Protect Children from Sex Abuse: Free Seminar for Parents

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA – Justice4PAkids will hold a free seminar for parents that will share the facts on child sex abuse on October 6, 2011 at UFCW Local 1776, 3031 Walton Road in Plymouth Meeting from 7 to 9 pm. Statistics show child sex abuse isn’t rare and it’s usually isn’t stranger danger.

Experts will guide parents on how to teach their children safety skills without scaring them. They will explain the warning signs of sex abuse and offer advice on screening child care. Speakers include a pediatrician, an adult child sex abuse survivor and legal professionals.

Justice4PAKids is a newly formed coalition of child & victim advocates, lawyers, mental health professionals and concerned citizens dedicated to eliminating the Pennsylvania statutes of limitations for childhood sexual abuse. This would expose perpetrators and those who harbor them; protect children; give victims an opportunity for justice; save taxpayers money.

“There is no statute of limitations on murder,” says former Philadelphia Deputy District Attorney and group member Charles Gallagher. “Why should childhood sexual abuse, which is actually soul murder, be treated differently? The arguments against it are the same that could be used against murder statutes. They simply don’t hold up.”

House Bills 832 and 878, which were introduced on March 9, 2011 by Louise Bishop and Mike McGeehan respectively (both D-Phila), have been stalled in the Judiciary committee without a hearing. Committee chair, Ronald Marisco (R- Dauphin County) has not presented the bills for a move to the House floor.

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Editor’s Note: Kathy Kane and I are founding members of Justice4PAkids.

19 thoughts on “Protect Children from Sex Abuse: Free Seminar for Parents

  1. Keep up the good work Susan and Kathy! Your work and diligence are truly gifts to the entire Community. Thank you.

  2. Great idea, maybe at some point a class could be introduced from K thru 12 (on a regular basis) teaching kids of WHO can really be a danger, and the importance of immediately telling your parents and the police no matter what anyone else tells you.

  3. Likening the crime of rape of children and vulnerable adults to murder is appropriate.

    Ending the secrecy in the RCC is one thing; protecting children and creating a climate of protection is more important. It is to the civil authorities that we must turn to secure protection of children under law.

    Bravo Kathy and Susan for your good work.

  4. It would be nice to finally meet in person Rich. The speakers and agenda were arranged a few weeks ago by a few different members of the advocacy committee. The speeches are directed towards parents of school age children . There is going to be a pediatrician,and some law enforcement officials speaking – pretty much directed towards a PTA type of crowd.

    1. Rich – We have still have to meet for lunch sometime ,with Susan too. Email me when you think you can get together – we are really busy for about the next 3 weeks but then things should lighten up a bit. Kathy

  5. Would be interesting to hear from victims and discuss what the relationshjp & actions cause by this abuse. I.E. My uncle translate to parent’s brother, “friend” could be the boss or co-worker or the coach that was so good to an older brother or sister but now is molesting or raping a younger sibling. The accusation of a teenager accusing a relative could be accused, by the parent, of being a “slut” after being raped by a close relative or trusted friend. Even as an adult it is still difficult watching families deal with these situations. Do kids feel guilty when they acuse a relative and then watch mom and dad argue that your(parent’s) brother or sister did what? How do we help those who can not even turn to their parents?

    I am sure Victims4Justice has a unique perpective on this, but I see Susan’s point. Might be too strong for an initial meeting, but definitely need some victims point of view. Again, another reason why SOL’s need to be lifted, child sexual abuse is hidden for many reason.

    1. I’m not quite sure I follow what you wrote here, Ed. I wasn’t abused by a sibling or a parent. Is that what you meant?

  6. An adult survivor of child sex abuse will be speaking at the presentation. Susan and I are in charge of filling the seats – others on the advisory committee retained the speakers. It is a tight schedule with the speakers each having about 15 minutes to speak on the various topic which they will present.

  7. Children are very rarely abducted. Most child sexual abuse victims are not the product of creepy old men who hang out at playgrounds in black overcoats and sunglasses, spying on your child and hoping to get an opportunity to abduct your child. Most abusers don’t drive shitty automobiles and pull over off the road to offer your unsuspecting and gullible child candy to help look for his lost dog. It’s a lot more personal than that.

    Most child abusers are closer than you think. They may already have contact with your child. If I’m being totally honest, I would not allow my child out of my sight, and I certainly wouldn’t allow my child to be spending any unnecessary time with a teacher, a sports coach, or a neighbor across the street. There is no way in hell my child would ever have any contact with a priest of any religious denomonation. No how, no way!

    Most children are abused by someone they know, and many times unfortunately it is so close because the abuser is a family member or a close family friend. The great thing about the National Sex Offender Registry is that we can now go to our computers, type in a few words, after a couple of clicks, we can find out who is living around us. We can shield our children from these people. But what about the people we don’t know about? They are on no national registry. Most child abusers will never make it to any kind of “warning list” because most child abuse isn’t reported. If a victim is lucky enough to find the strength and courage years later, in their adulthood, to report the abuse, the abuser might be deceased, as in my own case, and can never be held accountable for his actions.

    My own worry is that parents believe that if they keep their children away from strangers then their child cannot be abused. This thinking is far from truth. “Stranger danger” is a possibility, but for the majority of sexual abuse, the victim is abused by someone they already know and trust. An abuser might be a friend of the family, who the parents already know and trust. Out of the hundreds of victims of childhood sexual abuse who I know, I don’t know a single one that was abducted or abused by strangers. Not one. Keep that in mind.

    I don’t know what I’ll ever do if I have my own kids. I can’t watch them 24/7, but then again I don’t think I can open up to the reality of letting them spend any time around people who I know or just barely know. I don’t think I could ever trust anyone to be around my kids.

    1. Rich ,One of the speakers is addressing exactly what you point out. The talk will be how it is not “stranger danger” that causes most sexual crimes against children. Over 93% of children who are abused have some type of relationship with their abuser parent,teacher,coach,clergy.

  8. More of the family interactions and who to approach and what reactions to expect. Also, as stated below you have met many who know their abuser. You must have a unique perpective on the struggles of a victim and you have written about that. I can’t write about actual victims as I have not experienced rape, incest or molestation. The victims I know don’t want their stories published as is their right

    Your abuser was very sick. Still waiting for that religious group to acknowledge what happened at that Camp, it was in the Diocese of Wilmington so I am waiting to see if those assignments are released. Several people have wrote and told me that they have enough evidence of the problems there. Your abuser being one of those in charge. Would write more, but don’t have your gift with the pen.

    Sorry if I offended you, my brain injury makes writing more that a few sentences a struggle. Being in Central Pa with the flooding getting food and meds is a problem. Still need to repair a few circuits in this house so I can stop using the temp connection – so please don’t get offended if I don’t respond – with so many good entries, I easly get lost here.

  9. “House Bills 832 and 878, which were introduced on March 9, 2011 by Louise Bishop and Mike McGeehan respectively (both D-Phila), have been stalled in the Judiciary committee without a hearing. Committee chair, Ronald Marisco (R- Dauphin County) has not presented the bills for a move to the House floor.”

    Links on Justice4Pakids on facebook to Committee chair, Ronald Marisco. Need to continue to push this

  10. I would do email. They are setting the agenda next week. And I would put -” I want HB 832 & 878 on agenda” in subject line. Thanks.

    from Facebook Justice4PAkids – need pressure now

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