exorcism” on the Pastoral Center and to attempt to drive out the demons from the leadership of this Diocese.
    The Pope would come, not as a rock star, but in the dark robes of penance and, like King Henry IV, he would kneel in front of the cathedral and pray for the victims. He would embrace them and beg forgiveness for the evil that his underlings have allowed to happen.
    Is this just wishful thinking?? I would hope not. One of the victims of this archdiocese told me that he had met Bishop Senior recently and that he wanted so badly to tell him to kneel there on the street and apologize for the horrible life that he (the victim) had been subjected to as a young altarboy and now for the past ?40 years of therapy and pain.

    Come on Catholic People. Get out of the pews!!! Jesus will not reward you for simply going to Mass. If you do not stand up for the vicims and against injustice in all forms, you may as well just stay in bed and sleep on Sunday Morning.

    1. Father…you are of course, absolutely right….but sadly I fear that very little will change, except a few more thoroughly disgusted folks will, ‘move on’.

    2. To father, I met you once in front of 222 17th st. I am a survivor of being horribly abused by 3 catholic priests. Excellent article! The pope needs to first clean his own house within as he shielded priests when in germany! As far as what victims want, we want JUSTICE and we want to protect ALL children. Penance and kneeling and asking God for forgiveness is all well and good, but action that is real calling off your guard dogs in stopping the 2 year window and no statutes of limitations. I want to take the last 2 of my perps to court! By the way, I remember EVERYTHING that happened to me. We wake up every day knowing what was done to us, our minds remember and our bodies have lasting memories of the abuse. So, people in the pews give us justice so we can tell you the names of all the perps that at this moment stalking your children!

      1. Vicky you stated, “The pope needs to first clean his own house within as he shielded priests when in Germany!” You’re right Vicky, but this Pope (or any other member of the inter-circle) will NOT “clean his own house.” Rather, he intends to pile the BS Higher and Deeper.

        That pope just hired a former member of the “Fair & Balanced” Fox News Network to as serve as his Spin-mister. That’s how Jesus would have done it, right? You may want justice, but the only thing the RCC is going to give you is “Image;” for them image is everything!

        Behind the “Smoke & Mirrors” it’s all deceit. What dose Scripture say about “Whitewashed Tombs & Dead Man’s Bones?” THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT THIS POPE IS GIVING US!

        This pope intends to provide us with nothing other than more Public Relations BS, and has turned to using Fox News methods of spin to get it done. Give me a break!

        “Vatican turns to Fox News man Greg Burke for image makeover”

        “Holy See hires outsider after suffering a series of public setbacks and embarrassing leaks”

        In addition, speaking of “Image,” is Roman Catholicism still a religion, or is it Hollywood? The Church recently acquired the Crystal Cathedral in the Orange County suburb of Garden Grove, CA, so the setting is right. Money well spent?

      2. Drwho13…About your 2nd article.. Although do I think Crystal cathedral is well-named at present (jk), the idea of this acquisition by the RCC is so tacky and ridiculous this time…Are not more than one diocese in CA in bankruptcy from abuse settlements?

        The Cipriano article below posted by Joan, dealing with Bevilacqua’s frivolous spending is just sickening.. espec. the lie about the purchase and the deed of the Margate villa. Heaven knows how much was really spent on the place… We can only assume that the AD is completely fraudulent in everything having to do with money…. When I think of my poor grandmom lovingly giving each of us kids her money to put into the basket at Mass, so that we’d all get into the “good habit of giving to God and the poor”…–I want those dimes back now – with interest!
        Until lately, I just carelessly assumed that the AD had, through the years, provided the public with an accounting of its yearly finances. How do we really know the AD is as financially bad off -as Chaput claims it is?

        Is there any serious movement afoot among the laity to force the AD to disclose all of its financial information?

      3. Crystal….the money/Church accountability thing is a topic that Jason Berry, in Render Unto Rome, a book I think is terrific…deals a lot with fiscal accountability and Philly.

        On page 8 he quotes Cipriano and the whole Bev spending spree..5 mill for an opulent residence and office repairs, bypassing his own advisors…

        AND on page 12, in a segment entitled ‘ Financial Accountability’….Zeck of Villanova is cited, saying that catholics , ‘felt they did not have sufficient influence in Church decision-making, lacked information on how Church funds were spent, and didn’t think denominational leaders were accountable on how contributions were used’.

        Berry then says, ‘as custodians of a religious charity, the bishops are under no obligation to produce profit and loss statements for stockholders or the IRS.’

        As to financial disclosure….’Of 194 dioceses and Archdioceses, about 115 have audited or reviewed financial statements online…only 5 of the 115 audited statements include parishes?.the remaing are just for the administrative offices, not the parishes, those financials are almost worthless to someone who wants to understand the financial state of the diocese.

        The highest level of assurance is provided by a full set of financial statements that have been audited by a public accounting firm,’ p. 13

        Apparently three dioceses Boston, LA and Kalamazoo are fully compliant.

        …..and ‘Finally, there are financial statements that are not even accompanied by a compilation report. Somebody just put some numbers together. An example of that is the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. ‘ p13 (Berry’s book is copy written in 2011)

        Perhaps, Pgilly Catholics would welcome a full AD audit including parishes and an independent CPA firm…..WITH ALL THE FACTS…could then do an independent audit AND Philly could join the ranks of Boston, LA and Kalamazoo.

    3. Thank you, Rev. Wintermyer, for your excellent response. You hit the nail on the head.

      Catholics have drunk the “sacramental Church” cool-aide. They narrowly understand Catholicism to mean the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist at Mass. They “line up” or occupy the pews in order to “drink” or to have the sacraments bestowed on them. It’s nice, predictable, safe, easy and Catholic. Most importantly, it is not a mortal sin. An additional perk is the emotional charge from the idea that only Faaather can magically bestow a sacrament on us. While we are his sacramental captives, Faather rants and raves about “religious freedom” and passes around the collection plate. What a multi-faceted cool-aide! We are addicted to it, and not to the persona of Christ, who never languished in a pew or drank cool-aide.

  6. With the gag order now lifted, I’m waiting for other priests to join Fr Murphy. Will there be an organized response from the priests’ association such as the 300+ priests in Chicago who joined together to sign a statement?

    In thinking about the discussion of obedience vs conscience, where are the priests willing to stand up to these bishops and publicly state they are obedient to Jesus first and foremost who admonished His followers not to bring harm to His little ones?

    1. Theresa ,I had a conversation with a priest and he shared with me his feelings about the hierarchy,how out of touch they are with the real world, mainly interested in themselves, have abandoned the clergy during the abuse the end of the conversation the only thing I could say was ” that is exactly how I feel about the priests”

      1. And this same thing is what the victims could say about the laity. It is a trickle down effect of disfunction.

      2. For as long as I can remember there were always priests & nuns who rebelled against the hierarachy. I thought them to be, heretical. I was so into “the magisterium” it was an un- thinking, blind, faith that I look upon today, as just plain brain washed, stupid and anything else that says” how on earth could you have given away the FREEDOM THAT CHRIST GAVE YOU, WHEN HE DIED FOR YOUR SINS AND THEN ROSE FROM THE DEAD AND GAVE YOU HIS PRECIOUS WORD..FOR YOUR LIFE

  7. Where were the good shepards (the hierarchs ) to all step forward at the trial to say they were equally to blame for the endangerment of the innocents? NOWHERE!

  8. Fr on earth can you stay in a church and preach “the good news”to people who don’t even understand the” good news”. How can you preach it to them when you don’t know it yourself? You are good at talking, what are you doing, besides being silent!

    What is pathetic, is your letter explaining to your people, what is going on in this supposed church, from a supposed man of God.

    Where is Jesus Christ, our savior and our Lord, in all your explanations?

    .Does HE know you or do they know HIM? ‘hat’s important in this life and only that!

    1. One thing I will stake my very life on, is that the “good news” has never, ever, been preached by any official [priest,bishop,pope] in good standing with the Roman church.

      1. I think that we should all start our own denomination and call it something like “Awakened X-Catholics, Who Love the Word!” I feel more at home here at this website than in many churches. The last Catholic Church that I entered was for a relative’s funeral. I wanted a particular Psalm read and I was told, “Only verses from the Word of God could be read!” I just about lost it! Then, the family agreed with the church secretary, and I was ready to walk out of the church and start screaming! Sheer insanity! It could only happen in a Catholic Church and in a Catholic family!

  9. I have joined as a supporting member Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland. I sent them 20 pounds, and I think I am on their mailing list. Their group had a meeting and more people showed up than even they imagined, both laity and priests. Where is such a group in Phila, where is such a group in any part of the USA??

    If we as members of the RCC did not believe in the love of Jesus, we would not give those in the pulpit a moment’s notice. We know of the love of Jesus, that is what keeps many going–but not necessarily to a RC church…

    I am also a member of Americans United–Americans United for the separation of church and state and the rescinding of tax exempt status for religious organizations.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. I’m interested in both of your associations and I’m going to look into them. I admire how they represent a take-charge stance on your part regarding your feelings about the Church. Rather than wallowing in anger, sadness and disillusionment, you did something! You joined associations sharing the same vision, values and agendas as you.

  10. Thank you, Fr. Murphy!!! Very refreshing and encouraging to see one of our priests speaking out with the unvarnished truth. Be assured it will not be well received by your superiors, many of your fellow priests and many or most of the “sheeple” in the pews. The imperial bishops will continue to stonewall and try to direct attention away from their abject moral failure with such nonsense as “Fortnight for Freedom”.

    I wish you only the very best in the aftermath of your standing up for victims and for truth and against the hypocrisy of the hierarchy where, as you say, decency and courage are in very short supply. As Merton said:” There comes a point when they forfeit the right to be listened to.” We are now well past that point.

  11. “………………Because the other elephant in the room is the fact that those directly in charge, the bishops, have yet to claim or accept responsibility for their own horrific part in this painful scandal. Not a single bishop has acknowledged or apologized for his decision to put the image of the Church before the protection and care of sexual abuse victims of clergy. Nor have any bishops had the decency or courage to call their fellow bishops to accountability…”

    No, there are three elephants….The third one is the sad fact that not too many priests have done as you say above either…

    The verdict didn’t satisfy me or leave me feeling smug … I’m hoping this is just the beginning of more such trials… If I were you Father, I’d be afraid of your bishops…I’d be afraid of being used as scapegoats by them down the road…

    As for being silent…I doubt that God is calling you to silence now.

  12. I railed against their silence, so it’s good to hear that this priest shared these sentiments from the pulpit. I would have liked to have seen the reaction. It will be interesting to see the response from the corporate office.

    Regarding the motion hearing tomorrow; It is my hope that folks brace themselves in the event that Judge Sarmina grants the house arrest request. You never know.


  13. “Regarding the motion hearing tomorrow; It is my hope that folks brace themselves in the event that Judge Sarmina grants the house arrest request. You never know.”

    I am praying “against” such an eventuality.

    1. Regarding the motion for house arrest, Judge Sarmina is going to consider it, IF the Vatican agrees to extradite Lynn should he escape. During WWII, the Vatican had a “Ratline.” thru which notorious Nazi and Fascist criminals officers and leaders escaped. All along I have said that the Vatican has a “RATLINE for Pedophile Priests,” where they relocate priest like Fr. Brendan Smyth from Ireland. He went on to abuse over 100 boys and girls in Ireland, the USA and Wales. Hundreds of Pedophile Priests were sent to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc….. through the Vatican’s Ratline for Pedophile Priests. This same Ratline could help Lynn escape! I hope that someone brings this fact to the Judge’s attention!

  14. Too bad we can’t vote the bishops out in Nov…………….we need Christ like bishops…………what a breath of fresh air that would be……….I agree with Jerry I think this is just the begining of civil authorities helping us clean house

  15. Thank you Father Murphy for a intelligent and important sermon that should have been hear by every Catholic in Philadelphia and in the rest of the country. I agree with everything that you said about the trial and the terrible sexual scandal that has been going on for many years now throughout the world. I will pray for you because I know that Bishops Chaput does not tolerate dissent from his point of view. We need more priest like you to step forward and tell the truth about the sexual scandal that has caused such shame for thinking Catholics. I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to give you the courage to speak the truth.

  16. The Catholic clerical aristocracy cloaks itself in the language of feudal royalty. Although Jesus said, Call no man father, the clerical aristocracy insists on words of paternalism and veneration. Monsignor literally translates as “My Lord”; “Mon” is my, and “Signor” is Lord. The bishop is known as “Your Eminence”, and the Cardinal is to be referred to as “Your Excellency”. We (the little people) are to kiss their rings, while kneeling or bowing down before them. Jesus becomes “Our Lord”, an aristocratic concept noticeably absent in Judaism from its concept of the Creator. And Mary fills the royal role of “Our Lady”. When landed feudal words such as “My Lord” for the local parish priest wearing purple, “Our Lord” and “Our Lady” for the divine presences, and “His Eminence”, “His Excellency”, “His Holiness” and “Holy Father” (eerily similar to the masonic Worshipful Master and Grand Wizard) for the hierarchy are used as the framework for speaking and understanding, it’s easier to understand how the Pillsbury Dough Boy jumped when His Excellency said boo. It gives context to the comment oft repeated, You don’t say “no” to His Excellency. Obedience is enforced at all levels. Blind, unquestioning, obedience. All the fables and fake fairy tales are easily handed down from one powerless generation to another ignorant generation in unthinking, blind obedience. And the cash flows in like you could not imagine. In fact, that’s the best kept secret in Phillie. If I recall correctly, about 10 years ago, Bishop Accountability ran an article stating that the Diocese of Toledo, Ohio had 90,000,000 dollars ($90 million) in its cash accounts, it had come out during discovery in a lawsuit. How much do you suppose Phillie has? Only His Eminence Chaput (SHAPyoo) knows for sure.

    1. You have said it all. Generational Brainwashing gets them what they want and more..OMG!

      1. Fortunately, our kids are wiser than we were and will not darken the door of any Catholic Church! Theirs is probably the first generation in the history of the Catholic Church, which will not be brain-washed. Thank God they have the Word of God as the foundation for their salvation!

      2. I just want to reiterate..the mission of this site is not to get people to leave the church. The mission is to address the sexual abuse issue,protect children and support victims. Where or how people choose to worship is their choice. Elizabeth and Jeanne please respect the choices people make,they respect yours. The focus needs to be on the kids and victims…not people’s status in the church.

      3. Sorry, I meant to address that to Gloria not Elizabeth. There are many different people who come to this site. Some devout Catholics, others who have left.

    2. Lord is correct when addressed to the Lord Jesus Christ— that’s scripture!
      Your post brings out in the open the truth that the introduction of “clergy” or “rulers over the body” was foreign to what the gospel taught. Those who sought to rule over the Body of Christ were and are the infamous wolves that came in. Can’s ee what I type– got to go.

  17. Finances and Child Protection – only one is important in the eyes of our Catholic leadership.

    The Ski motto: “If I cannot trust you (archdiocesan leadership) with the safety and welfare of our children, then I certainly cannot trust you (archdiocesan leadership) with the safety and welfare of our money.”

    This concept become very clear a very short time after the release of the First Grand Jury Report in September 2005.

  18. Fr. Murphy you have some brass ones to mention the Elephant and prior to Friday’s verdict you would have paid a steep price for your remarks but not NOW… So what happens now?? How about a mass exodus of Philadelphia, Michigan and Tennessee priests & bishops to Rome… More of your cleric friends need to speak out like you and stop worrying about job security do in part to the fact that your ranks are low i,e. no replacements…There is chaos in Rome and in the Phila. AD thus now is the time to speak up and let your voices be heard…Put an end to the OBEY…PRAY…PAY mentality…..

  19. Drwho..Greg Burke happens to be a member of Opus Dei…That should be a real impartial, (fair and balanced) PR man for the rcc. The OD people are so out of touch with what CHRIST DID FOT US, IT’S SINFUL BEYOND BELIEF! They think they must “self flagelate” (hurt themselves) by inflicting wounds on themselves, a form of.. penance, their daily WORK is their prayer but their money is more important to OD. It is so secretive, no one , not even members know what is really going on other than blind faith in their leaders. (which is required!) No one has ever seen their (by-laws)except their superiors. .. When Bp. Marcinkas (he was head of the Vatican Bank)took all the Vatican money & went on the lamb to SunCity, Arizona…JPII GOT THE MONEY FROM OD TO COVER THE LOSS. Some bunch of evil doers and we bought into it..NO MORE!

    1. I’m just thinking WHY does the Pope WANT A GUY FROM OPUS
      DEI?? Greg Burke? THAT is exactly what Pope 16 is up to. Bennie just recently fired the head of the Vatican Bank..HE REMEMBERS…. JPII… but this time it’s on his tenure….. What to do.. I know! Greg Burke….

      JP II had to do the same thing, as I said. Ratzie wants Opus Dei to bail them out again. just like they did for JPII . I hope Greg Burke realizes this has been done before and says NO!

      That’s why JP II loved Opus Dei so much! Not so much their piety but their MONEY>>> That’s what it’s all about.!! MONEY!!!! No SAINTHOOD FOR JPII!

      Opus Dei is the worst place for a person to find Jesus Christ. HE isn’t there but the people who are in it, think they are holier than all the people in the whole christian world.



  20. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

    1. v4j..this helped me! Thank you so much. “Vengence is Mine, thus saeth the Lord!” Gives me Hope! Thanks again..gloria

      1. After this landmark trial, the vengence of the Lord is just beginning! In fact, the fear of being pulled into court might get every bishop, archbishop and cardinal down on his knees, praying that he won’t be next! Before this is over many priests will be exchanging their expensive vestments from Gammarelli’s in Rome for little orange prison jumpsuits. Many Gammarelli’s could start a new line of clerical, orange jumpsuits, because they’ll be doing a lot less business in costly vestments, when bishops, archbishops and cardinals start serving time!

  21. Who has won? The way I see it, Jerry Scumdusky and Msgr. William Lynn got what was coming to them. If I had it my way, both would never know freedom again or see the brightness of a sunshining beautiful day. Both would spend the rest of their pathetic lives in a dark and tiny cell and they can take plenty of time to think about the lives they’ve destroyed much in the same way I sit in my own prison (mentally) and dwell on memories because of evil men like them.

    Today, I feel like justice has been kick-started all throughout Pennsylvania, but we’ve got so much further to go. I’m upset that James Brennan walked out of that courthouse without handcuffs and a police escort into a waiting police car so he could be carted off along with Msgr. Lynn to prison. I didn’t see “Mark’s'” testimony, but I didn’t have to, because I saw James Brennan’s behavior inside and outside of court. He was arrogant and pompous, drawing rage out of me when he laughed and carried on like a immature child during the graphic and horribly detailed testimony of “Billy.” There’s not a bone in my body that doesn’t tell me “he did it.” And now, he’s free to do it some more, at least for right now. Justice skipped over Mark.

    Rep. Ron Marsico is still protecting the Catholic Church. After all that has occurred in Pennsylvania recently, Marsico continues to allow for pedophile priests to get away with murder! I am relieved that better laws and a longer reporting period will give present and future victims a better opportunity to come forward, but I’m angry and saddened that myself and hundreds, if not thousands, of past victims cannot come forward and expose our perpetrators.

    Church hierarchy who covered-up for Rev. John M. McDeviit, who abused me, are still the position of knowledge of other child predator priests and will continue to move them around. They’ll just make sure they do it better next time around. Criminals always hone in on their skills in order to not be caught.

    I guess we’ve got to keep the heat on David Sicoli, as he’ll continue to live directly across the street from Sea Isle City’s largest playground, which is currently hosting junior soccer tournaments and Little League baseball & girls’ softball. David Silcoli’s victims still can’t come forward and it’s still left up to us to expose him for what he truly is – a scumbag!

    How many more “known” predator priests and laypersons will continue to prowl the streets and summer camps and schoolyards looking for the next victim, because the law doesn’t allow us to protect children?

    A high-ranking Catholic official goes to jail for endangering children, which I agree with, but the priest who actually physically and sexually assaulted a child walks free, at least for now?

    People have told me this ruling in Philadelphia was a good thing. Really? As far as I’m concerned a child predator was allowed to walk out the door and hunt more children he can abuse. State laws were modified to protect future children – GREAT! – but what about children right now, today? If those of us who were victimized many years ago were able to expose our perps, we would help children right now!

    I don’t want people to think I’m the kind of guy who is never happy with any outcome, but how can I be happy with this one when the abusers are still free and clear of justice?! Just because we may be able to file civil suits doesn’t mean we still won’t suffer because of what happened to us. These victims of Jerry Sandusky will still suffer, no matter if he was found guilty or not guilty. It’s going to be a long road for them, just as it will be for “Mark.”

    Who has won? Nobody. The elephant is still in the room!

    1. Rich-you know better than most that is a complicated crisis perpetrated by viscious , cunning, calculating, criminals who wield their own brand of power. You have been fighting for your life your entire life and have fought through many set-backs. This is not one of them in my opinion. Mark’s case had some problems which the jury identified. Regardless of our affinity for the guy, the jury had a problem with his credibility Gotta run for now but I would humbly urge that we consider how far we have come in the past year.

  22. v4j ..God Bless…what ever it is that you need to feel better. God knows I wish I could feel better too but I don’t seem to. After being what I thought was the best catholic I could be for over 60 yrs.,…….I finally found out that the thing that was always missing. in my life, was…..THE HOLY SPIRIT. HE was found by me..not through the church but by my dissatisfaction with the way the rcc. was operating. HE kept me there..until…HE and I knew we as a family, (children all grown & gone) had to leave (2001)…

    I still am so upset that this crap of the devil is still going on. You and thousands are suffering the pangs of hell and it all moves so slowly, that it seems we’ll never get the “pew people ” to “get it”! I’ve been blogging for 11 yrs. I am tired, I won’t stop..the devil will not get the upper hand again.! PEACE AND LOVE TO YOU & ALL! gloria

    1. Glorybe: Even though I’m a generation younger and had the good fortune to leave the Church much, much earlier in life, I want to share the power of the Holy Spirit with my former Catholic, current Catholic and X-Catholic brothers and sisters. I wonder if there is any life left in the Charismatic Movement in the RCC? I wonder if most still leave after they receive the power of the Holy Spirit, like they did years ago. Do you know? Jeannie

      1. Jeannie: I Was a part of the charasmatic renewal way back when, in my parish, OLF. I feel it’s been faded out by the RCC. But once you “receive” the Holy Spirit and the “gifts”, i feel they guide us thru life. Praise God!!! I believe the Victims!! Peace

      2. Jeannie far as I know, the City of the Lord Charismatic Community,(former People of Joy in Phx. that we belonged to) in Tempe, Az. is doing well. I’m still in touch with a few …. They used to be ecuminical but are now only Rc. The reality …many have left it. I don’t know re: the church.

  23. I noticed the Reuters article didn’t say anything about the Vatican Bank bail out by OPUS DEI when JPII WAS POPE..SAME DEAL.. now!…WARN GREG BURKE ABOUT BP MARCINKUS. (now dead) the fired head of vatican bank during JPIIs reign. Where is the fired head now? The mystery gets better all the time! No wonder the Pope talks about Dan Brown…Looks like the Pope wrote the Da Vinci Code!

  24. I don’t believe it’s about the “pew people” not getting it. They are in their comfort-zones and in some ways happier than we are as ignorance is bliss. The movie ‘Big Fish’ has some scenes about zombie-land. Do we choose to live or be counted among the walking-dead? Jesus lived life to the fullest, with all its pains and joys. I believe we should walk away, shake the dust off our feet, and return to a personal relationship with God.

    1. Speaking- up …I think there are many “pew people” who do not get it.. They don’t know the whole truth about the RCC abuse situation, and they are fearful of thinking critically about what they already do know.

      Sadly, I was a typical, closed off “pew person” until 2011, and I know my people very well (lol!) They need unbiased information put right under their noses. These pew people are under a very powerful spell…… It probably sounds ridiculous to many here –and I’m not excusing their frustrating ignorance, but I believe in the daily life of the indoctrinated catholic, there exists a shortage of organized, available, concise and easily understandable information on RCC clergy abuse — a shortage of uncensored discussion, especially for older catholics who don’t regularly use the internet (and who give the donations and occupy so many of the pews.)

      1. Crystal, I fully agree with you. I myself was a catholic-zombie until 2011 when I began to see the light, after being betrayed by a religious-order. I had surrounded myself with books on catholic philosophy, theology, and religion, along with the sacramental and community aspects of the faith. It is a comotose state, full of distractions to prevent critical thinking and spiritual freedom. I needed a fall … ‘a hit on the head to wake-up’ … Many say a physical concussion gives us a different perspective and I did suffer from a concussion during this period. Or should I dare to re-interpret Lucifer’s fall from organized religion as a good thing? Just a thought.

      2. Cystal,

        It’s those “extra-human powers” that have the pew people enslaved.

        “Those who wonder why the Church has been unable to halt the rolling catastrophe of sexual abuse claims need only consider the difference between the American system of law and Catholic justice. Within the Church, ordained men are regarded a special creatures with extra-human powers” (The Earthly Power of a Philadelphia Jury, Michael D’Antonio).

      3. Speaking Up–we’re twins! That clunk on the head was certainly worth it! Life does that once in a while, huh!? ..Just when we’re at our apathetic or arrogant best….BAM!… Truth time!!

      4. drwho13, very good Huff.Post article.. Few people anymore really believe in the supposed magical powers held by the clergy ….and to our hierarchy, that’s a “real” crisis…except they call it “secularism’ and other names.

    1. Both articles are excellent, Sister…what is this Phase Line group? A PR firm that the PA Catholic Conference uses?…..Could you elaborate….thanks, Joan

  25. KATHY …I thought the whole idea. of this site was, speaking your heart, as people who were or still are catholics( in name only.) for their entire lives, which I’m sure we all felt we could do.
    You have allowed more vile language for quite sometime, which we old folks tollerated, for the respect we have for our ((sexually abused by clerics)) most loved people and who have lived in such agony. Why the reprimand?

    No one is trying to appropriate, convince or say anything to make people of God leave what they deem to be God’s will for their lives. That’s what the rcc has done in its own evil and unprecedented way, to keep you IN!
    What is “your” motive?

    We. are FREE IN CHRIST!

    This is a give and take.
    discussion I thought. If you wish us to cease and desist ..we can. Have we offended you? IF SO, I. APOLOGIZE for my offenses to you or any one. gloria. RSVP.

    1. Gloria….it is possible for folks to remain in the Church, NOT because they have been hoodwinked by the Church, but because as a matter of adult, mature primacy of personal conscience that’s where they choose to be.

      You have a perfect right to make your own personal primacy of personal conscience decision, and so does every blogger and reader on C4C.

      1. I don’t think I felt any thing different than what you said…Where is Kathy ‘s RSVP.?THANKS FOR YOURS.

      2. Gloria you don’t need to apologize and you didn’t offend me..It seems as though you are aways yelling in your posts when you capitalize your words..someone pointed that out to you before. The more people focus on bashing those who stay or taking to task those who leave, it dissolves into nothing but pettiness. I don’t care if someone goes to Mass everyday.prays the rosary and novena’s and uses their spare time to stand up for children..I am not going to attack someone for their choices as long as they are assisting victims and speaking up for children.
        You ask what my motive is to gather and share as much info as possible to share the truth with people so that victims are finally acknowledged and children will be protected. I don’t need to yell in my comments, constantly harp on the choice I have made and repost the same thoughts over and over. To me that is not furthering any agenda other than one’s own which is not at all what this site is about. If a basic average Catholic comes to this site to learn more about the abuse crisis and is constantly faced with comments from people who claim the Church is evil and people are are driving people away. I don’t know if you have ever been in sales…getting people on your side does not come from hitting them over the head with a hammer.

      3. Agree. So, why can’t all sides be expressed? If there were absolutely no connection at all with abuse, I can see objection, but most comments are connected to abuse. Why any implied restrictions?

  26. Some very interesting ‘archival’ news out of KC…..could we be seeing the dam opening up?

    Diocese ordered to give Jackson County prosecutors documents related to priest misconduct
    The Kansas City Star

    Bishop Robert Finn
    More News

    Local Catholic officials must hand over information about past priest abuse investigations to Jackson County prosecutors, according to a judge overseeing the current case against Bishop Robert Finn and the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

    The diocese also must turn over its notes and other documents from an independent investigation it commissioned former U.S. attorney Todd Graves to conduct into the case of the Rev. Shawn Ratigan, the judge ruled. Ratigan is facing child pornography charges in state and federal court.

    Finn and the diocese are nearing trial on misdemeanor charges related to the handling of allegations against Ratigan.

    In his ruling released Wednesday, Jackson County Circuit Court Judge John Torrence said that information about the diocesan investigations into alleged misconduct regarding five other priests was “relevant and material” to the state’s pending case. Because sensitive and confidential information likely is contained in that information, the judge said he would impose a protective order to limit access to those files to attorneys and staff directly involved in the case.

    He said the information could not be photocopied and must be returned to lawyers for the diocese within 10 days of the case being completed.

    Torrence also granted the state’s request to amend the charges to add an additional misdemeanor count against both the bishop and the diocese.

    The case is scheduled to go to trial Sept. 24 in Jackson County Circuit Court.

    Read more here:

      1. Thanks Joan..that is the hand we were dealt in Philly for many years. I think it was a few weeks ago on Cipriano’s blog that someone referred to the blood,sweat and money of our ancestors that built this Archdiocese and the hierarchy P****** all over it.

      2. oops ….here’s the Finn/KC link…when they talk about archival files about 5 more priests, or is it 6….so sensitive that they can’t be photographed …this is KC…all I can think of is just how horrible the Grand Jury and trial info was in Philly….I can’t imagine anything worse…

        Apparently they are adding additional misdemeanor counts to Finn…

    1. Is this Kansas City Finn deal, the next Philly….it’s beginning to sound like it!

      Judge Orders File Release By Kansas City Catholic Hierarchy

      [with audio]

      By Dan Verbeck

      Documents considered so sensitive they may not be photocopied must be turned over to a prosecutor by the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese.

      The files deal with former cases alleging abuse by priests.

      The Catholic Diocese had been reluctant to turn over data from its own investigations until ordered this week by Jackson County Circuit Judge John Torrence.

      The Jackson County Prosecutor will take the information that is so touchy only a limited number of people may see it.

  27. Dear Kathy.. thank you for your honest reply!.
    Personally I think you have got a lot to learn!
    I have owned and named, with my husband of 61 yrs.,many companies in these 83 yrs. on this earth…over 60 of those being a age 12 & the best RC I could be. Having held many positions in the Catholic church ( one being, as Co-ordinator…….of The Magnificat Ministry, a National woman’s ministry..RCIA..etc.,etc.. etc.,etc., etc) we also had 5 pedophiles in our church of SMG in Scottsdale, Az.

    I really don’t say what I say, to be. a” sales person” for JESUS CHRIST………& , I DON’T NEED YOUR ADMONITION OF” shouting”. (and.” you were told that before”, as you so sweetly reminded me)…WHEN IVE BEEN ON THE COMPUTER SINCE 1975.!. it’s called.”
    emphasizing a topic” that’s important.

    Manners on the Internet have changed drastically since those days..I see you don ‘t’ understand that! Its your web site…Ill say no more…!
    At this point in my life .. ..Ill find a new web site….. I’ve been. doing this for over 11 yrs.

    God Bless your work! I can do no more… Thanks for the time I did spend with all of you. It was a blessing to meet so many wonderful people of GOD..Many very memorable words that helped my heart…
    And Lynn is going to jail! We. all prayed hard for that. That was our goal..more to come! HE’s In Charge!

    1. don’t have to leave. My point was that when you look at the tally of site visits on the right,you will see we have surpassed the 500,000 mark..I don’t say that as a success, I point it out because what has happened here is that many people have gathered to learn more about abuse in the church…that is the success. And many people who visit the site are still catholic and want to know more actual info than to hear people shout about how much they hate the church…just an observation. Gloria I do have a lot to learn and I have learned a lot in this past year that if I go slow with people who are new to this issue…the results are better. When I attended my first vigil outside the AD I met victims who were wonderful in teaching me about the abuse (Vicky being one of them). There was no judgement,no one asked me if I still attend Mass…no one cared and neither do I…I take their lead in how I try to relay the info and have people understand this issue.

      1. Kathy and Gloria, I love you both. Personally, the last few weeks with the Lynn conviction, etc., has been a strain on me, as it may have been for you. Perhaps, it was on SW as well. Lynn’s in jail and the problems still remain. I hope Gloria reconsiders as well. There is still a lot to do and good people with experience are hard to find.

  28. Why would anyone want to pledge their continued allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church, which is indeed an organized crime ring posing as Christ – the worst kind of hypocricy and arrogance. Life is too short to fight a losing battle. Just think of the money the Church spent to defend Lynn – all of it given by those who drink the cool aide. They were defending a man who choose to ignore his own conscience in the name of the old boys network.
    Check out the Ecumenical Catholic Communion – it is a growing movement in this country and Europe – all parishes are self governed – free to call their own priests to serve – all are welcome.

  29. I find in most any support and advocacy forum there tends to be way too many egos involved. Everybody has an argument. Unfortunately, the arguments have little to do with justice and mostly to do with who has the best answers. Sometimes I wonder if I really want to align myself with non-victims, who claim to be advocates for us victims, or those who promise to protect children. In fact, sometimes I don’t want to be near any of you and often I stay away from this website because of the bickering back and forth. It’s a disgrace, and somewhere in all of your arguments, you lose sight of the fact that children are still being abused and it’s not really important who has the right answer or better idea.

    Furthermore, for those who get upset because some victims claim sexual abuse is a Catholic problem, what reasons do you give us to consider otherwise? YOU are the people who continue to bring religion into the conversation. I have gone out of my way to announce “I am agnostic.” Still that hasn’t kept people from telling me I should believe in God. They even claim to know I am agnostic, but as much as I respect anyone’s beliefs, somehow I don’t deserve the same in return. I have never once blamed my abuse on the Catholic faith. I have said and I will continue to say that the Catholic Church provided a safe haven for predators and chose to be, througout much of its existence, the catalyst of promoting and protecting evil behavior. Why does the belief in one god, or many gods, or no gods at all even have any purpose in a discussion of better protecting children or seeking justified remedies for past victims?

    I tend to believe that many of you hide behind your god more than anything. You claim “god will do this” and “god will do that.” Isn’t god supposed to provide you will strength, courage, and conviction so YOU can do it? Why do you hand all the responsibility over to god?

    Do you know what’s ironic? If I had never been to a support group meeting with other victims/survivors, I would assume there to be many arguments in a room full of people like myself. However, it’s just the opposite. I have never argued with another victim and I can find no reason to ever do such a thing. How funny, and absolutely ridiculous it is to watch some of you on this site explode simply because everybody doesn’t agree. There are greater tragedies in life. Trust me!

    By the way, I’m not the only victim who feels this way. I think you people should really get it together. If you want to protect children or seek justice for me and my friends, find a better way! Get back on the track you were on six months ago.

    There are people in the world, who are just wrong, and then there are the masses of population that are right, or at the very least they lie in the veil of between. I on the other hand, do not belong to any group. I don’t exist. It’s not that I don’t have substance; I have a body like everyone else. I can feel the fire when it burns against my skin, the rain when it caresses my face and the breeze as it fingers my hair. I have all the senses that other people do. I am just empty, inside.

    Peace out!

    1. Rich,
      Your right time to get back to basics……….protect kids and help our victims get justice.

    2. Rich, we have been raped and abused by priests, priests that represented the catholic church. What i would like some people that blog on this site, is that our (victims) bodies were horribly raped along with our emotional and mental states. My point is, our boundaries were often, sometimes every day, violated. Please respect us as we try to reach out for understanding. We also try to inspire you to understand what we went through. Kathy is right, let’s keep our focus on protecting our children. Rich and I know all too well how easy it is to betray a child by a perp who is often very patient watching and observing children. I also want to thank many of you who have writtian letters, emails, phone calls to the legislature. I also have writtian Seth Williams and emailed Tarzai? excuse the spelling to ask him to hear these bills. I emailed Lynn Abraham to thank her for beginning this process back in 2001. Her detectives who spent 5 hours interviewing me showed more compassion than I have yet to receive from this church. Thank you again for supporting us!

      1. What a really good idea to thank Lynn Abraham, Vicky….do you have her address? And thanks, as always for your ‘truth’…..

      2. I did thank Lynne Abraham….told her how absolutely vital I thought her work had been….asked her if it was OK to publish her response?

        It was, and here it is:

        On Jun 29, 2012, at 7:52 PM, “Abraham, Lynne M.” wrote:

        My sincere thanks for you kind statements.

        I was determined to uncover this monstrous trail of abuse, betrayal and lies which robbed so many children of the sanctity of their bodies. In addition, as we dug deeper, the trail of victimization got wider and larger. All the while, the abusers and enablers took comfort in the fact that everybody would believe the Church hierarchy and no one would believe the victims. Guess what? We kept on going naming names, and demonstrating beyond all doubt the at least two Philadelphia Cardinals knew about massive clergy sexual abuse on kids, and then covered it up by transferring priests to new parishes where they  could continue their predation upon  a fresh cadre of innocent children.

        I know there are many more such cases. It only takes the willingness of people to make certain that the lies stop now and accountability begins. The brave victims who are willing to come forward to tell their stories have my total thanks and admiration.

        Sent from my iPhone

        Lynne M. Abraham, Es

  30. Rich, all that being said, you are only one of several victims, one of many respondents. Your views are important; but,not more important than the others. I can see what happens to cause some to be uncomfortable with certain discussions here; not everyone is the same and when one person talks about what they see as important, some will agree and respond— others don’t have to be a part of it, so they don’t need to get upset; just ignore that particular discussion. The forum is either OPEN, or it not! If there were any with enough interest on the staunch catholic side— tehey could offer their remarks as well.

    1. amazed I have learned to try and ignor the arguments mostly as V4J pointed out having to do with our own egos of who is right and who is wrong….. because I know why I am where,,,,,,,,,,I am here to try to change things for kids today and how our victims are treated in the church and in pa.

      1. Although the forum is open..we do have a purpose and that is for the protection of children,helping victims,exposing the truth as much as we can. We have issued suggestions many times along the way with regards to comments. I personally don’t get care what is going on with the Nuns or the Vatican banking scandal I see where things are interconnected but things get way off topic sometimes. As for people staying or leaving the church…a personal decision..and that does not come from any “motive” on my part . Just a thought..if anyone is posting the same thing over and over again…how is that helping anything other than letting off steam? I think it was Michael who said if people think putting their opinion on a blog is actually changing a is not..I agree with him 100% on that. And Rich I agree with what you stated about the victims..over the past year in all the work and situations I have been involved,the victims hands down are the easiest group..absolutely…without ego..without judgement..just all about protecting kids.

  31. To Joan, I just want to tell you how impressed I am with your resource skills. You have educated many of us, just reading what you research on any topic.
    Lynn Abraham’s email is: Thank you for your kind compliment.

    1. Vicky, I’d return the compliment many times over. I have learned so much from you guys and any research I can add to help matters along is my pleasure.

      I not only believe the victims, but I very much want full accountability from the hierarchy! And I am going to post a thank you to Lynn Abraham, right now!

      1. JOAN, Thank you. All the work you do demonstrates to me how committed you are to us, the survivors and to your great sense of justice! You are wise and know the truth. I have enclosed my email for you as I would like to send you the email i sent Ms. Abraham

    2. Joan is our “unofficial” secretary..always providing the links and data,so people can inform themselves as much as possible…information is key.

  32. I agree with Rich, Kathy, Vicky…..It is all about accountability for the victims/ survivors. Changing laws for children, so it never happens again. Holding all who is responsible, the cover-up, the children, innocent children. Calling , making our voices heard. I believe the victims/survivors. Peace.

  33. On the Philadelphia AD website, there is a statement reacting to the Lynn verdict. We’ve all read it. It’s been there since the verdict came down. Susan posted it. It is not signed by Chaput. It’s a press release, with Donna Farrell, AD spokesperson, named as the contact person.

    It is beyond extraordinary that Chaput has yet to officially respond to the verdict, to personally speak to the faithful, to act as a formidable shepherd considering the astonishing revelations the trial brought to light, to reach out to victims, and to reach out to parish priests. This is NOT normal. This is highly irregular. Indeed, so irregular that, after one ponders the various possible whys for it, one fundamentally has to ask, is Chaput well? Is his health well? For what other reason might he abandon his episcopal and pastoral duties?

    1. Kate Fitzgerald (hadit)……….Our archbishop is very busy in Rome. a check of reveals the following:

      Archbishop Chaput receives pallium from Pope, who calls it a tie to heaven and earth (June 29)

      The pallium is presented every year to new archbishops or those who have been assigned to a new archdiocese. The ceremony in St. Peter’s Basilica began with a fanfare of trumpets and “Tu es Petrus” sung by the Sistine Chapel Choir and the world-renowned Westminster Abbey choir of Great Britain. Pope Benedict “actually confirmed me, in faith and also in my work as archbishop, when he placed the pallium on my shoulders today,” Archbishop Chaput said. “So it means a lot in this difficult moment in our local church.” Chaput said “there’s a lot of tension in our local church, and as the archbishop I’m carrying that tension.”

      It would seem reasonable, mature, appropriate,compassionate and Christ-like for the leader of the Philadelphia-area Catholics to FIRST respond to the suffering of clergy abuse victims and their families with respect to the Msgr. Lynn conviction before flying overseas to this religious event in Rome.

      1. Sorry Michael, but for these guys the most important thing is to make sure that you’re out of town when the tough stuff comes down.

        Leaders? These guys, just like the perverts they protect are cowards, and the sheep keep giving them a pass.

        They do what they do because they can; the people tolerate their crap. The prelates are giving them the Church they deserve.

      2. Thank you, Michael.

        Hopefully Vatican PR guy, and former FOX news guy, Greg Burke, will put forth some Opus Dei spin on why the pallium is more important than the people.

        C’mon, Greg, bring us to our senses.

      3. Kate and drwho…..

        Over the past several months, I have been following the archdiocesan website Early on with this website, there were a handful of comments from supporters of the archdiocese and the archbishop’s agenda. Of course, I did my share of commenting and I estimate that only 1/3 of my posts were accepted and posted on the site. But the bizarre part is that over the course of the trial, there has been almost no posts on the site. Of course, a visitor to the site would be unable to determine if there were unsuitable posts (and how many) were not accepted by management, But, one thing is for certain, if there were any “positive” posts (those in support of the archdiocesan current priorities), then one would expect to see those comments posted. BUT THERE ISN’T ANY, Regardless of the topic, it seems as if even the supporters of Archbishop have possibly lost interest, hope, zeal, and support for the spiritual leader of the Philadelphia Catholic Church.

        Catholic Standard and Times….gone
        PHAITH magazine…….gone………….???????

  34. Sr. Maureen, you so rightly ask: Philly people, where is the outrage? Actually, the pew hugging catholics want us all to go away and not discuss priest pedophilia any more, or ever! The pew huggers do not want to talk about it, read about it, or face the truth that these were priests we all trusted and who raped and sodomized our family members. How sad for these pew huggers who continue to drink the kool aid and hope all of us on this blog will just go away and let them to their own pew hugging ways always and forever.

    1. How sad for these pew huggers who continue to drink the kool aid and hope all of us on this blog will just go away and let them to their own pew hugging ways always and forever.
      Romans 1:14 I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.”

      Paul saw many unbelievers in his travels, and he was no doubt tempted to walk away from them, leaving them to their ultimate destruction, everlasting separation from God; however, as in this verse, Paul knew he was a “debtor” to all men. He had the responsibility to proclaim his gospel to sinners, and he called that being a “debtor both to the Greeks [Gentiles or non-Jews] and to the Barbarians; both to te wise , and to the unwise.

  35. I have spend the last couple hours reading the various postings on the Msgr Lynn trial and other related issues I now would like to comment on what been reading and my views on the same 1) I applaud Father Murphy for speaking out and telling it the way he saw it.2) In one of the postings someone makes reference and compares the Mgsr Lynn to the situation that occurred at PennState and Jerry Soundusky.Let me very clear there is no comparison here that is valid It is clear from the trial at PennState that he J.Soundusky sexual abused children .He is a child molester .Mgsr Lynn didn’t abuse children and that I think is very clear therefore they can’t be put together and shouldn’t. Be under any circumstances .3) Athough realize it’s not a popular View mine is finding him guilty is a miscarriage of Justice and keeping him locked up serves know good purpose I believe it’s worth mentioning Mgsr Lynn is taking the fall for the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church.It appears that people in general forget that this Man and Priest has excellent Track record as. Priest and he was and is well respected .One additional point it my opinion that there is a Bias against The catholic Church in Pa This bias iincludes the Press

    1. Mr Burke,
      what part of cover-up do you not understand. Mgsr sold his conscience and soul – to do the dirty work of his superiors. They all have blood on their hands. This is but the beginning and I am sure folks will blame it all on the media bias in every State and Country in which the trials are held. Ignorance is bliss

    2. JIm,
      If you knew someone personally and this person was going around killing people and all you did was sit around and took notes and you did not call the police……..dont you think you have some resposiblity somewhere? you were neglient? It is the same thing. Many a nice person has failed to do the right thing……..

    3. JIm,
      Every predator needs an enabler or two. The enabler helps supply a steady line of victims while the predator pick each victim off. The enabler is always in a position to whislte blow, stop the assemlby line so to speak but never does due to lack of compassion, strength or good sense of self……..thus the predator continues to have easy uninhibited access to kids.Thats how the enabler predator system works and sometimes this enabler can appear be the nicest person in the world……I believe predators in family situtaions even pick certain spouses as the nice benign ones are sometimes easier to manipulate kinda like Lynn was easy for the leadership to manipulate.

  36. Jim, it is obvious that you have no idea about Lynn. He literally played chess with these priest pedophiles moving them from parish to unsuspecting parish. He accepted the job, and if he had any second thoughts about the cases of sodomy, rape and/or dark lives these so called priests were leading, he should have reported it to the police, instead he covered up not once, not twice but so many times we cannot count these horror stories. Lynn was fueled by power, and his arrogance in thinking he would not be caught or answer for these crimes against humanity sickens so many of us who have relatives or know of victims.

  37. Theresa,
    Could not agree with you more. Any thinking, rational human being would be sickened – with or without a personal knowledge of any victims.

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